Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

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Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Before you select or choose hairstyles for round faces, it would be better if you confirm the type of your face. Many people are trapped in others opinion. People’s judgment can’t be accepted because sometimes because of your makeup, your face looks round. There are many ways to determine face shape.

Round faces are different from other faces and differ also in facial features. Around face have the perfect round shape with respect to width and the length while a chubby face has extra fat on cheeks because of the body fat. Oval faces are the best because they go with any kind of hairstyle. So one needs to be careful about choosing short hairstyles for round faces because a wrong choice can make your face look like a chubby face. 

Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

One point that everyone needs to remember is that there is no perfect hairstyle for round faces. The result is determined by so many factors including length of hair, the texture of hair, the volume of hair and most importantly hair color.

The ultimate goal of any person with a round face is to get a haircut that is not going to make their face much rounder that means the volume of the hair around the neck should be thick. If you want to look elegant and rich choose the hairstyle where hair reaches the chin. The short hair gives you a smooth look and also covers the cheeks to give the face an oval look. It also gives you a stylish look. 

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Curly short hairs are not suggested. They make the look of the face much rounder.

If you want to do a haircut, it is better if you study different types of shorthairs before making a trip to the salon. Some salons are also offering consulting services for the customers. It will help them to choose the perfect hairstyle.

The volume of the face is directly effective with the volume of the hair. For short hairs, it is better if the volume around the neck is thin. So if you want that kind of hairstyle a pixie cut is the best option for you. A pixie haircut keeps the hair short and thick in volume. It will also give you a spiky look and when your hairs are wet, it gives you a sexy look.

Another type of hairstyle for round faces is Wispy ends with a sort of shaggy look. It gives you a hot and sexy look. The hair length in this hairstyle is between the shoulders and chin area. This hairstyle looks best on those who have natural wavy hairs. Wavy hair would provide enough volume that is required near the cheek area. This hairstyle gives you a classy look.

Bob cut is also a trendy hairdo for women. However traditional bob is never a good option for round faces. You need to decide the length of hairstyle. Bob with a longer front and shorter back are best for round faces.

If you want to color your hair, choose wisely because an elegant haircut also depends on the hair color you choose. 

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