7 Best Hair Color ideas for Brunettes

Top Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes

Blondes aren’t the only beauties in the world that attract a lot of attention, think about brunettes for once!

Brown is a beautiful color, and it does plenty of justice to brunettes as well. Unlike blondes, brunettes have a lot of hair color options that are truly amazing and gorgeous looking. Yes, brown maybe an ordinary hair color among individuals.

Still, it somehow manages to steal the spotlight wherever you go. Just take Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman, and Rashida Jones, for instance, they are the brunette goddesses.

It is natural for one to want to upgrade their brunette hair color into a shade of exceptional brown. With that being said, if you wish to make the most out of your hair color, then you’re lucky you came here because we’ve got some gorgeous hair color ideas for you.

You can discuss different brunette hues with your colorist to narrow down your choices to one particular shade that suits your complexion. Choosing brown hair shades that match your skin is necessary because it will change the way you look.

More on this, you know about Kendall and Kylie Jenner, right? They are model brunettes who have kept their brown hair shades neutral with their complexion – and they always look STUNNING!

Now, let’s get to our top hair color picks for all the lovely brunettes out there.

7  Top Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes

1. Brown Curly Wavy Hair Color for Brunettes

Hair Color ideas for Brunettes

Brown is the best friend of every brunette. With that being said, why not add a few curls to make your hair look more glossy and luscious?

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Brown wavy hair color for brunettes can be in the form of many different hairstyles such as loose or tight curls, they look great. It can be a good look for light skin tones and fairer ones as well.

Moreover, a bronze-highlighted face can go best with brown curly hair.

2. Long Balayage Hair Color for Brunettes

No other hair color can help you can be modern, except for the Balayage hair color for brunettes. It is one of the hottest and most versatile hair solutions of the modern-day.

There are plenty of great Balayage hair colors you can go for, such as long wavy hair with a warm caramel balayage touch. Long hair, caramel highlights, and dipping curls make for a neverending combination of hotness.

Several V-cut layers will bring a lot of motion and wave to your locks, and as a result, the warm undertones will become more prominent.

3. Sun-kissed highlights

A few highlights can never hurt! If highlights have always been your thing, then you can choose to add some striking blonde highlights to your brown-shaded hair color.

Make sure you tell your hairdresser to highlight your hair from top to roots, so you’ll be able to become the center of attention.

A sun-kissed glow can go well with beach days, plus it is a great summer look. Moreover, you should avoid getting ‘too streaky’ with your appearance, because it’s best to maintain the blonde+brunette look gold-toned instead of platinum or white.

The best area of your head with the most sun-kissed highlights is around the crown because that will give you a much sexier sun-kissed vibe.

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4. Sombre and Ombre Hair Color for Brunettes

Ombre is a trendy hair color these days. The word Ombre means “shading,” and it is a great hair color for brunettes because it gives you a radical fade from dark to lighter hair.

Ombre hair color can be done in lots of different colors such as brown, rainbow, pastel, blonde, and red. Having a dark brown to blonde Ombre hair color can bring out the skin of a brunette.

When it comes to Sombre, it is a bit similar to Ombre but more soft and subtle. Somber hair color is usually worn by adults or those who have a traditional approach to ombre.

In Sombre, the roots of your hair are kept natural with just a little bit of shade on the ends. Sombre is perfect for brunettes, wth caramel, golden, honey, or blonde tones to sharpen the edges of your hair.

5. Warm red glaze

If the thought of using a blonde shade to transform your brunette hair color terrifies you, then throw away that blonde hair dye bottle and go for a warm red glaze hair shade. It is best for those who want to add a little bit of color to their brown hair color.

With a bulging red tinge, you can change your dead brown locks into a sharp burgundy look. But don’t worry, the color won’t be all red, but a combination of brown and burgundy, which looks mesmerizing!

Other than that, hair glazing treatments are healthy for your hair because they bring shine and strength to your hair.

6. Toffee Brown

Just by the name, you can judge how yummy this hair color will be. Toffee brown doesn’t mean sticky and gooey hair color. It means a hot hair color because it adds a lot of spice to your brown hair.

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All kinds of hair lengths can work well with the Toffee Brown hair color, but if you have a bob haircut, then you will surely make head turns with a gloss of Toffee Brown in your hair. Moreover, hazel eyes combined with Toffee Brown can cause ultimate attraction.

7. Rich Chocolate

The Rich Chocolate shade for brunettes is both smooth and elegant. You probably have seen many fair, light skin and pale skin colored celebrities with this shade.

Moreover, don’t forget to condition and oil your hair regularly to maintain that glossy Rich Chocolate hair color.

Here’s another thing you’ll love, it looks good with every makeup palette you choose to paint your face.  As a result, your days of struggling with makeup and hair are over!


To all the brunettes out there, we made you the best booklet of ‘brown hair colors.’ Pick whatever hair color that suits you, but don’t forget to have a chat with your hairstylist or hairdresser for better information.

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