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Rules are made to be followed. They are created after close consideration of everyone’s safety and well-being. Rules assure that society remains regulated and nothing out of order takes place. If someone unusual does happen that is outside the scope of the set rules, punishments are enforced to get everything back to normality. There are many people out there who just do not want to follow the rules and they end up in the pitfall they dug themself. A character in today’s story is one such person.

Reddit user Rich_Butterscotch850 along with her husband decided to go on a vacation. OP asked her SIL and her husband to come along as well and that their expenses would be taken care of. OP booked an Airbnb retreat and she was told that no dogs were allowed on the premises. SIL had a dog, Brute, so OP decided to make it very clear to her that she cannot bring Brute along.

When the time finally came, OP and her husband took a flight to the destination while SIL and her husband traveled by car and reached there first. When OP arrived, she got the biggest shock of her life as she saw Brute was there as well. Angry, she decided to leave there and then on the spot leaving SIL and her husband behind.

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1. That depends on us knowing what was so wrong with her bringing her dog. Let’s find out.


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2. The AirBnB they booked didn’t allow pets so SIL said she would find a dog sitter for her dog and they can all go enjoy their vacations in peace, without any trouble.


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3. SIL and her husband decided to cover the distance by traveling by car because it would cost them much less as compared to buying plane tickets. As soon as OP and her husband arrived, SIL quickly asked for the keys as if she was hurried.

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4. Turns out SIL had brought Brute to the vacation despite being told no pets were allowed.

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5. SIL kept making excuses one upon another and OP and her husband just couldn’t believe what had just happened.


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6. OP and her husband left SIL and her husband there on the spot and went to stay at a different location. She explained the situation to the owner and got a full refund as well.

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7. The couple ended up staying at a much cheaper hotel without the betrayers…

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8. SIL started lashing out at OP for leaving them alone and not even giving them any food.


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9. OP simply ignored her SIL and MIL and showed no sympathy at all.

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Here is what the AITA community members had to say about this:

10. The pity money which they will not be getting.


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11. It seems like it was SIL’s plan all along to sabotage the vacation.


Via superfastmomma

12. They have food in that car…SIL is lying.

Via Flower-of-Telperion

OP was NTA. SIL ruined such a luxury, fun vacation for them all at what seemed to be a really nice location. Despite being told not to do one thing, SIL decided to do the exact opposite. I really did think the reason why they were traveling by car was to save up on the travel costs but no, they wanted to bring Brute with them, and in order for OP and her husband to not know about this, they decided to travel separately.

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That’s what you get for it. Good luck to them reaching home in time before their stomachs give up.

13. I know people love their pets more than anything or anyone else in the world but if a place says you cannot bring your pet there, you have to honor that because the presence of your pet at that place mind end up being very dangerous…for whatever reason.


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14. She really did think they won’t be able to do anything about it once the dog is already there. Well OP did manage to find a way to do something about it; she ditched them all and left with her husband.


Via yahomeboysatan

15. That was the plan all along.


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16. Exactly! You either book a spot that allows pets, or you leave your dog at home, or if you are so attached to your pet and cannot find a place that allows them, then cancel the vacation.

Via LynnChat

17. I enjoy life when these people’s ego gets popped like a balloon.

Via unjessicabiel_evable

18. Now this is something that deserves your thought.

Maybe the woman had already committed to use that money to pay a due bill but now she refunded. But the fact that she refunded the full payment with her own will makes me feel she didn’t really have any use for that money as of then. So it was fine for her to return it back. They hadn’t even unlocked the apartment either so it sort of makes me feel it was okay.

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19. That is how dangerous it can actually be.


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Think of it like this, if you break a rule you either put yourself in danger or risk someone else’s life. In this situation, SIL could’ve risked someone else’s life by bringing the dog onto the property and that is why SIL was a major AH in this story. This is what entitlement makes you do. Be careful out there, guys.

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Cat tax.

Aha, no one will be able to find me in this hiding spot.

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