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Entitlement has never led anyone to success or to achieve anything in life. It just turns you into a bully with an inflated ego that makes you believe everything you do or say is right. They also consider everyone else inferior to them and assume no one would raise his/her voice against them because they are “that” authoritative. Unfortunately, what they don’t understand is that we read hundreds of stories about them on a daily basis and it has made us realize very well that their arguments are backed with no rationale, and with a good strategy, they can be put in their rightful place.

In today’s story, that is exactly what happened when an entitled new neighbor got given a taste of his own medicine as he met one of the best pieces of revenge you will ever read about. The story is about a new neighbor who was about to move into town and was getting his house constructed right next to the one where an old couple resided. When it came to constructing the driveway, he ended up having it built onto the old couple’s property. This was illegal and the old couple did not like that. They had no idea how to deal with this situation until one of their neighbors who is very good friends with the old couple heard about what had happened. He was really pissed about the whole situation and came up with a pro-revenge idea to teach that new owner a lesson he would never forget.

Scroll down below to read what happened and how it all went down.

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1. This pro revenge will “drive its way” in your memory for a very long time.

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2. I personally do not like societies or towns where there are complexities attached to driveways and their usage.

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3. New neighbors in town…I wonder how they will turn out to be.

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4. The new owner constructed a driveway that partly crept onto the old couple’s land. The new owner did this without seeking permission from them…I don’t think this will be received well.

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5. The old couple realized what had happened as they were returning home from somewhere and noticed the situation.

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6. An honest mistake? We will see about that, sweeties.

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7. The new owner completely denied that he crossed any property lines and ended up behaving rudely to the old guy.

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8. A different approach will have to be taken to make this new owner realize he has illegally constructed his driveway into the old couple’s yard.

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9. The old couple didn’t want to explore legal options because they were going to be expensive but they didn’t want to just sit and do nothing either.

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10. The word eventually got to OP’s friend’s dad whose house is up on the same road.


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11. The dad will not rest until he does something to take care of this situation…that’s what it seems like.

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This new owner is so rude man. Like what is his deal? He did an illegal thing by constructing his driveway on someone else’s property and then denied that he had done anything wrong. Not only that, but he also started behaving rudely to the old couple on the call. This dude is going to go down. We already know something is going to happen and it will not be going in this entitled person’s favor.

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OP’s friend’s father now knows about the whole situation and I am willing to bet on the fact that he will be the one teaching this new owner a lesson of a lifetime.

Let’s read what happened next. Scroll down below to continue!

12. To begin his pro-revenge, the dad took his pickup truck and parked it on that encroaching driveway.

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13. The construction workers found themselves obstructed by the pickup parked on the driveway. When they called him to move it out of the way, he simply said he was permitted to park there by the “owner”.

This is going in a perfect direction.

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14. Ain’t nobody touching that truck now.

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15. The construction workers called the new owner and told him they will not be showing up to work until his disputes regarding the driveway are resolved.

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16. I love this energy that you just exhibited, old couple.


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17. Everyone walked out satisfied as the property situation got resolved…except for the new owner.

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I am sure the new owner will understand that these neighbors are not to be messed with. Nice of the old couple and OP’s dad to stop this bully right in his tracks.

Here are some of the comments shared on the story:

18. It sure is.

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19. We have living proof of it.

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20. That I wonder too, would be really interesting.

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21. And we all loved it to the last full stop.

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You don’t shift into a new neighborhood and start acting as if you own it. You just don’t.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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