30 Best Long Hairstyles for Round Faces

Jannie Cori

Long, free-flowing hairstyles look their best on round faces. You may make it seem smaller by wearing straight hair on each side of your head to frame your face. Because of this, your complete face is visibly elongated by the lengthy vertical lines that appear next to it. A round face may be disguised with waves and curls, but be careful not to overdo the volume on the sides.

Long Hairstyles for Round Faces:

1. Waves in the Hair

Long Hairstyles for Round Faces

When worn with the hair parted to the side, a long bob is extremely attractive for ladies with round features. Your face will look more oval because of the side section, which takes attention away from its roundness. Using a curling iron, scrunching your hair with a gel or cream, or drying your hair with a towel will help you achieve natural-looking waves.

2. Blush-Blonde

Make your thick hair stand out by styling it in a distinctive way, as Victoria’s Secret models have done. Don’t be scared to finish your look with matching cosmetics and a blonde and light violet colour combination for a feminine and pinkish appearance.

3. Twists of Strawberry

What if you love your hair colour but want to experiment with a different look? With layers, try a medium to long cut. This fortunate woman has a natural strawberry blonde colour that has been somewhat accentuated by lightning. A large-barrel curling iron may create the look of intermittent waves.

4. Natural Curls Boosted to New Heights

Your #CurlPower is here to stay. Make a front bumper if you have a round face and naturally curly hair and want to create dimension. With caramel brown highlights and a bright pink lip colour, you can go big and dramatic. Make careful to preserve the natural arch in your eyebrows if you want to accentuate them.

5. Indulgent Balayage with a Long Curl

To avoid having your face seem larger than it really is, avoid adding too much volume to long hairstyles. This look is airy and opulent, just how you want it to be. The length of the layers makes braiding them a breeze.

6. This blonde is all business

If you want to bring emphasis to your brown eyes and brown eyebrows, a combination of ash blonde and light brown hair colour is ideal. The symmetry of a round face might be thrown off if you let your hair fall out of your part.

7. Mix with Several Layers

Any lady who has long hair and wants to get a sleek, stylish cut that has body and movement should aim for this. The key element is the combination of layers. Keep in mind that the smallest layers are merely there to frame the face; the majority of the layers are of medium length.

8. Ombre Layered Hair

Short and long layers, but nothing in between, are all you need to get this look. Fine hair benefits greatly from the movement and volume that extreme layers provide. Make your ponytail the best it can be with this new and improved style!

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9. Structural Strands that are shorter

When it comes to long hair layered hairstyles, this one is one of the most striking since it showcases hair of different lengths. If you like to keep your hair down most of the time, this is the cut for you. With so many layers, coiffing a basic ponytail is a challenge. The good news? Highlights really make this hairstyle pop.

10. Volume and Bounce Using the Old School Techniques

It’s time for some movement in your hair! You may get lovely free-flowing styles with your long layers by wearing them in long hairstyles with layers. Curl your hair to create lovely ringlets that will flutter behind you while you dance. You may create the illusion of a curtain enclosing your face by parting your hair down the centre.

11. Medium-Length Layered Haircut for Thick Hair

Using a round brush is a great way to style long hair with layered hairstyles. Stylists use these wide round brushes to keep hair in place when blow-drying, cooling, and setting it. The lovely end result is ahead of curly, bouncy hair!

12. U-Cut with Extremely Long Feathers

No one can deny the beauty of having long, straight hair. Extra-long hair in a free-flowing style with feathery layers is a dream come true! If your hair is long enough to duplicate this look, we recommend getting a bronde balayage to lighten your skin as well as your hair.

13. Flicked White Blonde Hair

When it comes to long hair, blondes enjoy a whole other level of pleasure. Multi-dimensional layers beginning at the chin and working their way downward are an excellent way to give that lengthy hair some form and substance. Create movement and life by blow-drying the layers from the outside in.

14. Haircuts for Extra-Long Hair with Layers

Long layered hair is one thing; ultra-long layered hair is another. In order to maintain the health and appearance of long hair that extends all the way to your lower back, it is recommended that you alternate the lengths of your hair. Curl the ends if you want to go all out.

15. Texture: Soft and Feathered

Cute haircuts aren’t limited to short pixies and blunt bobs; they may take on any form or length. These lengthy layers provide a lovely and delicate ripple effect.

16. Shorter Layers of Balayage

Do you find lengthy layers to be difficult to maintain, despite your admiration for the style? Consider an alternative kind of cut, such as these modest layers, if that’s the case. Layers may seem tangled at first glance, yet they fall easily for a sophisticated aesthetic that doesn’t appear forced. Beachy waves or a perfectly styled blowout, this dress is perfect for any occasion.

