17 Best Christmas Tradions Ideas for 2022 [Christmas History]

What is Christmas history and its ideology, Christmas Traditions and engagements?

It is Christian’s festival which being celebrating, honouring the birth of Jesus who was prophet of God, born around 5 BC. Christmas terms as Christ’s mass (gathering for Christ) celebrated on December 25.the shortest version, “Xmas” as in the Greek language the first letter is X as Χριστός(Christ).

Christmas History:

This sacred festival is not just about the Christmas tree with twinkling lights or Christmas gifts, its real meaning and essence of Christmas is something very different it is actually much more excitement, profound and life changing.  It’s about celebrating the good news as the angel who appeared to the shepherds the night of Jesus’ birth said, ‘’I bring you good news that will cause great joy to all the people. Today in the town of David a saviour has been born to you; he is the Messiah”

Christmas History

Why Christians celebrate the Christmas?

Christain community celebrate Christmas to commemorate the birth of jesus. The question is that how does celebration on 25 of December commemorate his birth? First the star of bethlehum oe burning candles represents jesus is the light of the world second giving gifts or presents to one another commemorate the gifts that magi gave to celebrate the jesus birth. Christians celebrate Christmas to teach their children about the birth of jesus.

Moreover, there are several tradition that are based off many Christian beleivers and they reject certain traditions to celebrate.

Christmas Traditions

You must be surprise to know that from 1659 to 1681, Christmas was illegal and outlawed in America. Even it was not considered to a national holiday until almost two centuries later, in 1870.

And for centuries Christmas was celebrated not as a single day but as a whole season. If we talk about the traditions then it goes back at least the fifth century.

Christmas Traditions:

Various Christmas tradition have been associated with the celebrations of Christmas history and festival and different culture celebrate Christmas in different ways. Many countries celebrate Christmas holiday differently, and they likely to celebrate Christmas festive according to their tradition throughout the season. Every family and society have different cultures and traditions, depending on their ethnicity, values, and history. We will categories, these trivia family Christmas traditions according to the seasons. Some traditions are shared traditions with family, friends, and loved ones, some are for kids to entertain or teach some lessons, some are to honour Jesus’s Birth around all festive season.

Christmas Traditions


The day before Christmas 24th December, is celebrated worldwide by christian to commemorate the birth of Christ they go to churches and offer prayers. Wishing everyone happy holidays until bedtime, provides excitement and anticipation for Christmas day.on this day, people mostly like to eat fish pie related to the catholic tradition.people enlist their wrapping elves and put their gifts and presents under decorated Christmas tree which supposes to be opened on next Christmas day, normally it is for eating a ton of appetizers on Christmas eve.

christmas traditions around the world


Decorating the entire house from wall to wall including wreathes, candles, fairy lights, ornaments, baubles, and standing decoration, every year all Christian community starts their Christmas holiday with home and try to make every room as festive as possible with help of all decorations items for Christmas. Moreover, with help of mistletoe, people decorate their door as a symbol of peace and healing.


going to church on Christmas morning for pray or gather for church service on Christmas Eve or other day close to Christmas to honour Jesus’s birth. Every year midnight mass with family is an important occasion of religious observance. Christians traditionally sung Christmas carols or hymns and readings during Christmas holiday to season related to the story of Jesus’s birth.


Pine green (ever green), red heart and snow-white are the popular traditional colours for Christmas theme. Other metallic colors like silver and golden colours are also lots of people favourite colors. There are several theories associated with these two Christmas colors many Christian thought that like evergreen trees, Green colors symbolizes the eternal life of Jesus Christ. Likewise, represents the color of bloodshed by Jesus Christ.

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christmas morning traditions

For having a colorful Christmas, let’s have a look on some spectacular ideas to decorate your interior and exterior with help of two color Christmas palettes and share them with your friends and family and get them to celebrate with you.


This tradition is a true spirit of Christmas and it’s a heart-warming tradition, in this tradition Christians get a big box and put all necessary items in that box divided equally and taking it to the food bank to give to the charity a month earlier. It is a great way to teach your kids about giving and, that it’s not all about receiving at Christmas, but if you do the reverse advent.

christmas morning breakfast


Celebrating Christmas, Giving or sending cards on Christmas looks like birthday cards, is a part of tradition Christmas provides a good chance to give Christmas cards to your family and friends and loved ones. As Christmas cards related to the Christmastide, are a way of wishing the day and greetings. People make a list of all loved ones who are related to them in a positive way all year long and send Christmas cards. This tradition is still in this electronic era, very popular and famous tradition.

christmas tree


This tradition is really practical one, and also teaches the kids to donate to charity. After the well- established ritual of giving-gifts, the practice of giving gifts and toys to poor children also is now common all over the world. And that is to have a big toy clear out every December. This is not only makes way for all the Christmas toys come in, but also teaches the children to minimize their things and to donate anything, they don’t play with, to children that might actually use it and love it.

christmas tree drawing


You all are well known of a jolly fellow with white huge beard wearing red suit comes with many toys for kids and you all will be expecting to see Santa on Christmas Eve.

