25 Best Hair Color Trends to Try in 2022

Jannie Cori

Looking for a new hair color to try in 2022? You’re in luck! In this blog post, we will be discussing the 25 Best Hair Color Trends for the upcoming year. From blonde highlights to rose gold hair, we have you covered. So whether you are looking to switch up your look or are simply curious about the latest hair color trends, keep reading for all the information you need!

25 Best Hair Color Trends

1. Highlights of Rosewood

Best Hair Color Trends

Anyone who sees this hair colour will not be able to help but fall in love. If you’re looking for some hair colour ideas, have a look at this photo of a sunset. Such a fun, natural appearance.

2. Waves of cold brew

Your favourite drink’s hair colour? That’s an excellent idea. Count me in! On top of the dark chocolate waves, the colours mix seamlessly.

3. Sandy Blonde is a light blonde hair colour

Having sandy blonde lengths makes it easy to pull off a shadow root look.

4. Gray Blonde Highlights in Blonde Hair

Cool-toned bits will liven up your tan-stained mane. Platinum blonde, silver blonde, or ash blonde. We like how chilly this one is without being too stark.

5. Hair of Sandstone

Transforming this chilly dirty blonde colour into this buttery warm one is no small feat.

6. Balayage Bob with a Cherry and Chocolate Balayage

The perfect finishing touch to an edgy, sophisticated appearance is a chocolate cherry hair colour paired with a wild, wavy angled haircut. The roots should be dark reddish brown, with a coppery cherry to brighten things up at the bottom. Keep the roots dark.

7. Hair Length Towards the Back of the Neck

Cool-toned dark chocolate hair may be achieved by using these stunning hues. Ideally, you want a medium cut with some chin-length layers. There are so many different ways you can style this cut: straight, curled beneath layers, or huge waves.

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8. Toffee-hued chocolate highlights

Toffee-colored highlights may dramatically warm up a person’s complexion when applied to light chocolate brown hair. When styling the hair, leave strands of hair undone in a braid to draw attention to the highlights and provide volume to the crown.

9. Balayage Brown Hairstyles for Black Women

Think about adding some highlights to your long black hair to give it some dimension and draw attention to your gorgeous layered style. You may also use a conical iron to produce those gorgeous curls for a glossier, more glitzy appearance.

10. Burgundy and Caramel Balayage

Blending caramel and burgundy colours creates a stunning colour. Don’t be afraid to be who you are. This hairdo is a must-have if you have green or blue eyes.

11. Caramel Babylights with a Sheen

In order to simulate hair that has been naturally lightened by the sun, a very delicate colour process is used to create Babylights. The highlights are more complex than in balayage, but the overall result is comparable. Dark hair with caramel babylights may look sleek and lustrous, particularly with a textured cut.

12. Dark Hair: Babylights and Partial Highlights

Try babylights and partial highlights on your hair to get a taste for hair colour. You can simply enhance your natural hair colour and draw attention to your facial features if you use highlights throughout your whole mane.

13. Spice Spirals in a Sexy Slant

In addition to the brilliant reds that are so popular, there are many more tones of the colour. Cinnamon and auburn, which have a tint of brown in them, are good options for women who desire black hair with red highlights that are toned down and warm.

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14. Hair Colored Dark Brown with Only Slight Highlights

In spite of being understated, dark brown hair with hardly noticeable highlights is nonetheless beautiful, particularly when it’s worn down with beachy waves. Wait for the compliments to flow in after applying a texture paste or gel to accentuate the volume of your hair.

15. Dark brown colour Ombre Balayage

Because balayage ombre highlights are as popular as ombre hair, why not combine the two? Using both ways, you obtain the same gradient effect, but the blocks of colour move from dark to bright, and there are no dark parts left behind.. Balayage ombre looks best when your hair is unkempt and unkempt.

16. Balayage in Caramel Blonde with High Contrast

The model’s black hair is a sharp contrast to the caramel blonde balayage in this photo. In order to avoid seeming too harsh or overbearing, the gradual transition from the roots to the finish is delicate enough.

17. The Glimmer

Highlights that are 1-2 shades lighter than your original hair colour will provide a fresh look to your dark natural hair colour.

18. Meet Platinum-Brunette Blonde’s Companion

What is bronding, and how is it used? Blending brunette and blonde hair is called bronding. It’s possible to get a bright and daring style by using honey or platinum blonde highlights on top of dark brown hair, and the opposite is true for blondes who want to go for a more refined look. Layered wavy cuts look particularly good with bronde hair.

19. Perfect angle for Bronde Hair

A long, angled bob cut with bronde highlights can enhance fine hair’s fullness. The change in colour will also provide some vibrancy to otherwise dull strands.

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20. Hair that’s both tame and wild

Occasionally, you simply want to lighten things up a little — and vibrant hues like these make that possible. The coffee brown foundation seems to be coated with caramel sauce in the nicest conceivable manner, thanks to a few splotches of light brown. You’re seeking for inspiration for a wave that seems like it came straight from the ocean? Make some crimps or sleep in braids and see if it works for you.

21. Caramelized highlights on some of the hair

The hair will seem more textured and glowing if caramel highlights are applied to a small portion of it. If you’re a brunette, you’ll love this colour since it’s both natural-looking and attractive!

22. Sophisticated shades of honey-brown

Neither too dark nor too light; neither too dark nor too light. Here’s a lovely idea if you’re searching for something in the middle. The brown colour scheme offers depth and warmth.

23. With caramel brown highlights in her hair, she has black hair

It’s still fashionable to have caramel brown highlights on your hair. With these wonderful cold and warm colours, you’ll feel like you’re the star of your own movie.

24. Platinum Highlights for Contrast

The way you dress and the colour of your hair may say a lot about who you are as a person. The combination of light and dark hair hues will indicate that you are both stylish and original.

25. Hazelnut brown hair

You can’t deny the beauty of brown hair with caramel and light brown highlights. Attractive and charming without being too edgy. Elegant businesswomen can’t go wrong with this hue for their hair.

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