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In modern era of this century, medium hairstyles are reaching new heights in their popularity, because of length versatility. Medium hairstyle option comes with infinite variety of possible hair experiments. Furthermore they also help women to find the perfect looks for their lifestyle as sometimes for better looks of their facial features and of hair type, they just need a hairdo, in such case medium hairstyle works ranges from mid-neck line to just past the shoulders offering a middle ground between short and long hairs. It gives plenty of option for styling hairs like waves, leaving your hair down with layers, braids, ponytails or curls. To help you to have that stunning looks with medium hairstyles or If you are in search of some ideal hairstyles for some attractive looks, you are in the right place as we have highlighted some ideas that are going to make heads turn. With medium length hair you can reach new heights with these beautiful, elegant and fabulous updos.

Here are some compilation of some classic, modern and flirty looks for everyone to try and test…

  • BRAIDS :

Braids style have worn for thousands of years by women all over the world. Braids are considered a protective hairstyles for strands and also help to grow your hairs almost suits for every occasion, weather you are at school, at work, in the gym or even a party. There are many attractive and interesting braiding techniques to enhance your beauty.

There are some trends for inspiration:

  • FRENCH Braids: this type of braids using three strands or sections of hairs from the crown of the head and to the nope of the neck, with a basic revision pattern. With every cross section you have to add hairs on the other side. With repeating these steps with crossing sections and adding hairs you will get a gorgeous hairstyle.
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There are also some variation of this hairstyle include:

  • Dutch braids:

If you add and cross sections under each other then it is call a Dutch braid also call inverted or reverse French braid. Many little cute parallel Dutch braids also called Cornrows. With practice you can learn braid entirely by feel. If your hair is straight or curly the braid will still work.

  • Fishtail braids:

Fishtail braids devices the hairs into two sections instead of three small section repeatedly pass over each other and gives a smooth woven suits many outfits such as in summers with denim cut offs and with a crop top or in winter brunch with oversized coat with a hat. It may look intimidating but it is actually a lot easier to create than you think and you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

  • WATERFALL braids: a waterfall braids Is a half French braid in which part of the hair is braided and the rest is left to fall down, like a waterfall. It may look complicated but with practice you can wear this cute hairstyle very easily.


Some cool styles featured here include LOB, it is the variant of bob cut as its length is just between your chin and collarbone, that flatters almost every face shape and hair type, by KERRY BREAN, if there is a defining celebrity haircut of this era, it might just be the lob. This hairstyle deputed by dozens of celebrities by artful touches like beach waves, side parts or bangs. Many of stylist like Earl Simms, deluxe Celebrity stylist says, “ the lob is such a popular style because it is a  striking look, and yet you don’t have to commit to having short or long hair”.

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A BOB with bangs is bob with a fringe. It’s a universally flattering hair style for every face shapes and hair type like long, short, layered or textured.

For this hair style, the face little longer, so adding longer bangs help looks stunning. Along with the side swept, flirty fringe, this style is advance enough for the office or bold enough for evening. Take your look to the modern heights with this attractive and sharp bob with bangs. You will feel just like Cleopatra with this gorgeous bangs.


If you want a one-length look or one of those cute angled cuts with shorter In back and longer in the front, then you can get the main trend among all haircuts without layers is a blunt haircut. This is a marvellous choice because it enhance your looks and gives instant chic style weather it in a wavy, ponytail or straight. Blunt wavy hair cut is a very trendy option with long hair for the modern women. It is super gorgeous versatile hair cut that can fit any texture or type of hair. So if you are ready to try something new bold and timeless haircut you don’t have to sacrifice your length just get a blunt haircut, we think its well worth it!



Curly hairs can be a journey, after some experiments and time, you can get better results than others. If you have naturally thick and curly hair and want to have a stunning hairstyle then you should have bangs or fringes, for the more formal or textured look. Having fringes or bangs techniques has been successfully applied to generate a variety of realistic hairstyles with different curliness as fringes are one of the most flattering cuts for all face types. Your hair will look livelier then ever, and instead of curls that weighed down by gravity, that fringe cuts gives them fresh bounce.

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Curly or wavy hair type are equally referred as a blessing and a trouble, it is very tiresome to handle your curly hairs on daily basis, there are some on-trend hairstyles that are more convenient and suitable for your life style. Here are some stylish hairstyles for curly hair that you can adopt To complete your look.

With a side-part combover, you can frame your face. If you are ready to take your long hairs to medium length world than having this hairstyle would be perfect for you.


So having hairstyle with medium hair length has now reached at its peaks. As medium length hairs gives you conveniently an endless styling.

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