40 Best Shaggy Hairstyles for Long Hairs in 2023

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The most popular haircuts for spring and summer tend to be simple and natural-looking. Long shags are your best choice if you want to appear fashionable while yet letting your hair down. Shags look great on both fine and thick hair. A nice shag haircut makes it simple to add or remove volume.

Shaggy Hairstyles for Long Hairs:

1. Razored Shag with Golden Blonde Highlights

Shaggy Hairstyles for Long Hairs

When you’re out in the sun, your golden locks will only become prettier. Shoulder- or lob-length cuts with the same shaggy layers are an option if the mid-back style is too lengthy for you.

2. Long Layered Shaggy Hairstyles

If you have long hair and want to add depth to your appearance, consider having thick layers. In order to get a half up/half down hairdo, you’ll need long layers.

3. Shag with a Long Disconnect and a Highlight

This year’s hottest hair trend is ombre-style balayage. With their versatility, midshaft layers paired with a mild balayage may work with a wide range of hairstyles and personalities. A faded gradient may be brought back to life with a little touch-up at the roots.

4. Straight Wisps Intricately Chop Brunette

Hair becomes wispy due to the presence of thin layers all across the length of the hair. It’s a go-to style for people who want to keep a thicker mane yet have a smaller head of hair. The use of an oil mask once to three times a week may assist to stimulate hair growth in regions of the scalp that are lacking.

5. Vibrant and Ethereal Blossom

It doesn’t have to be a bohemian look for long shag haircuts to be stylish. Curl the ends of your layers for a more polished look. A heat-protectant spray is a necessary, then use a round brush to add body to your hair and curl the ends to complete the look.

6. Layers of Glistening Caramel

It’s possible to get a gorgeous appearance with long, scruffy hair. A few layers of varied lengths and thick side-swept bangs are all you need to become acquainted with the big hair trend. You may obtain enormous volume by asking for shorter layers around the crown.

7. Sheepskin Bedhead

The dishevelled layers and sultry look are likely to get a lot of attention. Shaggy bangs coupled with long shaggy layers, a few waves, and some purposeful mussing — it’s total perfection! If you’re going to have red hair, you may as well make the most of it.

8. Long, unkempt bangs complement this style

Long hair looks better with messy, jagged bangs. Our favourite thing about this hairstyle is that it’s brimming with personality, from the bright orange shade to the active shaping.

9. Shaggy Hair with Straight Bangs

Long layers may add a dash of sexiness to normally straight hair. This bronde mane’s ultra-fine platinum highlights around the face give it an additional stylish edge while yet allowing it to flow freely. It’s the best method to get the most out of your features!

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10. Incredibly Full, Caramel-Covered Hair

A long shag without bangs is the ideal method to frame your face and show off your cheekbones if your hair is naturally curly. The tops of the lengthy layers are gently ruffled to add height and prolong the look.

11. Curly Bangs and Long Curly Shag

Adding shaggy layers to big curls is an excellent method to make them seem more manageable. In addition to adding volume, the bangs and small layers on top frame the face with babylights, which brighten the eyes. This is a terrific hairstyle for thick, curly hair that is over one length.

12. Light and Airy Razored Wavy Shag

There is nothing more 1970s than a razored shag with bangs that just skim the eyebrows. The unkempt shaggy layers that fall to the mid-chest provide an unique rock ‘n’ roll vibe to the look

13. Hair Shiny Brunette Shag

This choppy shag is full of luxurious layers, rich textures, and jagged edges that bring out the lustre and sparkle of your naturally curled waves. You just need to shake your head a couple of times to get the wavy parts to fall properly about your shoulders and upper back whether your hair is parted along the middle or the side.

14. Thick Hair Layered Copper Brown Cut

A choppy cut with layers throughout for thick hair is the best option for long shag haircuts for women of all shapes and sizes. The side swept bangs and copper-toned pieces serve to extend the neck by curling over the jawline beautifully.

15. Excellent Shag Hairstyles For Longer Hair

A delicate light brown is well complemented by the unkempt shag. Shampooing and conditioning using color-preserving, sulfate-free products helps extend the life of your expensive hair colour. Adding a deep conditioner can help color-damaged hair look its best.

16. The Fringed Ends of a Bronde Chop Hairstyle

If you’re looking to reduce the density of your hair, fringe ends are an excellent choice. Wispy hair may quickly lose its volume, therefore people with finer hair may wish to steer clear of this treatment. Oval faces, which have a long, thin shape, favour fine ends contrasted with a wider centre because it offers a rounder appearance.

17. Disconnect and a Highlight

This year’s hottest hair trend is ombre-style balayage. With their versatility, midshaft layers paired with a mild balayage may work with a wide range of hairstyles and personalities. A faded gradient may be brought back to life with a little touch-up at the roots.

