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Rac*sm has no place in this world.

I understand that the world was different even just a few years ago, but thankfully, times have changed and making rac*st remarks is no longer acceptable. I don’t think it was ever right, but people weren’t called out on it as much as they are now. And by rac*sm, I mean the use of slurs or making stereotypical statements about any race. I understand that we all make mistakes and that our jokes can sometimes go too far, but that is why apologies exist in the first place. I’m not going to claim that I’ve never made a stereotypical statement that could be interpreted as rac*sm, but understanding how your words affect others is an important part of growing up.

However, this can be difficult when your family does not call you out and allows you to believe in your delusions that you are correct. Today’s story is also about rac*sm, but it all started with food, which is surprising. I thought food brought people together, but apparently, some people are childish enough to believe that one type of cuisine is superior to another. This is where this sister-in-law is coming from. She was clearly attempting to conceal her rac*sm behind her ego as a chef, but when it became clear that she was nothing more than a pathetic rac*st, few people supported her. However, the story does not end there, as it went on to cause an even bigger explosion than anyone could have predicted.

By scrolling down, you can read the entire drama. You should pop some popcorn in the microwave because you will need it for this story.

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Source: Reddit

Even from the title, we can tell that it isn’t going to be a pleasant story.



We will start off with some much-needed background information.

We also learn that two individuals from the family are professional chefs.

Though they specialize in different cuisines, it shouldn’t really matter.

But the sister-in-law doesn’t think like that and was just a plain old rac*st.



That was it for the guy and he left the family gathering.


You would think that would be it but the story only got more interesting from there.

As it turns out, the sister-in-law got into trouble at work.

Not only that but they also found this post.

The Father-in-law wasn’t at his side either and supported his rac*st daughter.

But there is much more that we need to get into.


The mother-in-law is getting involved as well and things aren’t going well.


However, he thankfully has his wife’s support.

This also ended the relationship between the mother-in-law and his husband.

This instance apparently brought some major problems to the forefront.

Everything is getting political and the family is being split apart.

As the icing on the cake, the sister-in-law is in much more trouble than we initially thought and she got fired.

While there was a lot of collateral damage, at least people are facing their issues head-on now.

Whatever the cuisine, food is food.


To be fair, Asian food is quite amazing and yes, I am biased.

Sarah should have seen it coming.


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What are your thoughts on the entire situation? Do you believe the man went too far? After all, the sister-in-law was terminated. Or do you believe it was justice, and that she will think twice before making another rac*st action? Have you ever had to deal with rac*sm in the workplace? I know a lot of people deal with rac*sm, and I’ve had to deal with it myself, but I’ve never seen such a spectacular show. Please let us know in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to share this foodie drama with your friends so they can share their own stories.

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