20 Best Hairstyles and Haircuts for Long Straight Hair

1.Flipped Out Straight HairStyle

If you want something fresh with your hair, try layering your hair and curling or straightening them outward to achieve the perfect slipped out. It will help you look fresh and totally up to date with the new fashion trends.

Flipped Out Straight HairStyle

2.Neat Long Layered Hairstyle

There is nothing more decent about long hair. It will always look neat and tidy. If you have enough volume in your hair, try avoiding thinning your hair as keeping them long without any layer cutting will look way better. The perfect hairstyle for women who aim to look formal.

Neat Long Layered Hairstyle

3.Braided Parting and Headband Hairstyle

Braids help any hairstyle look a million times prettier. Whether you have straight hair, beach waves, layered cutting, or any other if you simply complement it with a nice neat braid, it will look very pretty. Braiding the hair above your forehead can act as a good headband too.

Braided Parting and Headband Hairstyle

4.Wide surface braided hairstyle in silver

Girls who like their hair in the back should try the wide surface braided hairstyle. This is good at keeping your hair in place. No loose strands as it will hold your hair tightly. You can rock with informal hairstyle clothing. By adding a little bit of color to it, like silver, prepare to witness numerous people complimenting your hairdo.

wide surface braided hairstyle in silver

5.Side parted burgundy Hairstyle

Burgundy is an amazing hairstyle where a soft tone of red is used. It shows a color gradation of red that darkens as it reaches the edge of your hair. Side parted burgundy hairstyle will give you the best attire that you are looking for.

side parted burgundy Hairstyle

6.Golden waves long layered

No one is unable to pull off this hairstyle. All you must do is curl your hair lightly and just simply let your golden hair fall on your shoulders. The layers in your hair will have a different angle and length which will help you look more pretty than usual.

Golden waves long layered

7.Side braided long hair

Having long hair can be hard work, but there are so many hairstyles that long hair can carry. Girls with long hair can try a whole list of hairstyles for their formal or informal attire. Side braids on long hair is an old hairstyle that young girls and adults, both can carry and look good.

side braided long hair

8.Face farming fombre hairstyle

In the face-framing ombre hairstyle, the perimeter of your face is used as a guide to add the multiple tones in your hair. Ombre hairstyle can be played with different colors, upon you like. Bangs and front layers are added to make the ombre look fuller.

face farming fombre hairstyle

9.Textured ends and highlights hairstyle

Numerous highlight textures and tones are available in the salon for ladies to enjoy. In fact, if you enjoy highlights, there is room for you to enjoy highlights of numerous colors and intensities. You can also compliment your hair color with almost similar to darker or lighter highlights.

textured ends and highlights hairstyle

10.Long layered ombre hairstyle

Ombre looks amazing when done in a long layered hairstyle. By adding beach waves, your ombre will stand out and look stunning!

long layered ombre hairstyle

11.Silky curved layers hairstyle

There is nothing sexier and sleeker than silky curved layers. The stunning look that will make your formal look a whole lot better. Add the professionalism by trying this hairstyle.

silky curved layers hairstyle

12.Half up half down hairstyle for long hair

Girls often leave their hair open when they step out of the house. However, when working, they must tie their hair. Therefore, having half up and half down hairstyle can be your go-to option. Do try it.

half up half down hairstyle for long hair

13.Straight hairstyle wit blunts bangs

Keeping the back of your hair straight while your bangs remain lose is something cool that one should try. Blunt bangs are messy bangs that are slightly wavy. You don’t even have to blow dry them or straighten them, they look great just the way they are.

straight hairstyle wit blunts bangs

14.Highlights and curled ends hairstyle

Adding highlights of your choice with loose curls at the bottom will help finish your look in the best way there is. Do not let your highlights leave just as they seem. By adding curled ends, you can allow them to look very beautiful and sound.

highlights and curled ends hairstyle

15.Soft layers hairstyle with blended hairstyle

Soft layers are amazing as they do not cut chunks of your hair in different layers. There is a subtle change of lengths that allows the strands to mix with the rest of your hair super easily. The perfect blend that looks natural. You will be able to look fashionable by putting in the least amount of effort.

soft layers hairstyle with blended hairstyle

16.Pretty flaxen blonde shag

Having simple straight blonde hair can be a little boring. Try something new with your hair that helps you stand out from among the group of people with the ordinary hairstyle. Flaxen blonde shag can be the game-changer. Great waves with different layers of hair.

pretty flaxen blonde shag

17.Razored ends and silky silver hairstyle

Silky silver hair looks extremely hot if you allow razor ends. The ends will be cut on different lengths. This will allow waves to be in your hair naturally. Just wash your hair and let it dry naturally. Ideal for all times, especially if you happen to run late every day.

razored ends and silky silver hairstyle

18.Sandy highlights and soft ends hairstyle

Sandy highlights add a new fresh touch to your hair, do try it! Light brown and caramel tones of highlights that look stunning when you style your hair.

sandy highlights and soft ends hairstyle

19.Long hair with blonts bangs hairstyle

Girls who do not like to shorten their long hair but aim to try something new should go for this option. Having a blunt bangs will help girls enjoy a new look. Messy razor cut bangs covering the forehead in the best way there is. 

long hair with blonts bangs hairstyle

20.Blonde layered haircuts

Blond haircuts should be many because simple straight long hair makes the person look dull. Let yourself look more appealing by having layers in your blonde hair. The ideal hairdo will be pretty, fun and cute at the same time.

blonde layered haircuts

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