Medium Haircuts & Styles for Spring Summer 2022

Life is too short of having the same hairstyle every Spring. In fact, if you have strong, luscious hair, there’s no harm in trying something new. Pamper yourself by trying out a different look that will definitely help you look amazingly fresh.

Does not matter, if you have long hair or short, there are still a million options for you to try. Having a clean cut is not just about fashion.

It’s a way through which you will be able to maintain yourself and enjoy a neat and crisp look! Here are some fun medium haircuts for Spring Summer 2022 that are totally worth a shot!

1. The French Loin

The French Loin is the perfect hairstyle for those who do not have time to regularly brush and make their hair, so they want something short and neat.

This hairstyle involved trimming hair from both sides so that your face gets most of the attention and appears sharp.

If you want, you let the middle section of your hair have longer hair, which you can gel. The other option is to let them loose and enjoy a messy look. You can leave them just as they are for a messy look and add in some gel to part them in any direction you want.

2. Smooth bob

A smooth bob is a perfect depiction of how a simple haircut can make quite a statement. A smooth bob is where all of your hair is cut at an equal length slightly above your chin.

This hairstyle has been pretty popular among actors and models and has repeatedly shown up in fashion after several years due to the fact that it is so convenient and easy to maintain.

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After a quick shower, all you have to do is blow-dry your hair or simply straighten it up, and you are good to go for the whole day. A simple pin to the side will help you move a section of your hair off your face.

3. Choppy bob

There’s nothing chicer than a choppy bob that can help you look trendy and fashionable at once. A choppy bob is a fun way in which sections or layers of your hair are all cut at slightly different lengths. This creates a volume and texture that makes your hair bounce.

The fun thing about the choppy bob is that it is cut using razor shears, which gives an uneasy look. If you are looking for something that makes you look bold, strong, and a rebel, this is what you should go for.

A choppy bob will never go out of trend because it is so manageable. Girls of all age groups love to have it. Perfect for free-spirited people who want to create an impression that they cannot be tamed.

4. Asymmetrical Bob

The word asymmetry explains pretty much most of this haircut. An Asymmetrical bob does not have the same length at the sides of your hair. It is shorter on one side and is longer to the side where you normally part your hair at.

It is a classic bob that works for both formal and informal looks. Whether you have a meeting or you are hanging out with your friends, this trendy look will help you rock both the events.

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5. Floaty Fringes

Fringes are just like bangs that you cut over your forehead. A creative way for those who have a massive forehead and are too shy to show all of it.

Ladies, floaty fringes are the perfect way to give yourself some style. These fringes are cut a little above your eyebrows, so they do not cover your forehead entirely.

Floaty fringes do not require a lot of volume of hair, so your hair is light and floats in the air a little when you move.

Whether you have long hair or short, you can try floaty fringes. A plus point for girls with thin hair who want to try a new hairstyle without cutting too much of their hair.

6. Fade to Blonde

Dying hair has always been fun as it gives you a completely new look. Tired of always being unnoticed? This fade to blonde look will make you appear new and totally in fashion. This style can be adopted by both males and females.

All you need is a single dye that you will put on your hair in different shades. It is a choice whether you want it darker at the bottom or at the end. Fade to blonde will help your hair appear stunning and beautiful no matter what season it is.

You can not only restrict yourself with a blonde, caramel, or brown shade. Go for colors like red or blue in a washable dye that will not stay for many weeks. This will you will be able to enjoy different colors without worrying whether the color suits you or not.

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7. Twisted half bun

There is nothing better than tying your hair in summers or simply tying a section of hair to help you work better and easier.

A twisted half bun is where half of your hair is tied to the back of your head, making sure there are no loose strands to come on your face.

One can simply tie hair at the back, but if you want something trendy and fashionable, a twisted half-bun should be your go-to option.

Simple twist sections of your hair from both sides of your hair and lock it with a bobby pin. You can also twist the two sections together at the back and roll them over each other, securing with a simple pony.


It does not matter what length of your hair is as long as you are ready to have a little fun with it. You never know when a simple chop of hair makes you look different, in a completely positive way.

You can look for more options and try haircuts that simply help you create an impression everywhere you go.

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