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Having beautiful and healthy hairs is a symbol of instinct for everyone. And increases confidence. Specially for women who wants to have beautiful hairs as it enhances their beauty and personality. Soft and healthy hair plays and important role in appearance as it ultimately feel confident. If you wear even a simple dress, the power of healthy and beautiful hairs can make you look more glamorous.

Sometimes hair loses its lustre due to various changes, like climate change, pollution, deficiency of vitamins, hard water with chlorine or other chemicals, UV rays or excess exposure to the sun and mostly stress causes damage. A bad hairstyle reflects badly on a person who wears it as it comes off with very low self-esteem.

Here we are to point you in the right direction. Listed below are some important steps that can be tried.


There are many hot oils that are rich in nutrients and antioxidants that helps to cure and seal outer hair layers or roots and cuticles with nourishment and repairs the damage. There are some of the natural oils like olive oil, almond oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil can be used for good results. Addition with some essential oils like peppermint essential oil, orange oil, lavender essential oil, rosemary and lemongrass essential oil helps to grow and maintain healthy hairs. Just gently massage light warm oil on scalp for 5-10minutes and then leave for 30-40minutes with warm towel cover. After this just apply sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. This treatment will strengthen you hairs and add extra shine to dry hairs.

  1. Using Hair Mask:

Hair mask with essential oils is the best addition to your weekly hair care routine to reduce dull, frizzy hairs .once In a week if you apply hair mask like egg mask, yogurt mask, banana mask have beneficial properties as these masks prevent split ends, soften the hairs from roots to tips. These products are rich in vitamins,protiens which are important to nourish damaged hairs, Just make a fine paste of these products with some drops of oil and then apply ethat mixture thoroughly and spread it on the hairs then rinse it. Its helps in strengthen and moisturizing hairs and add shine.

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  1. Make Dietary Changes.

Having a healthful balanced diet and exercising helps to maintain blood circulation which alleviate dry hairs .Some natural products with beneficial properties plays an important role in nourishment process of damaged hairs, like oysters, tomatoes, beans and berries, green vegetables, fruits, and dry fruits like walnuts and taking supplements like iron supplements, vitamin A, B, E (omega 3), and vitamin H ( biotin) capsules.  Habit of drinking plenty of waters helps a lot to keep hairs moisturizer.

  1. Washing Hairs Too Often:

For having healthful smooth hairs, washing hairs too often is not good, instead of washing too often, only wash 2-3 times in a week. Sometimes excessive contact with chlorinated water like hard water cause damaged to hairs. Not just hard water cause dullness in hairs harsh elements and chemicals in shampoo or conditioner will directly impact badly on hairs health. Always use mild shampoo or conditioner made with Ayurveda traditional ingredients. The products actually works excellent because the formulation is based on your unique hair needs and Temperature of water is also important as warm water damages hairs and cold water helps to seal the cuticles or slowing hair loss.

  1. Don’t Wraps Wet Hairs:

After washing hairs twice or thrice In a week then after that, instead of rubbing your wet hairs, cover thoroughly with cotton towel or old T-shirt , and let the towel absorbs all moisture for some time. When hairs get dry then brush, never pull your hairs too tightly and never sleep with accessories in your hair. This will help to reduce damage hairs and protect against split ends. You should sleep in a silk or satin bonnet or pillowcase. This helps a lot to keep hairs protective from rubbing out.

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  1. Don’t Use Heating Products And Use Moisturizing Products:

Use of excessive heat can cause heat damage which dries out the hairs and break it. Over processing the hairs can cause damage the cuticles   as even if your shampoo your hair, you still need to condition your hair from separate conditioner and heat protective products to keep the hair from drying out. You should adapt a protective style and must try to putting relaxers to get fuller, thicker and healthier hair.avoid straightening or curling irons, or electric rollers and blow dryer appliances every day.

  1. Avoid Lack Of Sleep And Stress..

Hair loss or damaged hair can relates to high stress pushes hair follicles in resting face. Within few days ,affected hairs starts falling on simply brushing or washing hairs because body’s immune system attacks the hair follicles like in case of alopecia. You should try to get stress under control, and taking sufficient amount of sleep, your hairs might grow back. Says Dr. Francesca Fusco that “Sleep is important for protein synthesis of your hairs, as well as proper release of growth hormone and other hormones”. So a restorative night’s sleep increases hair growth. Furthermore, try to adopt positive attitude and spend more time with positive peoples practice relaxation techniques and exercising which helps to manage stress and its effects.

  1. Don’t Style Your Hairs Too Tight.

Having tight hairstyle like braids on already thin and fragile hairs especially on roots, can cause excessive hair fall as putting unbearable pressure weakens the ends cause hair damage. With thin and fragile hairs, you should style your hairs leaving the edges out or braid your hairs in different direction helps to support hairs and reduces extra pressure on fragile hair..

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  1. Trimming Split Ends:

Not trimming splits can cause hairs to continue to split ends causing dull hairs and the hair shaft causing you to have a haircut, instead of regular trimming.

  1. Diagnosing Dry Hairs:

If you are having severe dry hairs and doesn’t seems any change after making all possible lifestyle changes and hair care routines  for hairs then you should diagnose your hairs deeply. Must make an appointment with Dermatologist, they may pinpoint the actual underlined cause. And examine your hairs and scalp. In certain cases like hypothyroidism they may collect your blood or urine samples. This tests will reveal if you have used drugs like opioids, cocaine, amphetamines or cannabis. Hair follicle tests that reveals all your unique genetic code called DNA. Analysing follicles can reveals certain hair problems and can be useful tool as a single hair strand can give a lot of information about you.


It’s never wrong to invest for having healthy hair once In a while. All you need is just be patient in getting results. You must be very careful for having a healthy hair care routine that suits your particular hair type. Your hairs health and growth affected by all does and don’ts, although it takes sometime .to get a fuller, thicker and healthier hairs you just have to go longer and wait patiently for the best results.

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