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Managing transgender issues is a difficult task.

Whatever your feelings are about transgender people, you have to admit that it is a difficult task as a parent to ensure that your children feel accepted, especially in a world that seems hellbent on making them feel insecure. Even if we exclude the issue of transgender people from this story, every parent will admit that it is a difficult task to ensure that all of your children feel equally loved and are not left out.

While every parent will swear up and down that they do not have a favorite child, this is not always the case. And children can usually tell by the preferential treatment given to one of their siblings. That is why, most of the time, the eldest and youngest child receive the most attention, while the middle child feels excluded. However, this story is a little more complicated. And it may be difficult to determine who is correct and who is incorrect.

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We start off by getting some information on the traditions of their family.


And how every generation, the eldest daughter gets the necklace as a family heirloom.


This was never brought up before but when Susan brought it up, the trans-daughter, Jessica had something to say as well.


But Susan got rude to her sister and made some comments that should not have been said.


Most people have different perspectives on this issue, but one thing is certain: Susan should never have made transphobic remarks to her sister. Whatever happens with the other heirlooms, Susan deserves to be grounded and taught to apologize because this kind of behaviour is never acceptable. And it appears that there is something more going on than just the necklace. Jessica appears to believe that her family does not treat her as the eldest daughter. Susan, on the other hand, appears to be having issues with her sibling.

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Most people seem to agree that she is in a difficult situation.


And that no matter what, nobody will come out of this happy.


Susan has also done irrevocable damage to her relationship with her sister.


However, the necklace was always supposed to go to Susan.


But that does not give her the right to act like this and make transphobic comments.


Although, Susan needs to air out her issues as well.


It really is a no-win situation.


However, there were some people who wanted more information.


And it seems like the issue is not even about the necklace but her feelings of not being accepted and treated like the eldest daughter.


It wasn’t a recent change though. It has been quite a while since she transitioned.


What are your thoughts on this entire tumultuous situation? Do you believe the trans daughter is correct and that she should receive the heirloom? Or does the other daughter have a right to it by birth? What would you do if you were in this situation? Please let us know in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this story with your parent friends so they can weigh in as well.

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