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Staff in the service sector are frequently met by angry Karen customers who enter the store as if they own it, demanding discounts and ordering them around. The workforce is commonly compelled to suffer with the rude attitude quietly in their heads due to poor management, rather than speaking up and defending themselves. In this instance, the OP was serving a Karen customer who was a regular at the coffee shop where she was employed as a barista. Up until a specific time, Karen was controllable, but then she let loose with all her inner emotional baggage on a new hire who was just doing their job.

Because it was stated on the back of the credit card, in the signature area, the new employee in question had requested Karen’s identification. Karen reacted by throwing her credit card at the worker, which went much beyond the call of duty. OP started a six-week campaign during which Karen was consistently given decaf coffee instead of her standard cup. As the rest of the crew joined in, Karen quickly started to feel the effects of the decaf coffee she had been served, or rather the lack thereof.

So keep on scrolling down below to know what really happened here and make sure to read it till the end.

1. If you don’t want to get a decaf make sure you don’t get rude to your barista



2. One day she was extremely rude to one of the new employees because they didn’t know her usual order and asked to see her ID


3. It wasn’t a big deal but the Karen decided to make a mess out of it


4. OP was making drinks, so she made her drink decaf because she was being extremely rude.


5. She was adding more shots to her drink because she was getting served by a decaf which lasted about 6 weeks


6. Now this is gonna mess up Karen


7. Moral don’t be rude to people who are handling your food


8. The subject of the revenge wasn’t on absolutely zero caffeine


9. Karen was an oil field roughneck those people require more caffeine as they are working long shifts


10. She didn’t get a total detox from caffeine from OP’s store


11. Their coffee wasn’t decaffeinated with solvents, they were using Swiss method.


12. Not a chance


13. Imagine what would Karen be going through, she might have been sleeping at her job side.


14. Caffeine withdrawal can leave worst headaches and laziness throughout the day


15. That person got the point instantly, “Why did you be rude to someone you need something from”? Read it again.



16. Take it as a lesson, don’t be rude to people who handle your food.


17. Such people like this Karen don’t even realize that they are being so rude and they need to change their attitude


The moral of the story is, never be rude to someone who is handling your food. Let us know what you think about this post in the comment section below and don’t forget to like and share it with your friends and family. Stay tuned with Defused for more content. Thank You!

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