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The Reddit post titled delves into a situation where the OP grapples with the decision of whether or not to extend their airline benefits to their fiancé’s daughter, who considers the OP a father figure. The post seeks the community’s judgment on whether the OP’s refusal to include the daughter in their airline benefits is justified or if it reflects selfishness and indifference towards the child’s feelings.

The core question of the Reddit post is whether the OP should include their fiancé’s daughter in their travel benefits. According to the OP, the daughter views them as a father figure, and the fiancé thinks it would be a heartfelt gesture to include her in the benefits so that the family may take advantage of reduced airfare. The OP asks the community for advice on whether they are being an “asshole” by withholding their airline benefits from the daughter. The article requests the reader’s feedback on the moral implications. The story allows readers to comment on the moral implications of the OP’s choice and offers a chance to examine the challenges of juggling family dynamics and personal obligations. Scroll down till the end to read the full story.

OP and her siblings have the same mom but the Dads were different. The little sister of OP has had a terrible past as her Dad walked away in childhood and her mother also passed. OP is closer to her than most.

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As OP works in the airline, he decided to put her sister on benefits so that she can travel for free.

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Now OP got engaged and asked her to be added to the flight benefit but she wanted her daughter to be added too to which OP replied that the account is full with four people including her. This fiance was displeased.

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OP’s fiance suggests that the sister should be taken off the benefit and should work for herself which displeased OP.

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This turned into a fight and later OP’s fiance told him that he was being an asshole excluding Maddie, the stepdaughter to be off the benefit.

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Here’s a detailed edit by OP, a reply to those who were saying to remove the father and the brother from the list.

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This fiance of OP seems like a red flag to me.

Do you also think that the fiancee is entitled?

The way she is putting her daughter over everyone else explains her mischievous personality.

People are advising OP to leave her fiance, indirectly.

The airline benefit seems to be more beneficial for OP’s sister who travels much.

People are really giving insightful comments on the story here that makes the situation clear.

It is OP’s choice who they want to include on the airline benefit, if the fiance cannot respect that, she should simply part ways.

I love how thoughtful the first line of this comment is.

There is always a way to address things. If you are engaged with someone. you should give importance to their relationships too and not just expect them to put everything behind them and act according to your preferences. In my opinion, the fiance’s behavior hear was truly sh*tty.

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