20 Hairstyles and Cuts for Naturally Curly Hair 2019

20 Hairstyles and Cuts for Naturally Curly Hair 2019

Curly hair gives a very decent look to your personality. Following are the different hairstyles and cuts for the naturally curly hair, which you can adapt for your daily life.

Long kinky curly layers:

In this hairstyle, short layers of curly hair surround face and long layers past beyond the shoulder. This hairstyle gives a soft look to your face.

“#1Long kinky curly layers

Fringe and Fro:

In this hairstyle, bangs cover the face, and your face grabs more attention especially eyes. You need to have regular trim of your hair after every six to eight weeks.

“#2Fringe and Fro Hairstyle for Curly Hair”

Art deco waves:

This is the type of hairstyle in which the volume of the hair decreases on the top of the head and increase at your chin area. This makes your chin area more prominent.

“#3Art deco waves Hairstyle”

Shoulder length layers:

In this style, the length of hair should be carefully cut till shoulder. Curly layers frame the face and give symmetry to your face.

“#4Shoulder length layers Hair”

Sculpted pixie cut:

This is a hairstyle in which your sides have a low volume of hair. And there is more volume of hair on your top. It gives a refreshing look to your face.

“#5Sculpted pixie cut Hair”

Wavy Lob:

This hairstyle is more suitable for someone who is having loose curls and wavy hair. This cut needs a good practice and you should be careful about using the right products as well.

“#6Wavy Lob Hairstyle”

Corkscrew curls:

This hair cut is more suitable for the oval face. The volume of your curls also gives a fresh look to your face.

“#7Corkscrew curls Hairstyle”

Modern Afro:

This hair cut is more suitable for tight curls. It is just like a teardrop. More round at the top of the head, and at the ears it becomes narrow.

“#8Modern Afro Hairstyle

Blended Bangs:

It is more suitable for the way and loose curls. This hair cut has light layers.

“#9Blended Bangs Hairstyle

Curly shag:

This hair cut is better for loose curls. It gives the more feathery appearance to your hair ends.

“#10Curly shag Hairstyle

Long curls:

In this haircut, you have long layers and short layers at your angle of the jaw.

“#11Long curls Hairstyle”

Long loose waves:

This hair cut gives your hair a volume.

“#12Long loose waves Hairstyle

Cascading curls:

In this haircut, the layers around your face add volume and make you look good.

“#13Cascading curls Hairstyle

Triangle cut:

In this haircut, your hair roots do not get flat and your curls become more prominent.

“#14Triangle cut and Style for Long Hair

Pinned curls:

This haircut gives more prominence to your cheekbones and eyes.

“#15Pinned curls Hairstyle

Lush layers:

The length of your layers remains until your waist.

“#16Lush layers Hair”

Bouyant banging curls:

This hairstyle adds soft curls and adds to the volume of your hair.

“#17Bouyant banging curls

Diamond Fro:

This is best for the oval face. The diamond shape is more prominent at the jaw lines and it finishes at your neck.

“#18Diamond Fro

Layered Afro:

This haircut adds to your personality. Curls are short and smaller at the top of your head and they start getting bigger as move down.

“#19Layered Afro Hairstyle

Tousled bob:

This haircut is appropriate for all types of face shapes. This hair cut gives more volume to your hair.

“#20Tousled bob Hairstyle

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