How To Celebrate Christmas 2022 With Families in Coronavirus [Covid-19]

Christmas Celebration With Our Families Or Create A Christmas Festive Experience In Grand Style, Despite Coronavirus (Covid-19.)

Christmas is an annual collective festival holiday of the year commemorating the anniversary of Jesus Christ. Worldwide, following a turbulent of crisis like COVID-19 this year, when planning for Christmas, we are all facing confusion and feels a little different over whether we might be in lockdown or not, we have lived through the health crisis, our behavior we adapt over pandemic towards general thrust of Christmas comparative to the previous years like Christmas celebrations with social gatherings and bustling streets with a wave of joy everywhere is going to feel a little different this year , Christmas will obviously happen on December 25 as usual and will would fall under the same umbrella like other festivals have taken place (including Ramadan, Eid, and Passovers) in the shadow of pandemic crisis.

When it comes to content, always consider the context . especially when planning for the sacred festival season, adapting the content according to the circumstances that suit the fast-changing time is now vital.

Some news like ” after upto 60 years, Christmas villages will have to wait next year” or even The Queen typically spends her winter break at Sandringham.Might be the first time she is going to spend the big day at Windors in over 30 years”.

After hearing all these news, the first thing comes to mind is how are we going to celebrate our Christmas that we have been waiting for all year long.

First, let’s learn about the security rules we have to follow through all festive season then we will discuss that even with all these restrictions how can we make our Christmas more magical even this year.

Government’s Covid-Secure Guidelines:

The following current guide and considerations are to help protect the public from COVID-19, says that everyone should follow at all risk being fined.

  Christmas celebration in lock-down:

By the governments,  another fresh wave of rules for Christmas as Christmas lock-down  has been announced following a rapid increase in COVID-19 cases.

Christmas celebration in lock-down

  • Events and celebration : under the crisis of pandemic,many events and Christmas celebrations are already being shelved and already being impacted by restriction. Tickets of many events are withdrawn from sale.
  • Shops and business: shops and businesses are restricted to assure their customers follow all SOP’s and outdoor enclosures must ensure social distancing and  incorporate one-way systems to provide a safe and  smooth customer journey and provide better ventilation for Covid-19.


During local travel in taxis and buses, face covering is a must. For family gathering or indoor activities with your family, then go one step further and try to prefer festive- themed masks to encourage your guests and your children the importance of following the SOPs. Even if you visit Santa grotto or go shopping for christmas treats or edible gifts for the big day, ten accustomed yourself to wear christmas and use sanitizer as you enter the shop.

christmas meaning


According to the rule of six, the government bans social gatherings of more than six people  and it applies to all ages.

  • Public places:

If you plan to enjoy a Christmas Eve dinner or feast at a restaurant,bars or at pub then the rule of six will remain firmly in place and will be closed by 10pm each night and it is not allowed to have more than six friends at the table at same time. The same rule applies  to all public places like parks , sporting events for social gatherings.

  • Households:

For hospitality venues, indoor and outdoor events are allowed but restricted solely to table services.There is an exemption from rule of six for larger households with more than six family members.

  • If you are hosting:

Try to ensure the safety of both your family and guests and prefer outdoor hosting than indoor activities as much as possible.if it’s not possible then avoid crowded, fully enclosed indoor spaces with poor ventilation. Try to invite a limited number of guests from your local area and ask them to avoid contact with an outsider for 14 days before gathering and ask them to bring extra supplies like extra masks, hand sanitizers with them.

  • If you are guest:
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prefer to attend outdoor activities and if not possible then choose airy and safe organizer activity and take masks and hand sanitizer with yourself.

Holiday travel:

as travelling can increase the spread of COVID-19. Staying at home is best but If necessary to travel then use a mask especially in public places, avoid close contacts to others and stay at least 6 feet apart. On these web pages, you can decide whether to travel or not.

  • Travel During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Know Your Travel Risk
  • Know When to Delay Your Travel to Avoid Spreading COVID-19

So if the latest restrictions stay in place, how are we gonna celebrate our Christmas this year?

