15 Best Hairstyles for White Men

The perfect hairstyle can give men a great confidence boost, and white men are no exception. Finding the right style for a white man’s hair can be tricky because certain looks may not work as well with certain hair types. Whether you’re looking for a neat and sophisticated style or something more wild, there are plenty of options out there. In this article, we’ll discuss the best hairstyles for white men to help them find the look that suits them best.

Best Hairstyles for White Men

The Butch Cut

Best Hairstyles for White Men

The Butch Cut hairstyle is a classic short-cropped style of mens haircutting, typically associated with white men. It is a variation of the traditional short back and sides cut, characterized by evenly cropped sides and a slightly longer top that can be styled into various shapes. This style has been popularized by military personnel, athletes, and other figures who embrace masculinity as well as by men seeking a more polished look.

Ponytail and Low Fade

Best Hairstyles for White Men

The Ponytail and Low Fade Hairstyle for White Men is a popular combination of two distinct hair styling techniques, both of which are rooted in traditional barbershop practices. The ponytail is a classic hairstyle that has been used for centuries to showcase the length of one’s hair. It typically involves gathering the hair at the back of the head and securing it with either a band or elastic.

The Crew Cut

The Crew Cut Hairstyle for White Men is an archetypal example of a short-hair cut that has become a staple in the lexicon of Western sartorialism. It is characterized by a high-fade, where the sides and back are cut short to the scalp, fading up to a longer length on top. It is typically seen as being representative of traditional masculinity, which has been embraced by white men as a signifier of social status and class.

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The French Crop

Best Hairstyles for White Men

The French Crop hairstyle is a classic men’s cut with a timeless aesthetic. It is characterized by an even trim on the sides and back of the head, with a slightly longer length left on top. This style is often seen as a modern adaptation of the traditional crew cut; however, it can be also seen as an extension of the Caesar cut or Ivy League haircut, as it shares similar characteristics.

Long Bangs and Glasses

The long bangs and glasses hairstyle for white men has become a salient sartorial statement in contemporary society. This particular mode of presentation is characterized by a combination of textural idiosyncrasies, with the locks being trimmed to a length that falls below the brow line while also maintaining a fullness in terms of volume. The accompanying spectacles have come to signify an aura of intellectualism, further accentuating the overall aesthetic appeal.

Classic Taper

Best Hairstyles for White Men

The classic taper hairstyle for white men is a timeless aesthetic originating in the early twentieth century. Characterized by short hair on the sides, with a gradual decrease in length as one moves upwards, this style has been popularized by diverse figures ranging from movie stars to politicians. The distinct aesthetic of this cut is symbolic of traditional masculinity and often symbolizes strength, confidence, and authority.


The quiff-hairstyle is a popular hairstyle for white men, characterized by voluminous volume at the crown of the head and often accompanied by a full-length fringe. This style is achieved through backcombing, blow-drying, and styling products such as pomade or wax. The quiff can also be an archetype of masculinity in Western culture and is often associated with a rebellious nature, which makes it attractive to certain demographics.

Thin Cornrows

The Thin Cornrows Hairstyle for White Men is an interesting phenomenon, as it is a trend that has gained traction in recent years among many white men. This hairstyle involves weaving multiple strands of hair into tight, thin braids along the scalp, beginning at the front hairline and extending to the nape of the neck.

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Best Hairstyles for White Men

The undercut hairstyle for white men is a style which involves the sides and back of the head being cut much shorter than the top, creating an aesthetically pleasing contrast between the two. This distinct style has been popularized in recent years due to its versatility and bold statement it makes. The undercut is traditionally achieved by utilizing a combination of clipper and scissors-over-comb techniques to create a smooth transition from short to long hair, also known as “grading”.

Blown Out Top with Fade

Best Hairstyles for White Men

The Blown Out Top with Fade Hairstyle for White Men is a popular hairstyle characterized by a high volume top, which is achieved through the use of blow drying and styling products, combined with a tapered or faded undercut. This hairstyle is often referred to as an inverted pyramid due to its overall shape when viewed from the front. By combining different textures into one look, this style capitalizes on contrast and provides visual interest to the wearer.

The Buzz Cut

Best Hairstyles for White Men

The ‘Buzz Cut’ hairstyle for white men is a culturally-loaded form of hair styling which has become both a signifier of homogeneity and an identity marker for those who choose to wear it. From a socio-anthropological perspective, this phenomenon speaks to the underlying power dynamics of cultural hegemony, as the choice to wear this particular style can be seen as an unconscious attempt to meld into what is perceived as a more socially dominant aesthetic.

Thick Long Top with Taper Fade

Best Hairstyles for White Men

The Thick Long Top with Taper Fade Hairstyle for White Men is a quintessential example of a modern grooming style that has become increasingly popular in recent years. This haircut, which involves leaving some length on top while tapering the sides and back, creates a contrast between the longer hair on top and the shorter hair on the sides and back. Furthermore, this contrast is further emphasized by using clippers to create an even taper along the lower back and sides.

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Straight Shag

Best Hairstyles for White Men

The Straight Shag hairstyle for White Men is a highly fashionable look that has been gaining traction in the contemporary male grooming sphere. This style consists of an even balance between short and long layers, providing a sleek, natural texture that is both easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing. The main components of this hairstyle are the soft layering of the sides and back, combined with slightly longer pieces at the crown.

Short Haircut

Best Hairstyles for White Men

The short haircut hairstyle for white men is a timeless classic that has been worn since the early 20th century. It is characterized by clean-cut lines and minimalistic styling that provide a neat and polished look. The traditional short haircut consists of faded sides and a tapered back, while the contemporary version typically involves a combover or pompadour styled on top of the head. This hairstyle offers versatility in styling with different lengths, textures and shapes to achieve unique looks.

The Fringe with Textured Cut

The Fringe with Textured Cut Hairstyle for White Men is a contemporary and utilitarian aesthetic, which speaks to the diversity of masculine identity. It is a fusion of several different stylistic elements, combining a traditional textured cut with a fringe cut, creating an edgy yet classic hairstyle. This look is highly adaptable to many hair textures and face shapes due to its versatility, as it can be modified through styling products or professional cutting techniques.

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