25 Best Side Ponytail Hairstyles Ideas for Lovely Look in 2022

Looking for a new and trendy way to wear your hair? Check out these 25 Best Side Ponytail Hairstyles Ideas! These looks are perfect for a special event or just everyday style. This style is not only trendy but also versatile and can be worn with many different types of outfits.  So whether you have long hair or short hair, there is sure to be a style here that you will love!

Best Side Ponytail Hairstyles Ideas:

1. Ponytail with a Flip Twist

Best Side Ponytail Hairstyles Ideas

This low ponytail may seem hard at first glance, but it is really rather simple. Using a band, secure two parts of hair in a twist. When you’ve done that, twist the tail around the band. Afterwards, gather all of the hair into a ponytail and secure it beneath the flipped part. Finally, use a hair tie to secure a tiny portion of hair.

2. Special Occasion Side Ponytail

We’ll never cease praising the versatility of side ponytails. They go well with a variety of facial shapes and hair textures, and may be dressed up or down. A side ponytail may be transformed into a beautiful bridal hairdo with defined curls and an attractive broach.

3. Curled Ponytail with Braided Side

We are in awe at how a simple side ponytail can be transformed by a set of gorgeously soft curls. Adding a side braid and a glimmering brooch to your hair can transform your look. Also, don’t be afraid to use extensions to give your hair that additional fullness you want.

4. Blonde Ponytail That’s Been Twisted And Pinned

This side ponytail is an excellent example of a style that requires more expertise and dedication than others. Using a variety of techniques, from teasing, twisting, and pinning to curling and back-combing, this dramatic style is well worth the time it takes to style.

5. Side Pony Updo for a Special Occasion

Wearing a side pony isn’t limited to the weekend! Create three topsy-tail ponies on top of each other along the side of your head. The bottom of the ponytail should be secured with an elastic band before curling the tips.

6. Pony with a High-Tail

Try a hairdo from your youth for a throwback look. A traditional topsy-tail pony is a great way to experiment with this look. Even though it’s an oldie, it’s a goodie!

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7. The Messy Ponytail That Went Wavy


Another benefit of a fantastic hairstyle is that it’s simple to accomplish, even if your hair appears like it just came out of the salon. Beautifully styled hair is lovely, but not everyone has the time or talent to achieve it. For these women, easy and fashionable updos are a need. With its twisted sides and backcombed strands, this effortless blonde ponytail creates a feminine style that’s simple to execute.

8. Braided Side Ponytail Approved for the Office

This is a great option for those who must maintain a businesslike demeanour but yet want to experiment with their hairstyles. The elastic may be hidden by hiding it behind a hair strand.

9. Intricately-Plaid Pony

Make a stylish and simple side ponytail yours! Wrap the root of your hair around your head and you’re done. Take a portion of your pony and loosely braid it. Spray the braid with hairspray and let it loosely hang.

10. Hair in a Ponytail, Loose and Curly

It’s okay to let your ponytail dangle a little! Allow your hair to flow freely and loosely over your shoulder after braiding it low, messy, and loosely at the nape of your neck.

11. The Side Ponytail of the 1980s

No worries, ladies! ’80s-inspired side ponytails aren’t going anywhere! Side ponytails, which were popular in the ’80s, don’t need harmful backcombing and teasing. No crimps! The pony is still placed high on the head, but it looks great! If you like a more modest style, you may use your favourite hair tie instead of a scrunchie.

12. Bun with a Slight Side Parting

Even if your hair is short, you can still pull off a side ponytail! When worn in a stylish side ponytail, lobs and bobs look adorable. Wear them higher on your head to give off a more lively and carefree vibe, and work with your natural hair texture to achieve this.

13. Ponytails for Black Females

A side ponytail may be your new go-to hairstyle, whether your hair is straight or wavy. With a centre or side part, a low ponytail is ideal, while a high side ponytail is ideal when pushed back.

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14. The Retro Side Ponytail

To get an 80s-inspired side pony, keep it a little dishevelled and a little bouncy. Use a brightly coloured scrunchie to jazz up your hair and don’t be afraid to experiment with volume or texture.

15. Thick hair in a side ponytail

Side ponytails don’t have to be reserved for formal events. When you’re going to the gym, wear a low-side ponytail to keep your hair out of your face. You’ll look sexy and stylish!

16. With a Fine Loose Ponytail

Keep your ponytail loose so that it doesn’t seem harsh or unkempt. Use a delicate hair tie to hold it in place at the base of the ear, then lightly untie it. For a delicate look that goes nicely with your favourite outfit, brush out the waves and curls.

17. Ponytail with a Copper Side

There is nothing more 1990s than the side ponytail, but I haven’t seen anything quite this fashionable. Sleek execution and a hair wrap around the base give the traditional pony a fresh look.

18. Straight Ponytail on the Side

Girls’ smooth, straight side ponytail hairstyles evoke the ’90s instantly. This is the definition of a TGIF hairdo: fun, flirtatious, and requiring little to no work on the part of the wearer. The bangs, on the other hand, are completely up to you.

19. Fishtails on the Side

This is really a side braid, but fishtail braids are so aesthetically pleasing and fun that you can’t help but love them. You may always end your fishtail braid at the nape of your neck, or merely braid certain areas of hair in the fishtail style..

20. Weaved Side Ponytail

Black women’s side ponytail hairstyles have always been quite fashionable. Her locks are so perfect, it aches to look at them. Pony your hair up as high as possible on your crown if you’re wearing lengthy strands. The brow game of this stunning young lady should also be acknowledged.

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21. High Blonde Ponytail with a Blonde Side Part

When worn by adolescent females, this sloppy high ponytail on the side looks really stunning. At a casual get-together, this look is appropriate.

22. Cool Ponytails on the Side

This chic hairstyle, which has layers and bangs, looks great styled up in a high side ponytail. Adding drama to the ponytail, the pony’s fine hair texture lends the pony an overall voluminous appearance. The colour complements the design and adds depth to the overall appearance.

23. Medium-Length Hair Ponytails

It’s difficult to achieve a voluminous ponytail with medium-length hair since it lacks body. Nonetheless, this is a new take on medium-length hairstyles. In addition to making the hair seem thicker and fuller, the side bangs add to the overall aesthetic. This side ponytail has a basic weave and is one of the most popular among ladies.

24. Fancy Side Ponytail Style in Just a Few Minutes

Ponytails look excellent on rectangular faces, especially when worn in this specific style, which is ideal for elderly ladies. It’s simple to set up, and it’s also a breeze to maintain. Even if you don’t want to spend a lot of time on your hair, but you still want to look good, this is for you. A facial shape isn’t required to wear it. Even whether you’ve got a squared-off face, a round face, or a fat one, you may wear this haircut.

25. Ponytails for the beach

For a beach girl appearance, this is one of the nicest hairdos out there. The pattern on the ponytail end of this hairdo is undoubtedly one of its nicest features. All ladies with long hair will find the curly designs to be lovely and appealing. On the list of greatest side ponytail hairstyles, this is the last one, but it is no less beautiful than the others.


So, these were the 25 best side ponytail hairstyles ideas for lovely look in 2022. We hope you liked our collection and will try out some of these styles soon. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.



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