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Whats is Hairs Skin Patch and How it Works

There are the wide range of conditions that causes hair fall may be it is because of nutritional imbalance or deficiencies-or many other medical or non medical reasons. after doing all possible steps to have healthy hairs but it seems like the hair fall is still continuous some time bald patches appear on scalp. It may be because of hormonal changes,medical conditions,heridity or a normal part of ageing

There is a process called hair transplant in which you have to take care of your hairs for the life time. If you are not taking care properly then there always a chance of getting bald again. Even There is no  guarantee that your transplanted hair could be a success.moreover this process is good if u have lost only few hairs. There is another process called hair patch treatment.It is non-surgical treatment process. .If you are hoping to turn around the clock and wants a high density look and  10-20 years more youthful, then hair patches works like wonders.

It is a replacement process in which a patch of hairs or wig placed at the bald area on scalp. With the help of special glue, tapes that stick to the patch. It doesn’t lead to the allergic reactions to the scalp. It is temporary solution but much more effective. Even without cutting hairs it is just a clipping process. It is very easy and reliable solution than hair transplant as hair transplant Is very painful process it also causes scalp infections triggers pain, itching and swelling. Using skin patches is a pain free solution to get back a high density of hair at a super low price. . This super easy process  helps you to get your lost confidence back at a low cost in a minimum time.

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There are several types of advanced hair accessories  available in the market according to your need if you are suffering from partial hair loss. There are also available wigs that covers your entire head but hair patches covers the particular bald spots. In comparison to the wigs, hairs skin patches suits as it just cover the area where it needs, not cover the entire head. According to the requirements you can use as many patches as you need  all patches blend with natural hairs and look more natural.


In production of hair patches different types of hair are used. Some hair patches are made up of synthetic fibre and some with natural hairs.

  • Natural hair patches:

During purchasing, you must know everything about the material used in the hair patch. Natural hair patches are made of real human hair so it looks more natural blend up with your natural hair.

Benefits of human hair patches:

If quality is the only factor then human hair patches are superior option. Yiu can style it or customise it by professional stylist and get a stylist hair cut without losing your hairs and can get a stunning look within few minutes.

Draw backs:

The main draw back to human hairs is its high price. As hairs  faces many high quality and strong chemicals to sanitise or to strip away the original colour to have curl pattern or desired colour thus results high-price.human hair patches needs to be maintained and requires efforts as natural hairs do. Otherwise hairs start to lose its lustre and become frizzy and dull even after a single use. Natural hairs patches after every wash it need restyling as real hairs.hair patches with natural hairs also reacts to the climate change and looks frizzy and dry just like natural hairs do The origin is matter in selection of patches because some time the hairs are very thick and such hairs are bit more resistant to curls or waves as they are extremely straight due to its thickness. Due to thickness normally natural human hair patches are heavier then patches made up of synthetic fibre.

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But most importantly, if you took a good care of natural hair patches as it does take a bit of extra effort but it offers the more natural looks and feel.

  • Synthetic Fibre Hair Patches:

Synthetic fibre hair patches are composed of fine plastic polymers like PVC, acrylic, polyester.

Benefits of Synthetic fibre hair patches:

It has now now become very popular in the market with advanced technological.sometime with high quality synthetic fibre, it is difficult to point the difference out as the material feels almost like human hair.with high quality fibre it becomes difficult to recognise whether it is real or artificial, if you didn’t have the human hair next to it to compare.they are cheaper in price and affordable to all. Synthetic fibre hair patches comes with different hairstyles like curly, waves and straight hairs and with minimum effort it sets back like before as the hairstyle pattern is permanently set already. Moreover climate or weather change doesn’t effect that much as compared with natural hair patches. The most appealing factor of this type of patches is it can be worn right out of the box.

Draw backs:

Synthetic fibre hair patches are more toxic specially when exposed to heat as low grade acrylic plastic being used to mimic human hairs. Like human hairs, it cannot be styled on different ways because it already been styled in a single pattern and lacks in versatility. These type of hair patches are also less durable and took more care and can lasts 3 to 6 months.

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Conclusion: Hair Patching is not the permanent solution. both fibre type may be have advantages and limitations but both are good choices depending upon your need, time and budget. selecting hair patches make sure the hair type and hair colour that match with your natural hair colour otherwise patch will look odd. And that can affects one’s looks and confidence. Hair patching has been considered one of the easy and quick solutions to give people alternative hairstyles and to hide baldness.

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