Christmas could be best despite pandemic.Online retailers would continue to trade this year.And they have to be ready to deal with the tsunami of online orders.

Being individual you should plan for christmas in advance and should make a list of pre-christmas staples.

Pre-christmas staples:

as christmas is not a surprise for any of us,you know very well when it is coming, so plan for it and go one step ahead to the rest and to reduce the stress and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa in your snuggies on Big day.


First step is always making a do’s and don’ts list. You can simplify your Christmas prep[aration by making a list of all necessary items. As Christmas is just around the corner and we all are going to see stores fill up with décor and gift sets. This year could be more magical  if you just align and simplify the Big day to allow yourself without any stress.things like gift giving, holiday party essentials, a list of attendees , their addresses and identify who is going t o get christmas gift by making this list. This will help  you to create your budget and you could stick to that specific item while purchasing.Try some recipes and get experience that you were afraid of trying but you like to this way you could make a good impression on your guests during a big family feast.

christmas traditions


Despite the pandemic, you can at-least enjoy and do christmas is just around the corner and soon we are all going to see shopping malls and stores filled with christmas all must haves like christmas decor, toys and christmas gifts. To make your Christmas more magical and full of excitement then simplify your holiday and get all your shopping done early at least by December 1. Try to prefer online shopping to avoid all kinds of worries.

family christmas traditions

There are several benefits behind early shopping like first of all you don’t have to face all the rush and unavoidable crowdedness. Secondly, we all learned from these pandemic crises that virus life span is upto 2 weeks.then if there is any risk of getting a virus while purchasing then its effect can be removed. Thirdly, as christmas festive season starts and december hits the festive then all shopping malls and stores become so picked over, it becomes difficult to find the item of your choice according to your list and the sizes you need.then try to finish all your shopping even have your all food and required eatables and grocery at least a week in advance to make your big day all sorted. But remember, don’t forget to cover your face and avoid extra surface touching and keep a social distance from other shoppers.


Just decide your priorities with the help of your family, your spouse, your kids maybe you have a tradition celebrating over years but don’t like it and hate the whole experience of going out and cutting down the christmas tree. or decide which one tradition like gift giving, holiday parties, traveling, sending christmas cards or whatever other obligation is most important for you and which one you can skip.

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Start your Christmas festive season (late by November that ends usually after new year celebrations)  by splashing out christmas decorations by decorating your home indoor and outdoor. Moreover, bring some beauty of nature from outside like bring some branches into home or decorate pine cones on your Christmas trees and place it where you get a wave of pleasure whenever you look at it throughout the season. Moreover, try to take some time to deeply clean and organize your home before christmas season.rearrange your furniture and throw pillows, blankets, frames. make a weekly schedule and add some specific task to do on each day and you can add some emotional connection with some creativity like add some pretty photographs on the focal point of your home, or a new gallery wall.add some natural beauty to your home with help of some house plant or herbs in the container.

christmas home decor ideas


By the way the heartfelt happiness and peace that comes from tidying up the house is indescribable.when you look at your cleaned house and pretty  arrangements then it’s like a gift to yourself.But at the same time the physical beauty is also important. Not just for this week but for the rest of the year you should take some time and money to spend on yourself.It is good to take care of everyone but you will only be able to serve others, if you take care of yourself. Try to focus on your diet and your sleep.have some massage therapies and try some home remedies for your skin and hair. Some kind of change looks with the help of hair cut or hair dye.

family traditions


Before one day of the “feast of Christmas” on Christmas day 25 December, millions of Christians go to church, pray and crowd shoulder-to-shoulder in pews and sing “Silent Night” in light of candles on 24 December night called Midnight Mass. Before heading to home they greet and exchange hearty “ Merry Christmas” with each other.On demand of celebration for Christmas eve, many churches hold several types of services. This year maybe you face some kind of restrictions.but as we all are now well aware of all SOPs then try to ensure all precautions.

I would prefer you to stay at home this year without getting in trouble and try to pray in candlelight in front of your kids that they could learn how to start your festival season with blessings. This would be a very 2022 thing to do.


