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Everyone is dumb. I say this because no one is perfect so that portion of imperfect in all of us can be classified as dumbness, that is how I perceive it. In sequence, that means it is acceptable all around the world to be a certain percentage of dumb. But too much dumb is just not acceptable, that is just a shortage of braincells and an incapability to understand basic things.

In today’s story, we have such a super dumb woman whose dumbness, which you will read about it in a minute, was just not acceptable. A person who lives in an apartment that is situated under a bar got once approached by a woman who had been waiting for over 40 minutes and still hadn’t received her food. The OP of the story was spotted by this woman while they were enjoying their dinner at the bar and got approached by the woman just as they were about to enter their apartment.

OP simply told the woman they didn’t work at the bar and that she should concern about someone who did, but she didn’t believe them. She accused OP and other staff members of hiding “up there” and not serving the customers. This dumb woman thought OP’s apartment was actually a part of the restaurant. Yes, you read that right.

Scroll down below to read how it all went down.

1. This is not an “I don’t work here”, this is a “There is no work here”.

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2. OP lives in an apartment that is situated above a bar. One time they went to the bar to complain because they were getting too loud.

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3. The management said they wouldn’t be able to lower the nice but as compensation, they would give OP a free dinner meal.

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4. One day when OP was too tired to cook, they decided to avail the free dinner from the bar.

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5. A woman waved at OP at the bar which they ignored…the same woman then showed up at their door as they were trying to enter in, the woman grabbed their attention.

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6. L complained to OP about her food being 40 minutes late.

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7. OP simply told L they don’t work at the bar and continued to open the door.

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It is the attitude that infuriates me. Like why can’t you just have a simple conversation with a straight face? Why do you have to feel that you have been ignored? Such people literally create the whole scene from scratch, try to escalate it, and then in most cases get put into their rightful places..but still never learn the lesson.

This spiral of entitlement will never end… let’s see if it did for this woman.

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8. Hold up, she thinks OP’s apartment is part of the restaurant and the staff is all hiding up there…how did she make this up?

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9. L doesn’t believe OP and welcomes herself into the apartment screaming at imaginary people.

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10. You missed your final shot, L. The fish could’ve served you.

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11. OP, now angry, tells L to leave who then demands she gets helped to receive the meal she has been waiting on for so long.

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12. The burger is getting cold…I would be annoyed too.

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13. She got scared and ran away as OP showed a bit of aggression.

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14. L created a scene at the bar as well but got kicked out by the bouncers.

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15. Pricesly what entitlement does to your braincells.

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Here are some of the comments shared on the story:

16. Even the fish didn’t want to serve her.

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17. If only you would listen.

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18. Police should have been called.

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19. I really think she believed she was going to find some employees up there.

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I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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