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Best Hair Colors for Women’s

Are you looking for the best hair colors for women? Are you in search of the different hair color ideas that will give a new look to you? If you get bored by the old hair color of your hair, then you must try some new and latest hair color ideas of this year.

While you may have adored your tint when you initially got it, after spending months gazing at it in the mirror, it’s just normal to need something new. Fortunately, coloring hair has become more advanced and creative now.

This implies, there are a lot of new and energizing colors available, and they’re better than ever. And it totally up on your hair.

Let’s check out which hair type suits which color better.

1. Brown Hair Color Ideas for Long Hair:

Brown hair color is always in trend and never gets outdated, as this is the most common hair color suits every single person.

From dazzling light brown colored shades like honey brown colored to darker tones, for example, chocolate and chestnut, brown colored hair is genuinely versatile and can suit anybody, regardless of skin tone or hair length.

Besides, you can play any brown colored hair shading with lighter highlights and ombré styles, which implies that a brunette will get endless possibilities. So if you are looking for new brown hair color ideas for long hair, check for the latest hair color ideas that will inspire you.

Velvety reddish hues and the sunny balayage highlights are the new trends nowadays. It best suits the long brown hair.

2. Vietnamese hair color:

Vietnamese hair means that hair that is straight, with round and thick fiber. And also with the high level of black melanin.

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This hair type is commonly found in Asian girls. You must always remember that you should decide your skin tone before picking a hair color for Vietnamese hair. Because it really affects your personality, so it is essential to match your hair color to your personality.

Vietnamese hair can practically blend and match any tone and still look complimenting. From the light brown shade to the pastel colors, almost every shade suits on the Vietnamese hair. But if someone has Vietnamese hair, then it is certain that it must use bleach before dyeing your hair.

So that every color suits on it. But some colors really look great on Vietnamese like maroon, auburn, golden tones, light blonde, medium brown, dark brown, and pastel crazy hues.

3. Dark Red Hair Color ideas:

A girl with dark red hair color always steals the show as this is the most famous and stylish fashion color because of its striking beauty. The dark brown color is bolder and edgier than the other common red color.

Another motivation behind why ladies and colorists are considering more to this deep tone is the way it can charmingly soften facial highlights and give your hair a multi-dimensional completion without having it experience an excess of dyeing that can eventually destroy your dearest mane.

Dark red hair lets you have some healthy locks while permitting you to dress your tresses in vogue way, so you can blow some people’s minds around instantly.

Mahogany red, dark mahogany, sangria balayage, plum red, deep red-violet hair, etc., are the most popular and trendy dark red hair color ideas this year.

4. Long Curly Wavy Brown Hair:

Whether you curl your hair or color your hair, both make a fascinating look and grabs the people’s attention towards you. The curls and color flavor up your look and make a sensational ‘do. So do you want to draw more attention to them?

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Take a stab at shading your long hair curls. Whether you have natural curls or you have made them by perming, always treat them like royalty.

So if you feel advantageous and adventurous with your curly hair, color them with the trendy and best suitable colors. Try something new to your hair as the long wavy hair are always the best ever happening thing for some people, and they wish to have these curls.

Cinnamon, blonde, dusty pink, brown, purple, vibrant red, dip-dyed, and magenta are the best colors that look great and classy on the long curly brown hair.

5. Long Mahogany Hair Colors:

Mahogany is unquestionably a sultry shade that looks incredible on all hair lengths. Mahogany hair color suits the medium and darker skin-tones adding shading lavishness and depth to your hair.

Mahogany is, all things considered, an energizing shade of brown color, which makes certain to freshen up your brunette look and include some genuine flair and style. One thing you can generally depend on from a hair shading which incorporates both red and darker is that it will leave your hair looking perfectly healthy and gleaming.

This implies you can wear your mahogany tresses in pretty much any style you’d like and feel confident that you look extraordinary.

The scope of popular mahogany colors is wide including copper, dim copper, dark purple, plum-red, violet, and lighter red hair hues and there’s an exquisite shade to upgrade any dark blonde, brunette or dark hair right now

6. Dark With Caramel Highlights:

Adopting the caramel highlights gives a perfect look to your personality as it adds a charm to your look. Delightful shades, for example, caramel, are extraordinarily luring, which settles on them a superb decision for highlights, downlights, and plunge colors.

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From the cool beiges, soft creamy tones to the tangerine dark brown sugar color, there is a variety of multiple hues that best suits on the dark color hair.

The elegant caramel highlights on the medium brown or blonde base provide delicate flows of a couple of suitable tones which give, accordingly, a complex and exclusive hair shading.

7. Toasted Caramel:

Somewhere close to blonde and brunette, there’s caramel in between, the hair shading that mixes them both. There are such vast numbers of variations on the toasted caramel color theme, from beachy and sunkissed to deep brown that edges on chestnut.

It’s the ideal method to transform your hair from dark to light or the other way around. In case you’re considering taking the caramel-colored plunge, we have all the motivation you need.

Salted caramel, bronze caramel, dark caramel, blonde caramel, honey caramel, sandy caramel, subtle caramel, tawny caramel, these are some of the best-toasted caramel color ideas you can go for.


As time changes, fashion also gets a replacement. Same as when it comes to the point of hair color ideas, it is always trendy and changes with the time.

We have successfully provided a list of best hair colors for women who want to adopt a new and latest look. From the long brown hair to the long curly hair, we have tried to provide every type and color idea for you.

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