Home Remedies for Hairs with Coconut Oil


Just like your skin, your hairs too require your attention. Before suggesting any home remedies I advice you first see your doctor to find out in time, what the real cause of hair loss is. First of all do your hair analysis test. A single hair strand can gives a lot of informations about your unique genetic code called DNA.Hair analysts uses special techniques to look closely under microscope. Blood tests for vitamin like vitamin D, vitaminB ,zinc and mineral levels and hormone test (including thyroid) and Scalp examination by advanced technology to diagnoses the hair loss reasons. In women Scalp biopsy process determines the cause of hair fall.

If you have baby hair, your biggest stress might hiding a visible scalp or worrying about hairs that you can’t afford to lose. Some easy and affordable DIY hair solutions that you must have at home and that comes handy for your hairs

Here are couple of home remedies just by using one of the main ingredient of your kitchen “COCONUT OIL”.


Coconut oil consist of large number of fatty acids carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.  With passage of time Coconut oil’s benefits have become a popular topic in health and nutrition departments. Coconut oils adds shine and soften your hairs. Its been used not only for conditioning your hairs also encourages hair growth.as coconut oil filled up the hair shafts and makes your hIrs look more fuller and healthier. Moreover coconut oil also prevents hygral fatigue as hairs get fatigued on continuous washing, styling, colouring, chemical treated and UV or excessive heat exposed.

With a wide range of coconut oil available in the market, it may be confusing for you to select the best one according to your need, having an informative guide can give your money’s worth. There are two main grades of coconut oil that can be used at home on daily basis for hair treatment with different carrier ingredients for best results.

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1: Virgin Coconut Oil

This type of oil are unrefined and mechanically processed with strong flavour having healthy MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) and often cold pressed.

2: Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

Extra virgin coconut oil is made from pure, cold pressed not mixed with other processed oils. Grabbing for a bottle of ‘’good ‘’ coconut oil for the most part extra virgin coconut oil is best.

Always chose glass container coconut oil then those in plastic ones. Toxic plastic containers can affect the quality of coconut oil.

After selecting the grade of coconut oil there are number of uses you may not be aware of. Here are some clever uses for coconut oil as home remedy for hair.

With eggs:

Specially in winters when hairs gets dry and frizzy. This coconut oil treatment with eggs white or eggs yolk or whole egg is a great conditioner and perfect for all types of hairs.

  • How to Use: Gently whisk the egg in a bowl and add slightly hot coconut oil and mix well thoroughly until turns in a fine mixture. Before applying egg and coconut oil mask first comb your hairs until tangled free then gently apply and massage on all over hair from roots to tip and on scalp. If someone helps you in this then it will be great that way they can ensure you get your whole head covered. Let the mask on hairs for 1-2 hours until dry. Then wash it off with a gentle shampoo and tap water until all mask is removed. You can feel the smoothness and shine even after single use. Repeat this remedy once in a week for getting more better results.
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With raw honey:

Honey is a natural hair conditioner that uses not only for nourishment of hairs but also use for adding shine to your hairs.it works on cuticles of hairs and results in making hairs softer and shiner.

Damaged hairs which are been exposed to too much chemical or bleaching or dying products can be treated with honey results great.

  • How to use: Mix 2 tbsp honey with 2 tbsp warm coconut oil. And apply this mixture on hairs specially on tips and roots once in a week. Then rinse it off after 2-3 hours or overnight. After first application you will absolutely feel the softness and extra shine in hairs.

With camphor:

With a mixture of a camphor tablet or white oil camphor and coconut oil helps in getting rid of lice because of camphor anti-fungal properties.

  • How to use: Just apply this mixture all over the scalp

In winters, often the oil solidifies, so you will anyway need to heat it before applying.

You should try coconut oil or mixed with some herbs like curry leaves that also helps in to repair hairs against heat

With lemon juice.

We all know that lemon are good source of vitamin C and folate and fibers that can give a number of benefits.

  • How to use: Before taking bath apply a slight warm coconut oil with half lemon juice before 1 hour. And enjoy conditioned and shiny hairs.

 With curry leaves:

Curry leaves are beneficial for the hair since they are high in amino acids, antioxidants and protein, that helps to remove dead hair follicles and strengthens hair. Coconut oil with its penetrating property when get mixed with curry leaves can show significant changes within a month.

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  • How to use: Heat up coconut oil and add few dry or fresh curry leaves ( don’t use seeds as they are toxic) on low flame until leaves start turning black. When bubbles starts coming out then turn off the flame and let the tonic get cooled. Gently massage it on head with fingertips mostly on roots. After one hour rinse it with a mild shampoo and tap water for better results.

With essential oil.

Different essential oils with coconut oil like orange oil, rosemary oil, lavenders essential oils, peppermint essential oil can do everything In hair growth and add shine and strength to your hairs as these essential oils are rich in properties that are beneficial for hair’s health.

  • How to use: Apply several drops of essential oil with melted coconut oil mixture on roots of hairs. After 10 -30 minutes wash it out with help of shampoo. Do this two times in a week for a good results.

Conclusion: Just get rid of those expensive and toxic chemical products and try natural products As There’s nothing like making the most of what nature has to offer and it is the best solution for hair problems, since there are no side effects and results are long lasting

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