20 Gorgeous Ideas for Short Balayage Hairstyles

Jannie Cori

The results of balayage experiments on short hair may be just as stunning as those on long hair. Adding dimensional highlights to a hairstyle makes it seem more costly and luxurious. Using a free-hand approach, the hairdresser paints the hair in a random pattern with various shades of colour to simulate sun-kissed strands. This is why it’s worth a shot!

If you want to look and feel your best, try these Short Balayage Hairstyles. Forget about the classic approach of having foil highlights applied at a local hair salon!

Short Balayage Hairstyles

1. Short Hair Balayage Ombre

Short Balayage Hairstyles

It’s an unusual combo, but everyone seems to like it! Highlight your natural colour with a few metallic tones. Multi-coloured hues are simple to maintain and create charming designs that don’t need a lot of work.

2. A lob with a royal grey balayage

Grey hair is becoming more common among celebrities and models. A new fad has emerged: grey hair. Grey hair may look great if you pick the right tones and have them effortlessly incorporated into your original hair colour.

3. A combination of shadow roots and Balayage

Balayage is an excellent option for individuals who don’t want to spend a lot of time at the salon. To get a low-maintenance hairstyle, go for a shadow root and balayage colour combination.

4. Shaggy bob with Balayage comb-over

It’s worth keeping this short hair inspiration for later. The longer the front hairs, the better. Highlight your short hair using balayage. Hair is more versatile than ever before, allowing you to go from sleek and straight to wavy and curly in a matter of minutes, as well as define each strand or go for the messy bed-head look. The possibilities are almost limitless!

5. shaggy haircut With a Balayage effect

Many fashionistas choose balayage short dark hair. Personalization is one of the most appealing aspects of this product. Try, for example, a champagne blonde colour.

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6. Balayage with glazed caramel

If you want to save time while still appearing lovely, go for short brown hair with blonde highlights. Warm colours like caramel and amber are ideal for creating a cosy atmosphere.

7. Side Bangs and Balayage in Light Blonde

You don’t have to bother about balayage if you like to keep your hair short. Whatever your natural hair colour, this style will make you seem younger and more vibrant.

8. Effortless Balayage for Thick Brown Hair

When you have short hair and want to wear a blonde balayage, make sure your roots are darker than the rest of your hair. Choose an ash or creamy blonde colour if you want a dramatic hair change.

9. Honey, caramel, and plum balayage

The caramel, honey, and plum balayage on this angled bob hairdo is very delicious! The distinct waves of bob cuts on short hair give the impression of fuller hair. In addition, honey/plum balayage highlights the flow and structure of short hairstyles, making them more intriguing for the next year.

10. Chic blonde hipsters with short hair

Pixie with bangs is perfect for summer. You can’t go wrong with a short, textured haircut like this one for fine hair thanks to its dazzling golden hue and sea-green balayage colour combination! This asymmetrical haircut with sharply textured tips and spots of brilliant balayage is really ‘The cat’s meow,’ since short hairstyles for thin hair need layers and careful treatment to provide structure and movement.

11. short pixie cut with copper-blonde balayage on dark brown hair

It’s hard to think of anything more feminine than the short pixie with copper balayage on this young lady. Feathered tips and bangs may work with a wide variety of facial shapes provided the bangs are trimmed to fit. With a lot of layers, forward shaping, and a warm copper balayage on top, this is a terrific short haircut for fine hair.

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12. porcupine finish and a golden balayage

This adorable short hairdo is based on porcupine quills and has golden balayage halfway down the hairshafts! When it comes to short haircuts for fine hair, a lot of layers and a subtle or brilliant balayage are recommended in order to provide texture and dimension. If dark roots contrast with balayage colours, short hair acquires depth and texture!

13. Short angled bob haircuts with a high-fashion hand-styled balayage

A honey-caramel balayage on short hair highlights the cut layers with textured tips in this perfectly done angled bob. Beautiful, spherical volume is created at the crown and tapered to the front with a stacked-back. This short hair balayage is enhanced by the contrast of black roots against the lovely, golden strands.

14. Silver balayage on short hair with bangs and black roots

Metallic silver tones are ideal for balayage, as seen by this creative short hairdo. For short hair in a bowl-cut, the contrast between the black roots and the silver and pink balayage makes it seem thicker than it really is! Adding balayage to short hair can create a tonne of volume and depth, even on fine hair.

15. Metallic silver and purple-tinged 60’s-style haircut

This voluminous rounded bob cut in a steep gradation with extra-long points at the front is a really show-stopping hairstyle for thick hair. With a subtle lavender balayage, this silver hair colour takes on a futuristic twist. This is a classic year for balayage/short hair because of the short haircuts and the wild new hair colour trends.

16. Blonde Balayage Fringe on a Black Bob

There is nothing we don’t love about this lovely close crop! ‘ It’s very stunning, with a short back and a larger front strand ended in a nice longer strand. The bulk of the hair is black, but the frontal balayage piece is a lovely shade of yellow, and it creates the fringe. This is such a fantastic look!

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17. Bob’s taste for chocolate and caramel developed

It’s easy to add body and bounce with a graduated bob since the layers are trimmed shorter at the rear and longer in the front. This creates a stunning shape that looks well with straight, smooth, or curly hair. It’s hard not to fall in love with this gorgeous balayage style when the hair is dyed chocolate brown and caramel blonde.

18. Balayage Bob in Brown and Blonde

There are several small layers at the rear of the head that give this stunning bob a wonderful curved form that we simply can’t get enough of. A stunning balayage transition between brown and blonde has been made by this woman, and we’re in love with the results! The last touch is that she’s curled her hair.

19. Caramel and blonde balayage combination

Age-appropriate Balayage hairstyles for mature females. When it comes to balayage, we believe that various tones of the same colour can work so well together, just as this stunning girl demonstrates with her lovely graduated bob. Loose curls were used to complete the style, and it turned out stunningly with the final form.

20. Balayage Hairstyle from Red to Blonde

But we couldn’t leave out this gorgeous balayage hair colour combination from the list! This lovely bob has a deep and brilliant red root colour that fades to a bright blonde edge in a diagonal cut from front to back. With bouncy curls all throughout, this stunning cut exudes elegance.

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