Some Pleasant and Cool Tips to Celebrate Christmas Alone


If you’re a family-oriented person and on lonesome for the first time on Christmas and figuring out, how to spend holly jolly Christmas solo and want to spend this “Me” time In a wonderful way instead of mourning over things that you are missing like mom’s homemade pie or opening gifts, decorating Christmas tree or family feast, then no need you to feel lonely, just prioritize your time for yourself and have fun, there are lots of people worldwide, they have to spend Christmas alone apart from family alone. Here are some tips to spend “Me” time in a great way because “Me” time is something to be celebrated.


As we all know that on Christmas day even on Christmas Eve, there are a lot of businesses would be closed. For this purpose, you must need to plan for solo the very last moment, you will not be able to shop anything like clothes, decorations pieces, gift or gifts for yourself(I definitely recommend not to open until Christmas) or even groceries. So, you don’t have to wait until Christmas Eve, thinking about shopping. It’s a good idea and will be very helpful to think on all needs for a bit before you start mapping your day and take some time for Christmas preparation in advance from your busy schedule and go shopping.


If you want to enjoy the whole spirit of Christmas then make sure, you start your day super early and entertain yourself by waking up early before noon and make some coffee and light breakfast for yourself to start your day. Then must go to the nearest church, and offer pray in the remembrance of Jesus who had saved people from their sin and sorrows. And wish your surroundings this sacred festival with the same enthusiasm.


As it is a festival of joy for everyone then must set your mood with help of lightning pieces like candles or fairy lights. Candles have enchanting effect that lightens up your mood instantly and at the same time, listening some slight music while preparing breakfast for yourself to boost your mood. Sing or dance and make yourself feel special by lightning up your space and celebrate Christmas with affection and love.

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Spending Christmas day as self-care day is never an act of selfishness it is a key to have a good relationship with oneself. Just keep in your mind the old cliché, “Take care of yourself first, or you will have nothing left to give others.” The possibilities of spending Christmas day as self-care day are endless as you can do anything to pamper you emotionally, physically, psychologically, or spiritually and not only you can reduce your stress but, also improve your overall happiness. Like taking a long luxurious bubble bath, making a list of all achievements over all-year long or a list of your goals or priorities to boost up your courage, give yourself a pedicure and manicure, doing meditation or yoga, or try a makeup that you normally scared to wear, or you can use some relaxing essential oil. In short, self-care ideas are unique to each person to maintain a good healthy relationship with one self.


Decorating Christmas tree always been a part of celebrating Christmas. Families normally decorate Christmas tree, a day before Christmas but as you are alone at home, just make this effort for yourself for a while, just take a small pot sized tree and turn this simple tree into Christmas tree by decoration. On Christmas day, decorating Christmas tree for yourself has its own taste and flavour that you can’t find anywhere.


There are various type of tradition that normally people celebrate on Christmas. As you are alone and to feel yourself completely free then try to make your own tradition that you can adapt every year and could share with others, pleasantly that this year you had your own tradition like make a tradition of cooking something special, playing a special type of game, wearing a special type of clothes with same theme every year, eat yummy food or share your special recipe with neighbours, do puzzle or it is a perfect time to invite your friend or co-worker told you that they are going to spend their Christmas alone, keep yourself away from using social media or you can offer cleaning up the space or offering help or support to others just try to invest your time your efforts to community in any way.

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    Open that present which you bought with a lot of your heart and were curious to open till the last day, given by yourself to yourself.


On Christmas day, firstly try to keep your space clean. Cleaning is known to be super therapeutic, just be super productive, and start cleaning if needed not like others, who literally do nothing. Like gift papers or extra scattered wires or lights or of kitchen after breakfast will give you an extra mood boost.


After cleaning, you can make a call and could enjoy some face time, with family who are celebrating Christmas, on video chat. Ask them how they are doing, you can show them your gifts, can see them celebrating Christmas day.


Cooking something extraordinary: if you love to cook and love to eat even more on this special day of Christmas or even if you can’t cook or feel scared to try some special recipe then I would not advise you to get something ready-made because it is time to cook that amazing recipe just for cooking and baking is an activity in itself, just cook  Put it in a nice plate, get your eternals out and a really nice napkin of course, and just turn on the TV or listen to some music, (I prefer to listen to classical music, can be very uplifting) and enjoy extraordinary dish all by yourself.


One thing I would absolutely recommend is to put on a nice warm coat because it’s really freezing out there and then head out to the streets and just take a nice long walk, getting some fresh air. If you live near a park with lots of deer, lots of animal there around then its brilliant to get yourself there and find yourself in animals running a roll all around the place. It would be nice to feel yourself there as it’s quit empty because people really don’t want to be there, they want to spend time with family so, you basically, you have a whole park to yourself.


Go watch a movie/ cinema: the next thing you probably want to do is just watch a superb movie, you really don’t have to watch a Christmassy movie but any movie you like or there is an ultimate nice list of great Christmas recommended movie as you want to enjoy your time moreover, there are a lot of types of concession on Christmas.


If the cinema in your area or even far a bit for a drive, then it will be great idea to watch a movie after dinner. Just be assure of which one movie you want to enjoy and buy tickets in advance and most importantly, definitely treat yourself to snacks or will end up as perfect activity.


Although you didn’t get to spend Christmas day with family and friends, trust me being by yourself on any special event or festive, is not as bad as you might think. You would not feel lonely for a second, alone you will have a great day and you will find it far more positive than expectation. And as a believer I would think that you would know that God is with you and you are never really alone.

Merry Christmas!

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