20 Famous Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles to Dress in 2023

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Leonardo DiCaprio is an Oscar-winning actor and filmmaker. He started his acting career in the early 1990s with roles in television series such as “The Outsiders” and “The Ranch”. In 1996, he made his feature film debut in the drama “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”. In 2003, he was cast in the lead role of Jack Dawson in the movie version of the popular Broadway play “Titanic”.

Leonardo DiCaprio has always been known for his good looks, and his hairstyles have never failed to complement his features. From the days of “The Lost Boys” when he sported a shaggy haircut, to more recent roles in “The Revenant” and “The Wolf of Wall Street,” Leo has always looked good with a messy mane.

Leonardo DiCaprio has always been one of Hollywood’s most popular actors. He’s been in some of the most popular films and has won multiple awards for his work. His hairstyles have changed over the years, but there are a few that are particularly famous. In this article, we’ll take a look at 20 of his hairstyles, from the classic ponytail to the more recent curly style.

Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles

1. Swooped

Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles

The swooped hairstyle seen on Leonardo DiCaprio in the film The Revenant was a new look for the actor at the time. The hairstyle is made up of three parts: a side part that goes down the middle of his head, a middle part that goes across his forehead, and a top part that curls down.

2. Side-Swept

20 Famous Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles to Dress in 2022

There has been a lot of discussion online recently around the side-swept hairstyle that Leonardo DiCaprio has been sporting. This particular hairstyle is known as a “side swept” haircut, and it basically involves sweeping the hair on one side of the head lower than the other. This style is often seen as more modern and stylish, and it can help to add some volume to your hair. It can also be easier to maintain if you know how to do it correctly.

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3. Film Festival Look

Famous Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles to Dress in 2022

Leonardo DiCaprio has often been associated with stylish, memorable hairstyles. His latest look at the Cannes Film Festival was a bright orange ‘do with carefully-groomed sideburns. The look was inspired by the style of early 20th century Hollywood stars such as Rudolph Valentino and Douglas Fairbanks. This retro look is playful and youthful, and would be perfect for a summertime party or an exotic vacation.

4. Subtle Pompadour

Famous Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles

The Subtle Pompadour hairstyle is one that is usually reserved for more formal occasions. It is a high top style that features a curled, tapered hair sideburns. The hair is styled into a pompadour shape and is held in place with wax or some other styling product. This hairstyle was popularized by Leonardo DiCaprio in the film Titanic.

5. Shaggy

Famous Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio’s shaggy hairstyle is a popular style among men and women. It is a casual, easy-to-style hairstyle that can be pulled off in any situation. The shaggy style is most commonly worn by men who want to look like they have not put a lot of effort into their appearance. Women can also wear this style, but it tends to be more popular with men.

6. Short Comb-Over

Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles to Dress in 2022

Comb-overs can be described as a hairstyle in which hair is combed over the top of the head instead of being styled in a conventional way. They are often worn by men who want a more casual look, and they are becoming more popular among celebrities. Leonardo DiCaprio has been wearing comb-overs for many years now and they have become his signature style. They can be difficult to style, but if done correctly they can give you a very sleek and professional look.

7. Elegant Hairstyles

Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles to Dress

Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest hairstyle is definitely one of the most elegant ones we’ve seen in a while. He’s been sporting a sleek, high-maintenance style that features long, tapered hair that hangs down his back in waves. The look is completed with a few well-placed highlights and sharp edges around the face, giving him an edge that’s both modern and classic all at the same time.

8. Parted and Slicked

The parted and slicked Leonardo DiCaprio hair style is characterized by a high, central part on the top of the head, with shorter pieces framing the sides and back. The hair is then slickened to give it a sleek appearance. This hairstyle is often worn by men who want to look polished and sophisticated.

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9. Pre-Teen

The hairstyle that Leonardo DiCaprio sported in his pre-teen years is called a quiff. This hairstyle is made up of a section of hair on top of the head that is styled in a high, pointy style. The quiff can be achieved by using a pomade or gel to hold the hair in place, and then styling it using a comb, brush, or your hands.

10. Styled Cowlick

Styled Cowlick Leo DiCaprio Hairstyle is a unique hairstyle that features a cowlick on top of the head. This hairstyle was popularized by Leo DiCaprio and is typically worn by men who want to look trendy and stylish. The cowlick gives the appearance of an interesting texture and makes the hairstyle stand out.

11. Sprayed to Perfection

The Leonardo DiCaprio hairstyle of sprayed to perfection is a very intricate style that takes a lot of time and practice to perfect. The hair is styled into a series of small, tight curls that are then sprayed with a fine mist of hair spray. This creates a layer of hairspray on top of the curls, which gives the appearance of perfect, shiny hair.

12. Messy Bangs

Messy bangs are a popular hairstyle for men that is characterized by large, messy curls that fall down over one side of the head. The style is often created by cutting off most of the hair on one side of the head, leaving a long, unruly mess on top. Leonardo DiCaprio is well known for his trademark messy bangs, and they can be seen in many of his film roles.

13. Crew Cut

The crew cut Leonardo DiCaprio hairstyle is one that is typically worn by men who are trying to project an image of masculinity and strength. The style is also popular among actors and professional athletes who want to look clean-cut and professional.

14. Romeo + Juliet Hairstyle

Romeo and Juliet hairstyle has been a source of inspiration for many artists and people throughout the years. It has been worn by many celebrities, including Leonardo DiCaprio. The hairstyle is characterized by its long, curly hair that is styled in a variety of ways, from messy to sleek.

15. Longer in Front

The hairstyle that Leonardo DiCaprio sported in front was noticeably longer than usual. This may have been done to emphasize his facial features or could have been inspired by a period piece. Given his history of playing characters with distinctive hair styles (such as J.D. Salinger’s Holden Caulfield), it is possible that this new look is simply part of a continuing trend.

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16. High and Tight

The “high and tight” hairstyle that Leonardo DiCaprio sported at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards is a popular style that is often seen as stylish and sophisticated. This hairstyle is achieved by carefully cutting the hair on the top of the head very short, usually leaving a natural part in the middle of the head.

17. Short With a Clean Shave

In recent years, Leonardo DiCaprio has embraced a shorter hairstyle. Referred to as a “short with a clean shave,” this new style is characterized by a very short neckline and sides, with longer hair on top. This look is heavily emphasized with facial hair removal, giving the illusion of a very short beard or mustache. This haircut is typically worn closer to the scalp, which allows the hair to fall more naturally in front of the face.

18. The Aviator

The aviator Leonardo DiCaprio hairstyle features Short hair on the top, long hair on the sides and back, with a bit of a fade in the middle. This style has been popularized by DiCaprio many times throughout his career, most notably in his roles as Gordon Gecko in “Wall Street” and Howard Hughes in “The Aviator”. This hairstyle is perfect for someone who wants to look sharp and distinguished, while still appearing stylish and dapper.

19. Man Bun With Beard

The hairstyle known as the man bun with beard is a popular style among celebrities and other high-profile individuals. This look is achieved by tying a bun in the front of one’s hair, and then placing a small piece of beard hair on top of the bun. This hairstyle is typically worn by men who want to appear more rugged or masculine, and it can also be considered trendy.

20. Middle Part

Leonardo DiCaprio’s haircut in the middle part of his career was a short, spiky style with shaved sides and a longer top. It was very edgy for its time, and helped make him one of the most recognizable movie stars in the world.

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