18. Brown Shag with Highlights That’s Disconnected

Your facial shape has a big impact on how many layers you put in your shag. The sculpted cheekbones are accentuated by shorter layers of makeup. As an alternative, the jawline is highlighted by a portion that touches the chin. If you take a closer look at the images in our gallery, you’ll see this. Also keep in mind that lighter hair colours tend to make hair seem more unkempt.

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19. Bangs in a long, choppy style

A long shag looks stunning with a balayage that has a cooler tone to it. Those who wish to lighten up their look without jeopardising their overall health might choose for a two-tone medium brown to ashy blonde colour treatment. Using a full-bodied professional colour gives a clean foundation for complex curls, a feminine twisted bun, or a classic straight do.

20. Waves that frame the face

Long, wavy tresses are a bohemian girl’s dream. A lengthy, dishevelled hairdo looks best on thick hair. To keep your bangs looking fresh and trendy, just apply some dry shampoo to your roots.

21. Long Hair for Haute Couture

A classic on the catwalks, the long shag is a style that never goes out of style. It appears in glossy magazine photo sessions and at fashion shows. Shorter layers, in particular, have a shaggy appearance. If you’re going for bangs, go for bangs that are long straight point cut (or blunt).

22. The Layered Balayage Look

With long shag hair, an extreme side sweep looks amazing! Hair in a variety of lengths and textures, including short, medium, and long layers, come together to create a wavy, wild eruption of hair.

23. Long Unkempt Bangs

Long hair looks better with messy, jagged bangs. Our favourite thing about this hairstyle is that it’s brimming with personality, from the bright orange shade to the active shaping.

24. Choppy layers in the middle of the parting

Shaggy bangs are a throwback to the 1970s. In both cases, splitting your hair into two sections with a centre parting will not only keep it out of your face, but it also looks great.

25. Long Shag Hairstyles With Lots Of Volume In Ginger

You can get this lovely hue with a voluminous haircut by cutting several horizontal short layers. The straight bangs maintain the overall look immaculate and sophisticated, but the hairspray-friendly layers give it a sloppy, neglectful attitude.

26. Stylish Bangs and Choppy Straight Shag Hairstyles

The combination of a dark hair colour with metallic reflections and blunt ends creates a very manly, unfinished image that works well with this haircut. The bangs are clipped just above the brows and gradually drop to frame the eye-line..

27. Long Shag with Textured Bangs in Punk Style

For the punk-looking model, this razor-cut shag has an asymmetrical cut fringe to match the rebellious attitude of the model’s hair.

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28. Straight Long Shag Haircuts with a two-toned effect

This gray-green long shag has also big bangs with green highlights to match the rest of the hair, making it ideal for artists or other quirky characters.

29. Straight Bangs and a Wavy Long Shag

This long shag coupled with tiny bangs creates a wacky contrast. The chaotic wavy hair and harsh straight ends of the fringe complement each other.

30. Straight Bangs with a Curly Dark Hair

You can clearly see the transition from small layers to longer ones as they reach the shoulder and are nicely curled in this form of the shag haircut. It’s important that the bangs be combed and groomed precisely so that they completely enclose the forehead. For thick hair, this long shag is the best option!

31. Seem messy and Natural

The beach-blonde highlights in this long shag haircut really bring out the unkempt waves generated by the horizontal slicing of thin layers of hair.

32. Balayage for Long Wavy

Is there anything more we can ask for than balayage and lengthy shag? Featuring a sloppy updo and soft waves, this is a hot style right now.

33. Bangs for Straight Natural Hair

If you want to get this style, use a flat iron to straighten your hair and create a great finish on the face-framing hair strands.

34. Messy Long Winged Shag

For those with large foreheads, this long-winged fringe is ideal for covering them up and blending in perfectly with the rest of your long hair.

35. For Straight, Thin Hair, a Red Long Shag

Using a vibrant red hair colour, this multi-layered shag is brought to life.

36. The Blonde Balayage for Long Wavy Shag Hair

This blonde balayage shag haircut is styled correctly to showcase the length and beauty of this blonde balayage, keeping the characteristic cut of the bangs well over the nose, slightly winged to frame the face, and works well with the dark roots.

37. Hairstyles for Thin Blonde Hair with Long Shags

Thanks to the multiple layers and the face-framing bangs, this sloppy negligent styled shag hairstyle, inspired by Heidi Klum, gives fine hair energy and structure.

38. Wind-Swept Long Wavy Shag

You may add volume and structure to fine hair by cutting it into chunky layers and styling it in a manner that looks like it was blow-dried.

39. Blonde Thick Hair Wavy 

The large wavy curls and heavy bangs that frame the face in this variation are very much like Sarah Fawcett’s renowned style.

40. Long Shag with Layers and Bangs for Red Hair

Layered and thinned to seem longer and thinner, the crown was left short and fluffy to accentuate the face’s structure.

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