17. Layers that are as long as your hair’s curls

Long, layered hairstyles are ideal for curls because of their length. Layers improve the longevity and hold of the curls. The worst thing that can happen to a wonderful hair day is when your hair is too heavy and your curls fall flat. Curls like this may be achieved using a flat iron or a curling iron with a thick barrel. Braids that are loose and worn overnight are also effective.

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18. Layers of varying thicknesses with silver accents

Thick hair works well in this style. Blow-dry your hair, paying attention to the ends, and create a gentle centre part for a stunning down-do. Lightly tease the crown to add volume, then use a firm hold hairspray to fix the curls.

19. The Layered Ombre Hairstyle

Incredibly seductive if you’ve got a lot of hair to play with. To curl your hair, use a large-barrel iron with a wide barrel. The locks will not stay together if you switch directions. Wait until your hair has cooled down before gently running your fingers through it. Finish with a hairspray that has a good grip.

20. Stylish Bangs For Long Hair

When worn with bangs, long hair looks amazing. You get the face-framing benefits of short hair while still having a full mane. It’s easy to transform your style with a fringe, and there are many ways to do it. When worn with thick, curly hair, ‘curtain bangs,’ or a delicate, center-parted fringe, look stunning. Meanwhile, if you have fine hair, ‘piece-y’ or wispy bangs are ideal. Try out a choppy or blunt fringe if you’re feeling adventurous.

21. Extra-Long Blonde Hair

Ice blonde hair is the current hottest colour for blonde hair, and it never goes out of style. This cool-toned bleached style has an ashy wash and delicate champagne and peach highlights to provide depth, so it’s not as harsh as pure platinum would be.

22. An Extra-Long Updo

The updo hairstyle for long hair is easy and stylish, making it perfect for any occasion, from the office to a night out on the town. You should use a serum if your hair is dry and frizzy since it works best with smoother hair types. In order to get this look, you’ll either need to wait one day after you’ve washed your hair, or you may use some texturizing spray.

23. Short to Medium Lengths

Medium-length hair is defined as having a length that ends just above the shoulders. As long hair, it has all the volume and weight, as well as the capability of elongating an oval or square face. Long hair does not, however, reach the “epic mane” level just yet. Even if you have fine hair or split ends, this length will allow you to create long hair favourites like bombshell waves and braids, but it won’t dry out or get frizzy. The only thing to remember about this hairstyle is that it takes frequent trims to maintain the proper length.

24. Long Braids of Crochet

With the crochet installation method, crochet braids are made. Cornrows are braided as a base, then hair extensions are braided with a crochet hook. Methods such as these greatly cut the installation time, making it a more efficient option. Hair extensions may be synthetic or natural and come in a variety of styles, colours, and even curl patterns pre-styled for you. A half-up, half-down hairstyle may be achieved using long crochet braids.

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25. Long Curly Hair

The artificial look of the waves in crimped hair was a simple method to attract attention to your hair and be noticed in the 1980s. Bigger was always better, but today’s crimped hair is more flexible and simpler to style. This generates mermaid-like waves and texture in the hair because of the angled Z pattern it makes.

26. Braids of Extra-Long Yarn

Braids made of yarn are a daring and fashionable hairdo. They have a rope-like look since they are made of yarn. Color exploration is fun, and this is a terrific opportunity to express yourself and discover a vibrant, eye-catching piece. Long braids provide you the most style options with yarn braids, but shorter braids work just as well. You may also experiment with other styles, such as updos and long, loose hair. It’s also possible to modify them with hair accessories like cuffs or wire. Depending on how well you take care of them, they may survive up to eight weeks.

27. Thick, Age-Old Coiffure

Vintage hairstyles with voluminous curls have their merits. For formal events, they are ultra-feminine and sophisticated, adding a dash of refinement. Depending on your hair length, you may select from a variety of styles, but longer hair provides you more styling options. Finger waves, triumph rolls, and tight tousled curls are some of the most popular retro hairdos. Choose a hairstyle that accentuates your greatest features and complements the form of your face. Accessories, like as a simple barrette or a flower clip, may also be used to personalise your look.

28. Long braided waterfall

The romantic and feminine look that waterfall braids provide can’t be achieved without them. Although they may be made in several ways, most involve a braid that starts at the hairline and progressively moves backwards. There is a cascading effect created by this method, making it ideal for regular use as well as special events.

29. Rapunzel’s Hair Gets A Sun-Kissed Treatment

Rapunzel’s sun-kissed hairdo is one of the round-face long hairstyles for women. You were gifted with hair by life’s inexorable force; give it shape and expression. Using a softening effect on long hair allows you to experiment with a wide range of colours. A work of art, this tanned look.

30. Voluminous Waves

Long hairstyles for women with round faces often include voluminous waves. Kelly Osbourne has opted for a wavy style with gobs of hair that conceals most of her cheekbones in order to convert herself into a stunning stunner. Her cheekbones are completely encased in the depression of her waves in the middle. It also affects the face’s round shape (outline).

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