About Me

I’m Tiffany and I’m cheap. Like majorly. Let’s call it thrifty, sounds better right? We also do not have major mula rolling in at this point, so it kind of works out. I am a mom of 4 kids, who I love and adore, but I don’t necessarily want to look like a mom of 4. I think you can feel me on that. So that leaves me with the challenging but not impossible task of trying to be stylish while spending little money.
I grew up shopping in thrift stores. I remember many a Saturday piling into the family station wagon and heading to an area of town where there were several thrift stores all in a row. I loved it. As a kid it doesn’t get better than hundreds of square footage of junk just waiting to be hunted through and loved by me. I didn’t necessarily go for the clothes much at that point, in fact I remember some not-quite-so fashionable items being purchased by my parents that I then wore. *shutter* But it was all about the thrill of the hunt.
My love of thrifting had long been forgotten as I got older and became more image conscious. I only wanted to shop at the mall and wear the brands that could be found there. I still loved a good hunt, and there never was a sale rack that didn’t call my name as I passed, but I ignored the many thrift stores as I headed to some big named store.
Then, when I started having kids, the thrifting urge started to work its way back. I realized that I could find great deals on gently used kids stuff that I didn’t want to drop hundreds of dollars on. Still, I mostly ignored the clothes, and went for the kids or house stuff. It was only when I got pregnant with our fourth child after I had given away all our baby stuff including my maternity clothes that I truly started hunting for good clothes at thrift stores. I mean, who wants to drop thousands of dollars on clothes that you wear for 9 months and then don’t need?
So I found a local thrift store and ended up falling in love. I found tons of great maternity clothes and then clothes for post-pregnancy when I still couldn’t fit into my old stuff, and now I continue to find awesome items that I wear everyday, including many brands I used to pay full price for. It all came back to me and I love hunting through endless racks to find the one or two items that are truly great.
Now, this is not a blog solely about thrift shopping, although a good percentage of it might be. I will also include great deals that I find on items at other stores (yes, I still shop at the mall, just not as often). So this begins my journey of blogging about my quest for style, and hopefully I can pass on some useful information to someone else or maybe just prove that it is possible to find style while not spending much