Disturbing and Morbid Facts

We live in a world that is full of strange and fascinating facts, and while many of them are interesting and fun, some can be downright disturbing and morbid. A recent Instagram page has been sharing some of the most disturbing and morbid facts that they have come across, and they are sure to freak you out a bit.

Here are just a few of the facts that have been shared on this page.

Disturbing and Morbid Facts

Some species of fish can change gender:

Certain species of fish, such as clownfish and wrasses, have the ability to change their gender. This means that a fish that is born male can change into a female and vice versa. This can happen due to a variety of factors, including social cues and environmental conditions.

The human body contains enough fat to make seven bars of soap:

The human body contains a significant amount of fat, and if it were to be rendered down, it could be used to make seven bars of soap. This is a disturbing thought, but it is a fact nonetheless.

The black widow spider eats its mate:

The female black widow spider is known for eating its mate after mating. This is a disturbing fact, but it is a common behavior among many species of arachnids.

The world’s oldest known sample of smallpox virus was found in the teeth of a 17th-century child buried in Lithuania:

Smallpox is a deadly disease that has affected human populations for centuries. The virus can remain active for long periods of time, even after a person has died. This fact is a reminder of how dangerous this disease can be and how it has affected human history.


Some species of ants have funeral rituals for their dead:

Ants are known for their highly organized colonies, and it turns out that they also have funeral rituals for their dead. When an ant dies, other ants will carry the corpse away from the colony and bury it. This behavior is thought to be a way of preventing the spread of disease.

The average person will ingest around eight spiders in their lifetime while sleeping:

This is a common urban legend that is often cited as fact. While it is highly unlikely that a person will ingest eight spiders in their lifetime, it is true that spiders do sometimes crawl into beds while people are sleeping.

These facts may seem hard to believe or even disturbing, but they are a reminder of the strange and fascinating world we live in. It’s important to remember that these facts are not meant to scare or freak you out, but rather to educate and inform.

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