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Going to Christmas grotto to see Santa and having photo’d there every year.

Santa clause is a Dutch word actually evolved from St. Nicholas, in English whose historical journey is longer than one circumnavigation of globe. St Nicholas was bishop of Myra (Roman town in modern turkey).he became a magical gift bringer and patron of kids because of some better known tales. Like once throwing three bags of gold through window for three young girls as dowries to save them from life of prostitution.

For hundreds of years. This tradition of sharing each other’s pain and, sharing happiness has been followed by good deeds of St. Nicholas.in honour of St. Nicholas, a gift giver, Christians start to celebrate his feast day (6 DECEMBER) by giving presents and gifts to one another, this tradition developed over time.


The most important tradition of Christmas is decorating Christmas tree as symbol of growth with baubles, tinsel, angels, lights, and place it on a prominent part of home to stand proudly there showing off the vision and spirit of Christmas. Underneath the Christmas tree there are placed presents for all family members.

Probably the most likely known origin of Christmas tree or possible source of Christmas tree represent well by the play called, “paradise” a medieval religious play, in play the garden was decorated with the apple tree surrounded by the candles.

Decoration of Christmas tree tradition attributes it to an influential leader of the reformation, Martin Luther who was struck by a beautiful tree with snow shimmered branches in moonlight, while he was walking through woods. He cut that tree and places it at his home to recreate the beautiful sight for his family. And decorate it with candles.


On Christmas Eve or Christmas day, most families tend to have a get together with one another to celebrate this sacred festival of Christmas as tradition. They have a family slumber party, they eat and drink together, play games, watch movie together. Presenting your family with some Christmas Eve boxes full of all smalls but meaningful things in it like for adults these can be filled with a book, a mug, handmade gifts, Christmas plant and for kids boxes are filled with some sweet treats, chocolates, Christmas films, toys.

christmas decorations


Christians celebrate the Christmas with the gift giving because of “indescribable gift.” Christmas is always being a popular event of giving presents. Millions of packages reaching American doorstep between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Some families celebrate Christmas giving three-gift in effort to connect three men generosity on birth day of Jesus’s. Moreover, Christmas eve box personalized with different pattern or colour, and in that box is normally matching Christmas pajamas that everyone can wear them to bed, may be some kind of snacks like popcorn, stuff to make hot chocolate with, sometime a movie, although you can download pretty much any movie nowadays, and a book like “The Night Before Christmas.” This tradition is really exciting for all kids, and they look so forward to every year.

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christmas eve 2021


The next tradition is to do the North Pole breakfast for family. Firstly, they put out some decorations, have some Christmas themed pancakes, and may be some iced bombs or donuts may be a Christmas themed drink or crackers, like a real treat breakfast.

On day Christmas day the 25th of December very family has their traditions, their things that they love to do but one thing that everyone does is have a big Christmas dinner. This usually involves turkey although of course birds are eaten and vegetarian options are of course popular as well as roast potatoes, vegetable, Brussels, peas or carrots… the list goes on. Moreover, the most important and favourite of all ares Christmas puddings.

The mostly eaten foods throughout the festive are many types of foods like mince pies with sugar dusting on top, all sort of festive objects shaped sweet like reindeer chocolates, Christmas tree chocolates, and of course father Christmas himself.


Christians celebrate Christmas with the help of stringing lights and candles because the Light has come to the world.There are a lot of lights called Christmas light like fairy and string lights, used for decorating interior or exterior as Christmas decoration. We will discuss Christmas decoration with lights later.


Listening to the classic Christmas season song or watching the most popular TV shows make extended special episodes that are aired on or around Christmas is also becomes a tradition throughout the festive period.

merry christmas pictures


On Christmas eve (24th December) children put out stockings under the Christmas tree or by their beds or chimneys (if the house has one) or near fire place for father Christmas to fill with presents, treats, toys for kids- but only if they have been good all-year long.

merry christmas wallpaper


As on 25th of December, it’s really cold and freezing outside all around the world, but Christmas spirit makes people get themselves ready and arrange an outing to enjoy the snow and for a Christmas light walk. Some people set up outdoor.

christmas day


Boxing Day (26th December) is so-called because workers used to receive Christmas boxes from their bosses. This day is all about sales shopping a bit like Black Friday or Cyber-Monday. People get up super early in the morning, and going queue outside their favourite stores, so, they can get in early and find the best bargains and it also a big sport day with Premier League taking centre stage. Some families usually eats the leftovers from Christmas day on Boxing Day which is really awesome because they are a just having Christmas dinner again for second times.

christmas day 2021

The End line:

These all celebration lasts for next twelve days “Twelvetide” to celebrate the nativity of Christ. In general, all this festive season is all about having a fun and good time and to help each other and to keep the idea and spirit of helping each other all-year long, not just during holiday season. It’s not long to wait, we will celebrate Christmas once again.

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