The Best Hairstyles in 2019

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Best hairstyles in 2019

Styling their hair has always been important to females and it gives them a new appearance. Beautiful styling of the hair and styling them in a creative way requires practice and continues the supply of the new creative ideas. Regardless of the region, you are from and what length of the hair you have, making new styles of the hair has always been appealing to all females. Here are some of the hairstyles, which can add to your hair styling ideas and by following them you can manage to make your new look on a regular basis.

The update shag:

This is an up gradation of the 70’swonderful hairstyle. The update is the deep cutting of the side parts and a few layers. After that your natural layers manage to carry the rest of the hairstyle. Carrying this looks makes you not only traditional but in a modern way.

Half up top knot:

In this hairstyle, you combine two hairstyles. These two are half up and half down and the second one is a top knot. For making it you take hair from both sides and then make a knot on the top of the head.

The spiky pixie:

For this hairstyle, you have to apply gel to your hair and then apply finger to your head and move them in an upward direction and make spikes. This gives you quite a funky look.

Smooth sleek:

This gives you quite a classy look. For this hairstyle straight your hair and then apply gel from roots to the end of the hair end using a comb for the equal distribution of the gel.

The side part low pony:

In this hairstyle first, you have to straighten your hair and then after that take them to one side and then collect them and tie them with an elastic band.

Two-toned blonde:

In this style, you give two colors to your hair. The roots are of dark color and the rest of the hair is of silver grey color. It adds positivity to your personality.

Barely there waves:

In this hairstyle, you do not have to add so many waves to your hair. In this hairstyle, you create a few waves to your hair and then twist your hair. After a few minutes, you are ready to carry this natural style.

Midi cuts:

If you neither want a long hair not very short hair then a mid-cut is the best option for you. You can cut your hair till your collar bone and easily style them accordingly.

Fake bangs:

In this hairstyle, you make bangs on your front by taking hair from the back and tying rest of them in the top knot. It can give you a totally new look in a totally different way.

Faux perms:

This is an inspiration from the 80’s look. You make tight curls of your hair, which enhance the beauty of your hair.

High and tight pony:

This hairstyle is not only easy to make but also very easy to carry throughout the day. Take all of your hair back and tie them highly with an elastic band. You can also use hair spray if you want to.


Adding bang to your hair not only gives you a refreshing look but also change your appearance as well. If you want an immediate hair cut which is not only easy to carry but adds up to your charisma then you need to go for bangs on your front.

Super blunt bob:

If someone wants to have short hair then going for bob is a wonderful idea. Women have started to opt for the bob hairstyle as well.

The Farrah:

This hairstyle goes back to the time of the ’70s. But it has come back again in this hairstyle; the volume of your hair is thick and it does not have many layers as well.

Long and sleek:

If you are looking for the natural and trendy hairstyle, then you can go for the long and sleek look of hair, which is becoming common between girls and housewives.


Braids are usually more in trend in summers. Having French braid not only gives you a beautiful look but it also feels so refreshing after tying your hair in hot weather.

Relaxed ponytails:

You can also go for the mid-height ponytails but leave your front hair undone. It gives you a very casual and classy look.

Textured dos:

In this hairstyle, you make twists of your wet hair and secure them with pins and then let them dry. After that, you remove those pins and your hair has natural curvy volume. It gives you a very casual and stylish look at the same time. Also making this hairstyle is not difficult as well.

Deep side part:

In this hairstyle, you divide your hair into two parts. But this division is not equal, one side is more prominent and you divide at your eyebrow. Later on, add loose waves to your hair. After that, secure that less prominent part with pins. This hairstyle is easy to carry plus it gives you quite refreshing look as well.

The no part:

In this hairstyle, you do not have to put much effort into styling your hair. You just comb all of your hair back. After that apply gel to your hair. It gives you a soft and gentle look. It makes your face more prominent.

Retro curls:

Curling your hair has always been fascinating. It adds a lot of beauty to your hair. Add rollers to your hair and then blow dry your hair. Later on remover rollers and then let your hair dry completely. It not only gives volume to your hair but also gives you a wonderful traditional look.

Braided victorian updo:

In this hairstyle, there is updo of the crown braid. It makes you look like a princess and gives you very good persona.

Pulled back curls:

If you have natural curls in your hair then you can pull them back with the help of a fancy headband. It gives you a very royal look.

