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Employees are one of if not the most valuable assets any business possesses. The make or break of the business rests on their shoulders. And they have to be kept motivated constantly for them to outperform their potential and make the organization they work in reach new and bigger heights. One factor that motivates all employees is respect. They love being told they are doing great and being involved in major decision-making. You have to make them feel like the organization depends on them and watch them work like horses to make sure it breathes nothing but high profits.

Unfortunately, though, some bad bosses do not understand this. They don’t respect their employees at all and feel they are entitled enough to control their workers. These bad bosses do not deserve to sit on the seat of a boss because it requires you to have a heart and empathy. They realize they can always have it their own way but that is so not the case. Employees are much more aware and much more confident now to realize their true worth and speak for themselves.

Today, we are going to read some stories shared by workers about their entitled bosses thinking they can control their employees like their own slaves. Scroll down below to read these acts of entitled bosses filled with rudeness.

1. You are short-staffed, want me to come in, and won’t even pay me for it? Good luck with that.

2. It is the need that doesn’t make you take the right steps you want to take.

3. Unprofessional behavior? You want him to cover for another guy’s shift while he is on approved leave.

4. That is actually so unfair.

5. Workers working before their scheduled time to start just to get everything organized and to stay ahead of everything is now inappropriate and wildly unacceptable. Sure.

6. Your simple answer should’ve been “yes”.

7. I really was thinking the guy should be a team player until I realized he got this notice at 3 a.m. to show up at 11 a.m. Wow.

8. This is one entitled boss.

9. Because this person is single the boss assumed they don’t have any plans for the day.

10. They feel disrespected when someone tells them to do something right.

11. You should shut up and give them a good raise.

12. What else did the boss expect the employee would do after being this insensitive to him?

13. You should’ve gone to work and puked all over the facility every 10 minutes to show them you are “too sick”.

14. The day I see such a piece of paper in my office, I am quitting.

15. Oh for god’s sake!

16. Good luck covering up all those shifts.

17. Such bosses never manage to stay for long.

18. The boss asked for availability so he should have been ready for a “no”.

19. One should never perform knowing they will be written as “underperformed” anyway.

20. He gives them one day and all the rest to you…come on.

Not a single one of these bosses deserves their title. This is such bad behavior filled with insensitivity and carelessness. Do these people not realize the true importance of the organization’s employees? They think they can be unfair to their workers and would manage to have it their way. I am sorry but that is not going to happen. The entitled butts are nowadays shut down as soon as they try to stretch. I hope that makes sense.

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Let’s read through some more stories of bad bosses being super entitled. Scroll down below to continue!

21. You say no to me? You are fired. Entitlement at its peak.

22. Does this boss expect their colleagues to generate billions of dollars in sales by putting this poster up?

23. No thanks, sir.

24. They think the humans they hire are actually robots.

25. What else was she supposed to say?

26. Sarah quit, it is your problem.

27. So you want me to choose the summer job over my sick dad…yeah, right.

28. He liked the color, he just wants you guys to suffer. He is evil.

29. Got hit with straight facts.

30. Wiped the smile off that face instantly.

31. The real question is why are you understaffed. If this employee was the reason for it then sure call them to cover up. If not, then no you cannot force anyone.

32. I actually cannot believe what I just read. They serve expired food.

33. They want him to work within his work hours so he doesn’t charge extra.

34. Your problem you didn’t review it in time. People love shifting their burden onto others.

35. I did not see that last part coming.

36. You messed with the fire, Kmart.

37. Got the signal.

38. Does AMC stand for “A Miserable Company”?

39. “Doesn’t matter”. How will you convince a worker when you don’t give two sh*ts about what they have to say?

40. When you misinterpret “Work till your heart stops beating”.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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