When you do go out then you definitely spend a handsome amount on gifts just on pleasing others. This year Try to skip the gifts for extended family and handle gift giving as a minimalist, if you really want to avoid any financial struggle.this could be difficult for some families but in these critical situations of a pandemic, everyone is engaged in fighting and defending these bad situations. I don’t think that even in these critical situations, everyone is expecting a gift like before.instead of giving gifts individually you could arrange a family dinner  or try to surprise your loved ones with some creative and meaningful gifts this hand written letter with beautiful past childhood pictures pasted on beautiful paper with a beautiful writing style. Or handmade ornaments, sew something and wrap them in a creative style. Make an effort to make it more full of love expressions and gratitude.

christmas gifts 2020


When it comes to Christmas cards then prefer those who live in your local area and you could easily deliver it by yourself to ensure nobody misses out, because maybe this year you would not be able to post them on their addresses.

featuring luxury treats and gifts in the Christmas box every year, for people to enjoy with friends and family, this year you may consider creating a Coronavirus Christmas Box for those ones who are really affected by these crises.or  you can tribute your heroes around who were and still are struggling with these crises with help of Christmas cards or gifts in are some example from where you can get some ideas.

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Tribute health care gifts:

Social distancing badges:

Our super heroes t-shirt:

x-mas face mask:

Doctor nurse mug:

Doctor-nurse portrait:


Due to pandemic situation, in effort to ensure the safety of both your family and your guest, try to not hold the annual christmas this year, it saddens us but it just like as we fast to feel the hunger of poor ones, just like that we should celebrate solo-Christmas this year, to feel the pain of those who celebrate Christmas alone far from families every year or if you know anyone who lives alone and are not able to visit their home because of some financial compulsion,you can plan to invite them in your Christmas cheers and bring a ray of light in to their lives.


A Grand Style Breakfast:

Usually when you think of the big christmas feast then the first thing comes to mind is lunch or dinner.however, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.just plan for it one night before and start preparing one night before. Make a list of every item needed and you are going to serve on that table. This will help you to don’t waste your time and money going out at the last can try to give a surprise to your family with a table full of all kind of favourite foods and dishes on it.and make sure to pray before starting, in this way you can start your and family’s christmas day with all blessings and this will help you to reminds the sense and context of season.if anything goes wrong then don’t get disappointed.but try to don’t miss connection with your family waiting for perfection.

Big Day Out (BDO):

However, outing or enjoying the outdoors will come with restriction this year.still with a little planning,You can enjoy and will be able to have your usual outdoor fun like skating or going to Santa grotto.just go ahead with some safety measures.just keep an eye on event schedule although again this year may be unlike the usual party season where normally seems large crowds spilling out of the local pub, restaurants,or even parks.

The Big Day And Big Dinner:

Bah humbug! Too early to say that whether it would possible to help parties over Christmas on not.but  Do your best to keep the spirit of Christmas alive this year with all the food and tunes.bring party to your home and you can look forward to a big family gathering with your all loved ones around the table for big feast.or you can bring party to work but only in groups of six you can enjoy the venues just ensure that you keeping your guest and family safe and protected with gathering restriction try to bound your gathering to six people, may be this number could extend beyond Christmas.

New year’s 2022:

And, after all that Christmas cheer and Christmas celebration, what about New Year’s 2022 celebrations? sooner will Christmas be done and dusted than New Year celebrations come along – but we can expect them to be a bit more full of spirit  than usual this year.

So it looks like all those Happy New Year hugs and renditions of Auld Lang Syne might have to be done at home this year too…With all that we have been through this year, do not be afraid to celebrate.


Christmas celebration is truly about spending time with loved one and appreciating each other.Christmas is a time to uplift and inspire,It will be here before we know it, but it’s clear Christmas 2022 will be unlike any other.Just hope for a busy and blessing Christmas season in 2022. Fingers crossed.By following all the rules, except for you and your family protection,in this way you can prove yourself a responsive citizen. Hopefully we will have a covid free December so we can enjoy this Christmas season.

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