Home Remedies For Hairs Using Almond Oil

Home Remedies For Hairs Using Almond Oil

Today’s we are going to bring to spotlight the many benefits of almond oil, Besides coconut oil, and olive oil, almond oil is also used as  carrier oil by many hair oil manufacturing companies on large scale. Due to its high absorbing power, it can be used as a good base for other heavier oils.  Pure almond oil do wonders with hairs and it is not only nourish dry and dreadful hairs, also help to grow new hairs. Because of its anti-dandruff property, it is best in dealing with itchy scalp due to dandruff. Almond oil rich in vitamin E and it stimulates the hairs collagen and it is optimal in combatting problems of hair and scalp. Some of the most noticeable benefits are stated below:


Almond oil is highly rich in folic acid B9 which is very important in hair cure treatment, almond oil also contains many nutrients like iron and magnesium which are known as moisturizing agents.

The best way to enjoy its benefits is to use it overnight but if it is not possible for you to use this overnight then you must try it at least for one hour because of its penetrating property, one hour is enough to soak in its benefits.

We should try this beneficial sweet fragrant oil with many other hair remedy products like yogurt, lemon and egg, with any other carrier oil and supplements, with onion juice, aloe Vera gel and seeds,they all help to hair growth and heal the scalp. People use these hair masks to address hair damage caused by the environmental changes like high climates, such as from the sun, air pollution, and changes of season, styling tools, such as hairbrushes, straightening irons, and blow-dryers, Hair products, such as those used for styling, colouring, straightening, and curling.

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If you really want to join millions who claims of almonds oil’s healing power then you must try it with consistency.

  • Almond oil with yogurt:

Blend 2 tbsp. of sweet almond oil with half cup of yogurt and make a smooth paste. To manage its consistency you can add more oil.Apply thoroughly from roots to tip and cover with shower cap for 45 minutes then thoroughly wash hairs with tepid water.


  1. This almond yogurt hair mask adds shine and condition your dull and frizzy hairs. Almonds oil provides hair growth fatty acids.
  2. The vitamin E and anti-oxidants in yogurt helps cell rejuvenation of the scalp.
  3. Anti-inflammatoryroperty of almond cure dandruff and impurities.
  • With lemon and egg:

It is called natural hair loss mask full of vitamins. Add half lemon juice and egg yolk in 3-4 tbsp. of almonds oil. Beat until get mixed completely. Apply on hairs from scalp to tips and wash after 30 minutes. This combination gives you goodness of protein, fats to bring the lost lustre shine back to your hairs.


  1. Eggs are great hair conditioner for frizzy hairs given because of proteins and fats In it. Study showed that egg yolks help in to reduce hair damage and can help in growth of hair faster because it infuse vitamins deep into the roots of hairs
  2. Lemon not only helps to bear the odour of eggs, also manifold benefits because it itself is well known for its unique properties for hairs.
  • Onion juice:

Take equal amount of both almond oil and fresh onion juice mix it well and apply it with the help of cotton ball then massage it gently with help of fingertips. Let it rest for about half to one hour before rinsing off.

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This natural hair tonic contains active hair growth nutrients which provides vital nourishment to all hair follicles that they need.


  1. In this tonic onion has a mineral called sulphur which boost blood flow and which not only promotes hair growth while also helps to reduce hair fall. Because of onion’s antibacterial property it has a secondary benefit too as it helps to fight germ and healing the infected scalp.
  2. Both almond oil and nutritional onions plays an important role in hair care treatment as natural hair remedy.
  • Almond oil as carrier oil:

There are various commonly recommended oils which are dense in their viscosity that’s why it is not that much easy to enjoy all their benefits solemnly, by adding almonds oil which is lighter and have more absorbing power both works marvellous on hairs. Almond oil always suited well as carrier oil for aromatherapy blends. It does really well you to help make a blend. After using it will definitely become a go to carrier oil. There are custom hair oil blends you can try at home. All you need is to add 1-2% of your favourite essential oil or any other oil. Coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, jojoba oil and dilute it with 98-99% of almond oil.


  1. As a carrier oil it is a perfect medium.
  2. It easily carry the medicinal compounds into the deep cells.
  3. Remove build ups around the cuticles.
  4. If is more affordable and trustworthy.
  • Aloe Vera gel and seeds:

Aloe Vera best suited on all type of hairs. And with addition of seeds like flaxseeds and fenugreek seeds and almond oil, it makes perfect combination for hair growth.

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Soak 2 tbsp. flaxseeds in one cup of water for overnight, in morning seeds will absorb all water, then make a thick paste of it on grinding and then Take half cup of fresh aloe Vera gel and mix it well with flax seeds paste at the end add the main ingredients, almond oil’s 3 tbsp. Mix it well and apply this mask all over your head. Start from roots to tip and make sure all hairs are fully covered then after 1-2 hours rinse it off with taped water and mild shampoo.


  1. Aloe Vera: everyone knows the natural goodness of aloe Vera as it contains over 75 nutrients that can help in hair nourishment.
  2. Flax seeds are full of omega-3 fatty acids, as well as with fibres and protein which are important in hair growth process, and used as natural supplement for hair growth,


Almond oil is as healthy as almonds because almond oil offers a multitude of benefits for hair health. Its benefits for hairs are unlimited best suits on all hair type. Different Mask available in market can be on expensive side, but almond oil can keep you stay within a tight budget. You must try it out. You will definitely say that I wish I had used it earlier.

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