20 Best Flattering Summer Hairstyles & Styling Ideas

Jannie Cori

Flattering summer hairstyles are those that are light and airy, and that keep your head cool in the summer heat. Hairstyles that involve wearing your hair up or back are usually the most flattering in the summer, since they allow more airflow to your head. You may also want to consider using a lighter-weight styling product than you would normally use in the winter.

There are a variety of flattering summer hairstyles that can be worn to keep cool in the heat. One popular style is the French braid, which can be dressed up or down and is perfect for hot weather. Another option is a messy bun, which is easy to do and keeps hair off your neck. Ponytails are always popular in the summer and can be dressed up or down with accessories.

20 Flattering Summer Hairstyles:

01. Waves of euphoria

Flattering Summer Hairstyles

Reese Witherspoon, a native of Nashville, is well aware that battling the summer humidity is pointless. With a layered cut that takes use of her natural wave, she avoids a slick, uniform effect. Blow dry with a round brush after using an anti-frizz product like Moroccanoil Treatment Light.

02. Braided Bun

Before putting your hair up in a bun, braid it to give it a more polished look. After parting hair, braid each side down to the nape of your neck to get Camila Alves’ style (braid pieces under, not over, each other for a tidier look). After that, make a bun with both braids and secure with a bobby pin.

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03. The Damp Look

To keep short hair in place amid high humidity, just smooth it back with an old-school pomade. With your fingertips, “shape” Ruby Rose’s hair into the desired appearance. Allow it to dry without any contact.

04. Fake pixie shave

Just because your hair is short doesn’t mean you have to go to the salon if you want a shorter style. Make a pixie cut out of your hair by swiping it to one side and slathering it with product. Pin up the remaining section of your hair.

05. Phoney Bob

No scissors are necessary for Cate Blanchett’s exquisite hairstyle! “Part your hair into three portions, one on your right, one on your left, and a rear section,” advise West Hollywood, CA stylists Anna Dunn and Clint Mattoni of the Benjamin salon. In order to prevent separating, backcomb hair around the ear with a soft brush.

06. Braid with a Fishtail End

With this technique, Blake Lively is able to pull off her braid effortlessly. Ponytails may be divided into two pieces to get this look. Dunn and Mattoni teach Dunn and Mattoni, “From this point, you will subdivide the exterior parts as you work.” “Cross the centre subsection across to the outer subsection. Do the same on the other side, overlaying the first portion in the middle. A hair elastic will keep the style in place after you’ve used up all your hair.

07. Updo with a Mess

Pin up your hair, but leave a few strands loose so that you may get a casual, unkempt appearance.

08. Tousle Hairstyles

A short cut may be given a summer makeover by adding edgy texture, according to Jahanbigloo. Normally, lengthier bangs would end up on the forehead, but Evan Rachel Wood’s lifted style keeps them away from her eyes and maintains the look cool and breezy. The front sections of your hair should be volumized using a mousse before you blow dry them.

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09. Updos with braids

Lo’s ‘do is both casual and sophisticated, making it ideal for both a day at the office and a night out. Split hair into two parts, with the centre portion parted. In order to keep the braid flat, hold the hair horizontally when braiding. To soften the braid, pull on the outside edges and pin the ends to the base of the opposing strand. Mattoni recommends “softening the image even more by pulling out parts around the face.”

10. Curls in a Half-Up Bun

To keep hair out of your face on a hot day, try Kate Middleton’s mini-knot, which is both fun and romantic because of the loosely flowing strands. To get bouncy hair at the bottom, start by curling 1- to 2-inch portions of hair from root to tip using a curling iron. When your head is completely curled, repeat. Take a piece of hair and divide it into two parts: the top and the bottom.

11. Roll, Wispy

Try Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor’s ladylike style for a variation on the usual bun. In addition to being polished, this style can be achieved without the need of any hot tools, which is ideal for humid evenings. Styling cream should be used to moist hair before combing the hair to the middle part.

12. Ponytail in a High Bun

Try this daring ponytail style if you want to step up your ponytail game. A elegant, sky-high structure. Install your Luxy Hair extensions for even more oomph. On the street, you are guaranteed to get a few compliments.

13. Ponytail with a bubble at the top

It’s the perfect hairstyle if you’re looking for a unique spin on your standard ponytail. With a hectic schedule, this is ideal for those who don’t have a lot of spare time. Simply said, it’s one of the most fashionable looks you can get away with.

14. Bun with a Top Knot

This summer, a top knot bun is a simple and fast hairstyle to try. It’s a minimal aesthetic with a big impact. All you need are a few bobby pins and one easy procedure to get the ideal ballerina bun. For a quick and easy appearance, try one of our clip in bun extensions or your own natural hair.

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15. Twisted Half-Up, Half-Down Hairdo

You may wonder whether there’s anything better than flowers. Florals in your hair are a given. Summer has here, and we’re swooning over these beautiful blossoms. Try a half-up, half-down twist on this flowery hairstyle. Your outfit will be a lot more fun and exciting if you wear it.

16. Waves crashing on a beach

You long-haired beauties are in for a treat! What better summer hairdo is there than beach waves? It exudes effortlessness while still conveying a sense of sophistication. You may use a curling wand to get this look, or you can use these hair rollers if you prefer not to use heat.

17. Braid of flowers

Another fast and simple summer floral braid is this one. It’s merely a three-strand braid with your choice of flowers added on top!

18. Waterfall Braided

A airy summer style may make your hair seem dreamier than ever, whether you’re headed to a music festival or a romantic nighttime date. The waterfall braid with mermaid waves is a hairstyle that you won’t regret trying!

19. Braid with a Twist of Boho Chic

This fast and simple boho braid can be done by anybody in under ten minutes! Head over to this site if you want to learn how to get this look. The boho braid queen, @glambytoriebliss, will teach you how to get this style for the summer!!!!

20. Waves of Mermaids

Summer is all about mermaid waves, whether you’re headed to the beach or out on a date! Instant waves with a triple barrel iron will have you looking like you just stepped out of the ocean. With this ultra-trendy hairdo, the longer your locks are, the more of a Kim Kardashian vibe you’ll get!

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