Simple & Best Bridal Hairstyles with Curly Hair

Best Bridal Hairstyles with Curly Hair

Girls with curly hair shouldn’t feel overwhelmed by straight hair because there are very few gals who are lucky to have luscious, thick, and curly hair.

Do you know how every girl dreams of looking spectacular on her wedding day? Well, the wedding dress isn’t the only item that is supposed to look good on a bride; a pretty hairstyle is crucial as well.

We admit that it takes a lot of struggle and hands to settle down curly hair, remove the frizz and tame it down to smooth your mane. These days, curly hair is the go-to bride hairstyle, and every bride is taking extreme measures to transform her hair into a cloud of curly hair.

A head full of curls and waves demands no styling, as it has its unique style. So, all the curly-haired girls out there, take advantage of your look!

So, if you are a bride with curly hair and the variety of available hairstyles are rattling you, then you’re in for a treat here! Below are some of the best and most gorgeous bridal hairstyles with curly hair.

1. Semi-collected in twist

Semi-Collected curly hair in twists is one of the most elegant bride hairstyles you will ever come across. It demands a lot of precision and hair balming.

The sides of your hair are twisted to form a braid and combined with a gorgeous accessory. If you’re going to get this hairstyle done by an amateur, then you won’t be able to nail it. You must head to a professional hairstylist to create the look.

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The most noted step to creating this hairstyle is to spray or balm the hair to tone it down. Only in that look, you’ll be able to get the perfect semi-collected twisted hairstyle. As this is suitable for curly-haired gals, so your curls will not get in the way of creating a sleek and arranged twisted half braid.

2. Waves with a floral headdress

The simplest and the cutest way of decorating your hair would be with flowers. Combining flowers with subtle waves can take everyone’s breath away.

Go for tiny flowers like lilacs or baby’s breath for your headband. It will turn out to be an incredible look without making you feel weights on your head.

The most pleasing and time-saving advantage of wearing a flower band on your head is that it looks good and doesn’t look overly-done in any way. Besides that, some beachy waves will match your look as well.

Do not tie your hair, let them loose if you’re wearing a floral headdress.

3. Gathered with herringbone

Have you ever tried making a braided hairstyle with a herringbone? If not, then this is the best time to use it.

A herringbone is used for making perfect and even braided hairstyles. What’s more, it’ll work well with your curly hair. You can either make any kind of braid with this tool and using it to tie your curly hair on your wedding day could be the best thing ever (other than getting married, of course).

Once you’re done with the look, spray or balm the stands of your hair that are sticking out to get a neat and decent look

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4. Twist-And-Pin

Who doesn’t love their curly iron and all the beautiful hairstyles it can make? But, curling irons can often create an overly-curled hairstyle for already curled hair, and that can look bad. In that case, twist-and-pin curls are the best solution.

You only need a hair balm, a blow dryer, and some bobby bins to create the perfect twist-and-pin curl hairstyle. Twist and pin every section of your until your hair looks like a bouquet. Let it sit for an hour.

Untwist the curls, and as a result, you will get messy beachy waves.

5. Triple Bun For Curls

Here’s an easy and time-saving bridal hairstyle for women with curly hair. A triple bun for curls will save you a terrible hair day, and you won’t have to deal with headaches afterward.

The best advantage of having three buns in your hair is that it is comfortable to wear. Other than that, the pressure on your head will split in three ways, so no more bald spots.

Try this gorgeous bridal hairstyle in wet hair, and you will be surprised to see the results, as a triple bun for curls looks brilliant in damp hair.

6. Incorporate with Curly Hair

There often comes a time when your hair suffers from a dull or dry phase, and trying different products to tone it down will not work to give you instant results before your wedding day.

The best way to incorporate curly hair is by jelling them down with styling oil, or cream from roots to the ends apply (apply with your fingertips). It is an instant way of giving volume and bounce to your curly hair.

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If your curly hair often becomes dry and frizzy, then you must incorporate with a leave-in oil or conditioner to gently soothe them. Otherwise, your hair will not look good on your big day.

Moreover, you can use hairspray, gel, cream, and hair balms to even out the jiggles in your curly hair.

7. Siren Waves

A curly head with siren waves can drop jaws. Siren waves can look great on every hair color. With every siren wave, you will notice that your hairstyle looks a bit similar to beachy waves, but not entirely. Siren waves do not consist of too many waves, but enough to make a bride look stunning on her big day.

If you want to keep it natural and decent, minimize scalp oil, which leads to the changing of the hair shaft and smooth waves. To wash away the oils from your hair, shampoo the scalp and condition the ends only. Other than that, wash every strand in the morning on your wedding day.


Now that you are aware of how worthy and beautiful your curly hair is, design your hair with our above-said best hairstyles on your wedding day.

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