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Tattoos can be extremely personal.

I am well aware that tattoos are not for everyone, but they can be considered works of art. However, it is also clear that not every tattoo can be considered a masterpiece. You would expect a tattoo from a high-end establishment to be excellent, but this is not always the case. And there are numerous reasons why you may dislike or regret the art on your body. It could be because you didn’t give the design enough thought, got it while drunk or you’ve changed and that particular tattoo no longer represents you.

Whatever the reason, having a tattoo removed can be a painful and expensive procedure. Even after all of that, there is a good chance that some ink will be left behind. As a result, most people opt for a cover-up if at all possible. In my experience, the tattoos they want to be covered up are usually those of their previous relationship’s partner. This is just my opinion, and many people may disagree, but I believe that no one should get partner tattoos, even if they are married.

It is perfectly acceptable to get something tattooed for your children or parents, but you never know what will happen to your relationship in the future, so it is better to be safe than sorry. However, these celebrities had to cover up their regrettable tattoos. Continue reading to find out.

#1 Angelina Jolie.



She used to have a dragon tattooed on her arm as a tribute to her then-husband but she got it covered up after the divorce and not her arm tattoo is dedicated to her children.

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#2 Colin Farrel.


The reason Colin got his tattoos removed was that he was tired of sitting in the makeup chair so that his tattoos could get covered up.

#3 Eva Longoria.


She had a tattoo on her wrist in tribute to her ex-boyfriend Tony Parker. But now she has gotten that particular tattoo removed.

#4 Heidi Klum.


Yes, this is another tattoo removal because her arm had a tattoo in remembrance of her then-husband Seal.

It was our fourth wedding, and we wanted to have our names tattooed together.


Now the same spot is adorned with four stars and they represent her children.

#5 Kaley Cuoco.


She had a numeral tattoo on her back because of her ex Ryan Sweeting and now that spot is covered up with a quite beautiful moth.

#6 Keith Urban.


He used to have a tattoo on his wrist dedicated to his then-wife Nicole Kidman. The Latin sentence translated to ‘Love Conquers all’.


However, he went on to cover it up with a tribal tattoo when they broke up.

#7 Malin Åkerman.


Her wrist had a tattoo of her husband’s last name initial which was Z.


After their divorce, she added an S which translated to her son’s name.

#8 Marc Anthony.


As you can see in the image above, he had Jennifer tattooed on his wrist.


But after they broke up, he got it covered up with a tribal tattoo.

#9 Rihanna.


Chris Brown and Rihanna used to have matching star tattoos but after they broke up, she added a lot more stars to make the tattoo more personal to her.

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She also used to have a small shark tattoo on her ankle in tribute to her ex Drake.


She soon changed it to a crown after they broke up.

#10 Zoë Kravitz.


She used to have an Arabic statement on her shoulder but because of a grammatical mistake, it read as “Let the love rule” rather than “Let love rule.” So she covered it up with a dragonfly.

Did you know these celebrities had their tattoos removed? Or did this come as a surprise to you? Do you have any tattoos on your body? If so, do you have any regrets? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to share this article with your friends so they can share their own stories.

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