The Latest African American Hairstyles

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Modern African and American hair styles

There is a vast variety of African American hairstyles. They are very creative and beautiful. Some of these styles are famous worldwide and they also have inspired famous celebrities. Following are some of the African American hairstyles of modern times.

Fluffy Afro:

This hairstyle has always been adopted by ladies for years. This is just a natural way of presenting the beauty of their hair.

Twist out:

This hairstyle lengthens the hair curls naturally, through making braids, rather than applying any kind of heat.

Teeny Weeny Afro:

This hairstyle is best for girls. This enhances the appearance of your curls.

Strawberry blonde afro:

This hairstyle gives a strawberry color to your hair.

Straight Pixie:

This wonderful look can be tried either with curly hair or with straight hair.

Space Puffs:

In this hairstyle, you tie your curly hair in buns with a space between them.

Side Braid:

Side braid always looks amazing on the curly hair.

Pink Afro:

In this style, you are supposed to try a pink color on your hair.

Pineapple ponytail:

This hairstyle is very easy to make plus it maintains your curls.

High top:

This is quite a funky hairstyle. It goes well with wearing classy earrings.

Half top knot:

You make a small bun in the center. It gives a classic look to your hair.


In this hairstyle, you shave your hair from sides.

Dreadlocks and twists combo:

This hairstyle has a combination of the dreadlocks and twists.

Micro box braids:

In this hairstyle, you make braids of very small size. You have to be very cautious while making them.

Cornrow braids:

This style is further up gradation of the braids. It gives you a distinctive and cute look.

Chunky braids:

You can make French or Dutch braids to your hair and make them look gorgeous.

Bob braids:

In this hairstyle, you cut tour braids up to your chin.

Bantu knots:

This hairstyle is really good for daily life.

Big puff:

In this style, you make your hair upward. It also adds volume to your hair.


Twisting your hair gives you a very classy look.

Waterfall devcut:

This looks maintains the length of your hair and also maintains your curls.

Fulani braids:

It is a combination of two hairstyles. At the front there are cornrows. And at the back side of the head, there are box braids.

Trendy short waves:

In this hairstyle presence of waves makes your hair look trendy.

Vintage inspired waves:

This is quite a stylish hairstyle. It is also easy to maintain.

No fuss hair coils:

This is quite a natural hairstyle. It makes tight curls to become more clear and prominent.

Loose shoulder-length waves:

This looks gives a soft appearance. This makes hair flexible and wavy.

Weightless modern long curls:

This hairstyle does not require much effort. Also, it is easy to keep functional.

Angled bob:

This hairstyle makes hair straight and the sassy cut gives you a perfect look.

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