Loose braids:

This is an up gradation of the traditional braid. You have to allow your front hair to fall freely and beautifully at the front of your face and make a braid of your rest of the hair at the ends. You secure the end of your braid with an elastic band.

Full bob with bangs:

In this hairstyle, you cut your hair in the bob shape and you have bangs at the front. You have to concentrate on the roots of your hair for lifting up your hair as much as possible.

Silver sleek bob:

Coloring your hair also gives an amazing look. You need to consult the hair stylist for finding out the best color according to your skin tone. Though adding silver color also is very classy.

The lift and curl:

In this hairstyle, you put more focus on the end part of your strands. You curl the end part and curls at the end look very beautiful.

Half updo:

This hairstyle is very helpful and perfect for the casual user. You updo the upper half of your hair. You can also use reliable hair products if you want to.

Lean braid:

You make a thinly braided ponytail. You take sections of hair and tie them at a specific distance. So it gives a look of a braid but in actual it is the series of the ponytails of the sections of your hair.

Center part:

This is one of the traditional and simple hairstyles. Use a perfect thin comb and divide your hair into equal parts.

Finger waves:

If you are tired of the same waves all the time and then try this new look of the finger waves. It looks very beautiful and refreshing as well.

Messy Bun:

This hairstyle looks very elegant. You make a bun of your hair and then you allow the hair to move freely in front. It gives a perfect daily life casual look.

Bedhead waves:

In this style, you give waves to your hair through rollers. After that, you have to shake them u for enhancing this look. Using this hairstyle gives you a very classy look.


Typing your hair on top has always been in trend. This is always in fashion and trend.

Banana buns:

Banana buns are nowadays in fashion. These are also being used on different occasions like weddings. They make your hair look gorgeous.

Smooth side braid:

You make a side braid of your hair. It is again not only traditional but a classy look.

Braided crowns:

In this hairstyle, you make braids as someone puts a crown on head. You make braids on sides and then pinned them down on the other side.

Voluminous pixies:

In this style, you have short hair, but they are cut in this way that they add volume and texture to your hair.

60’s beehives:

This is a trend of the ’60s, which is again coming in fashion in 2019.

Charcoal mink:

In this hairstyle, you give your hair a grey color.

Smoky pink:

In this hairstyle, you give a light pink color to your hair. If you add grey roots then it looks more amazing and classy.

Braid pressing:

This hairstyle is also becoming popular lately. This hairstyle gives your hair volume and texture and gives you a very decent look.

Micro braids:

Micro braids are usually made within the partying of the hair. They give you a very soft and gentle appearance. They are also in trend nowadays.

Copper velvet:

This is a multi-tone color, which is further up gradation of the copper color, which is a reddish brown in appearance. Coloring your hair in copper velvet is becoming common nowadays.

Blown out curls:

You have to twist your hair up through flex rods for creating the s waves of your hair. It makes your hair look healthy and have great volume.

Sophisticated waves:

You have to give you hair loose waves. This hairstyle pulls your hair back and you make an appearance more prominent this way.

Platinum braids:

Platinum braids of your hair with a correct choice of jewelry makes you look great.

Surfside strand:

This hairstyle gives waves to your hair and with a center part. This always looks fantastic and you always want to go out for this style.

Pulled back half updo:

This hairstyle takes the front layers of your hairs back. You have more space to show your make up skills.

Feathery ends:

For this look, you have to curl away from the ends of your hair, rather than curling them in. It gives the ends of your hair a feather appearance, which looks great and different.

Bouncy waves:

For gaining bouncy waves of your hair, you have to curl every 2-inch section and the pin them down and curl further. This hairstyle, adds a pretty good volume to your hair and looks amazing.

Flipped out ends:

In this hairstyle, you are supposed to brush out your hair away from the face.

Floral updo:

After tying your hair, you need to pin the flower behind your ear. It gives you a very cute and refreshing look. This floral idea has always been in trend and never gets out of fashion.

Baby bouffant:

This is a very creative hairstyle. In this, you part your hair and curl the ends of your hair. Then add a cat eye flick to your lids. It gives a modern look.

Piece Y waves:

In this hairstyle, the stylist needs to start from cheekbone and move down to the texture. This hairstyle gives you a very classy look.

Dimensional highlights:

This hairstyle is very stylish. It enhances the texture of your straight hairstyle.

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