25 Best Chic Pixie Bob Hairstyles to Inspire Your Next Cut

Jannie Cori

Chic Pixie Bob Hairstyles are always a popular style, and there are so many chic ways to wear them! Whether you want to keep your hair short and sweet or go for a more dramatic look, these 25 styles will help you find the perfect pixie bob for you. So grab your scissors and get ready to cut!

Chic Pixie Bob Hairstyles:

1. Sassy Pixie with Bangs and an Undercut

Short pixie cuts in today’s fashion world are notoriously uncoordinated in their slicing. When topped with mid-length spikes, shaved parts may approach extra-long lengths. This adorable undercut pixie is impossible to resist, and with a fashionable blonde colour and dark roots, it’s easy to see why.

2. The Platinum Pixie

Chic Pixie Bob Hairstyles

Styling possibilities are not restricted just because your hair is short. A pixie may be as modern and untidy as you desire, or as elegant and traditional as you choose. Just as much, if not more, style freedom may be achieved by selecting the proper hold and finish from the correct styling products.

3. Blonde Mohawk with spikes


Create a gravity-defying hairstyle by straightening the top layers of your hair using hair gel. If you like a more traditional look, you may use the product to smooth the sides and then brush them back down.

4. Hairstyles for Straight Pixies

Pixie haircuts will not make you appear like a boy, so get rid of any notions to the contrary. In order to cover your femininity, there is no hairstyle that can. Modern hairstylists’ limitless creativity has resulted in a wide variety of pixie cuts suitable for women of all ages and ethnicities.

5. Bob the Curly

Curly ladies may spend hours straightening their hair, whereas those with straight hair never leave their waver behind. Why do we constantly want to do things differently? Because we’re excited by the prospect of new things. The moment has come for curly-haired ladies to embrace their natural curls and embrace themselves. When it comes to styling curly hair, even the shortest bobs look great. Here’s a black woman’s bob hairstyle that manages to seem both natural and seductive.

6. Hairstyles for Blondes: Pixie Bob

The key to true beauty is hidden in the shades of ark. Pixie bobs, like chameleons, may alter their appearance based on the colour of their hair, don’t you think? To us, black is a hue that will never go out of style. You’ll never forget that a pixie cut with naturally black hair looks amazing, and that you don’t need to colour your hair to get a stunning style.

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7. Bob the Asymmetrical Pixie

The rear of asymmetrical pixie bobs is heavily layered, resulting in a lot hair volume in that region. Use a dark hair colour to keep your bangs on one side. Highlight your rebellious side with low faded green and blue highlights.

8. Layered Poison Ivy Bob

Create a black foundation with an electric purple topcoat hair dye if you are an outlandish young girl. This style is sure to turn heads because of the way it blends your bright strands with the darker ones.

9. Haircuts for Fine Hair: Pixie Bob

For girls with fine hair, pixie bobs are the ultimate fantasy. If this is your hair type, a short, energetic style is recommended since the weight of longer hair tends to flatten and tangle it, making it seem unkempt. Shape your face with long bangs on the sides and shorter lengths at the nape of your neck.

10. Layered Pixie Bob

When it comes to hairstyles, layering Pixie Bob Layers may be used in so many different ways. Lightening and cutting thick, heavy hair may both be accomplished with these tools. In addition, a pixie bob with a lot of little, short layers at the rear may have a lovely, rounded form.

11. Long Wavy Bangs in a Pixie Cut

This pixie chop with playful bangs is ideal for people who enjoy unconventional hairstyles. If you’re in your twenties and looking for a change, this hairstyle is for you.

12. Cute Blue Pixie Hairstyles with Lots of Volumes

This blue pixie is screaming your name if you’re all about colour, fun, and whimsical style! It’s excellent for ladies with blue eyes who aren’t frightened of colour to wear this style.

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13. Bob with a Pixie Undercut in Rose Gold

For oval-shaped features, this pixie cut with longer bangs will make them symmetrical, and the rose gold ombre hair will give you a perfect appearance! There is no need to be terrified of wearing bangs in your daily get-ready process since they are simple to handle.

14. Pixie bob with burnt orange hairstyle

There’s no excuse not to try the short pixie bob hairstyle on yourself. There are many ways to style your hair for a minimalist look, but this haircut is the easiest and fastest way to achieve it. As distinctive and stylish as you are!

15. Pixie-Bob is a mess

The last option is to simply have a pixie cut if your hair is really fine and you aren’t sure how to style it. If you’re accustomed to wearing short hair, this style may appear a little too spikey and formal for you. However, it’s perfect for individuals who value simplicity above length and inches of hair.

16. Cute Pixie Cut with Blonde Balayage

The added length from a longer tapered pixie cut allows you to experiment with different textures and colours. Long unconnected layers, silky nape and piecey bangs may be achieved by cutting your hair in this style. If you have fine but thick straight hair, a short blowdry and a dab of root-lifting product can transform it into a tousled, bohemian appearance.

17. Pixie with Fused Layers of Pastel and Ash

Longer and shorter strands, darker and lighter shades combine to create a quirky pixie cut that isn’t too out there. Pink-violet roots dissolve into swoopy ashy layers, creating a beautiful contrast. They have a three-dimensional appearance and seem to be brimming with air.

18. Side bangs on a long tapered pixie cut

It’s all very well and good to have buttery golden hair, but the newest hair colour craze is an ashy shade. Matte blonde hair colour with a few hints of your dark roots will give your long, jagged pixie cut a fashionable, modern feel.

19. This is a lavender Pixie-Bob!

Modern choppy pixie cuts are all about mixing and matching different textures… You won’t be able to walk down the street without being stopped by these haircuts. One such hairstyle is the purple pixie-bob seen above.

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20. Messy African-American Ashy Pixie

For those with fair complexions, ash blonde hair is an obvious choice, but this photo shows how nicely it can be carried off by darker skin tones. When it comes to African-American women with cool blonde hair, the cut is as important as the colour. On black ladies, short pixie hairstyles with a lot of crescent layers look their best. Do you know that hoop earring are a wonderful match?

21. Pixie-Bob with Long Bangs Stacked


The crowns of pixies that have a lot of volumes are really flattering. Especially when worn with very long bangs, they give the appearance of a cool female. Highlights might be strong or low contrast, but they won’t do any harm either. As a consequence, you’ll have a distinctive look. Not in a bad manner, though.

22. Feathered Layers on a Brunette Pixie

Even while short brunette hairstyles are often considered to be a little masculine, pairing them with lighter hair colours may make them seem more feminine. Even with short hair, it is possible to appear feminine while still maintaining your natural colour. The key is to soften the style with feathered layers and delicate highlights.

23. Pixie cuts

This long pixie haircut is stunning with its sliced layers that flow longer in the front and cup the sides of the face. If your hair is dark, you may obtain extra texture by highlighting the top layers. A textured long pixie haircut has more definition.

24. Pixie with a long golden blonde hairdo

In order to look well on every face shape, these long golden blonde layers are great for individuals who favour uncomplicated hairstyles.

25. Long pixie rock ‘n’ roll hairstyle

This scruffy long pixie hairstyle is perfect for a night out with friends or a business meeting since it can be worn short in the front and long in the back. Using small and long layers, the long pixie creates a dramatic look. To top it all off, there are bold silver accents on a black foundation and bright orange dip dye pieces.

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