79 Best Women Short Hairstyles and Cuts for 2023

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Even if you have short hair and don’t want to make a major change, you may still have a fresh look. Even a few inches of hair cut short may make a world of difference. Women Short Hairstyles who want to trim their hair aren’t only limited to bobs and shags. You’ll find the most current photographs at their lowest point on the page.

1. Low-maintenance Short Haircuts

Women Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles, by their very nature, are low-maintenance. This brunette pixie needs nothing more than a quick shampoo and comb through!

2. Gray-Blonde Highlights for the Crop

Choosing a short haircut with a striking colour is an important consideration when evaluating short hairstyles. This crop has a visually appealing impact thanks to the combination of texture and colour.

3. Pixie has hit rock bottom

With fine hair, this is one of the greatest short hairstyles for boosting the appearance of thickness and volume. This hair may be styled with just a hair dryer and a root-lifting spray.

4. Pixie Bob  Short hairstyles

In order to maintain your delicacy and delicate features, you need to choose the right hairstyle for your face shape. Highlights may provide a new dimension to your entire appearance.

5. Extremely Short Hair.

Applying only a dab of mousse can give your hair a professional appearance.

6. A Curled-Edge Medium-Long Bob

This bob is ideal for a night out on the town since it has a little curl at the ends. Bobs are the greatest choice for women who want to go from long to short but don’t want to drastically alter their appearance in the process.

7. Frosted Ends Haircut

Is this something you’d like to take on? A short pixie with angled sideburns and plentiful of highlights may be given depth and character for a stylish, modern appearance.

8. Pixie Trapped in a Sea of Sludge

We’ve compiled a list of the most flattering short haircuts for women. For the weekends, you can wear your long, blonde pixie cut to work and still look good. In the case of short hair, try half updos or trimming back the longer pieces when you don’t need them.

9. Bangs with lengthy sides and stacked highlights.

Long bangs and bright blonde highlights may be added to a pixie cut to make it your own. For those who wear glasses, this edgy hairdo is a great choice

10. Unusually short Length

For slender and attractive ladies, a range of lengths and volumes of the pixie haircut are suitable.

11. Pixie Short Haircut

Even if you have a lot of time in the morning, you still need to spend a few minutes on your coif. This multi-purpose short hairdo can save you time in the morning. You’ll be able to show off your fashionable side with a variety of hairstyles to select from.

12. Side-Swept Bangs Pixie Haircut

Because of the way it frames the face and covers the forehead, this short hairstyle is perfect for ladies with long faces. Adding texture and tussling your hair with hairspray gives your wispy bangs a “Woke Up Like This” vibe.

13. Waves in a Pixie Cut.

It’s one of the most practical and durable short haircuts out there. Having this implies that you may now experiment with a wide range of colours to find the one that works best for your skin tone and complexion.

14. Mohawks with an undercut.

Using any colour undercut, a short, aggressive haircut with a straight or wavy Mohawk may be created with ease. The mohawk is suitable for people of all ages and face shapes.

15. Pastel Pixie layered using Fused Layers

It’s hard to go wrong with a pixie cut that incorporates both long and short portions as well as darker and lighter tones. Pink-violet roots merge with swoopy ashy levels to create a stunning contrast. Their three-dimensional look gives the impression that they are bursting at the seams.

16. Quick Short Haircut

Even though this hairstyle is bold, it can be worn every day because of its incredible cut and wicked colour. Maintaining vibrant colour is simpler with shorter haircuts. Color mousse and tone shampoo may be applied more quickly and easily with short hair than with long locks. The vitality of your colour may be maintained simply by following these instructions.

17. The Messiness of African-Americans

Ash blonde hair with cool-toned skin is the apparent option, but this shot illustrates that ashy tones may also be pulled off exceptionally effectively by deeper skin tones. The cut is just as crucial as the colour when it comes to African-American women with blonde hair. Short pixie haircuts with plenty of crescent layers look amazing on black women. Hoop earrings go well with just about anything, don’t you think

18. Brunette Pixie Cut with Feathered Layers

Because short brunette hairstyles might come across as too androgynous, it’s preferable to go lighter when going for a crop. Femininity may be achieved with short hair and dark natural hair by adding soft layers and subtle highlights, as shown in this pixie haircut.

19. slow-moving, unruly Pixie Fades

Short edgy hairstyles for women with a blurred bottom hairline and jagged ash blue layers are popular. It’s wonderful to be hairless. Literally. It’s a fresh and exciting idea if you can take an extra shortcut.

20. Fine Pixie hair.

Women of all ages and hair types may have a scruffy pixie cut. With fine hair, it is a godsend to have this. Your hairdresser may suggest shaving the ends of your hair to create layers around the head. This will give your hair a shag look, which is both fashionable and fun!

21. Black Pixie Cut with an Asymmetrical Chop

Pixie cuts look amazing on black ladies, and here are a few examples to prove it. You may see the beautiful brunette here. In order to achieve this amazing look, she has added a long, multi-layered fringe to her hair. Side-swept bangs provide a touch of sophistication to this otherwise sleek look.

22. A Shaggy Bob with an Angular Accent.

Numerous photographs of ladies with short haircuts reveal traces of colour emerging from a natural foundation colour these days. The contrast between dark black hair and burgundy highlights is striking.

23. Fuller Crown Short Haircut

Consider a pixie cut with a lot of structure if your dark hair is starting to go grey. To get this look in the morning, all you need are your fingers and a little mousse.

24. Shaggy Mullet Short Haircut

If you have fine or thin hair, you can’t go wrong with a layered cut that’s edgy, especially in white.

25. Short, face-framing curls with a touch of sexiness

When your naturally curly hair starts to go grey, you may give it a rejuvenating dishevelled look. Formal updos may make you seem years older, especially if you have greying hair.

26. Short straight hairstyles

Pixie cuts in platinum blonde are stylish and always in style for straight-haired ladies. The only thing that makes this design unique is the colour.

27. Side-swept feathered pixie with bangs.

Short hair looks wonderful with side-swept bangs, which may be used to soften a variety of styles. Anyone, regardless of age or face shape, may wear these glasses. To get people’s attention, go for a striking colour like red or copper

28. Two-Level Choppy Bob.

Style yourself in platinum with bangs for an upbeat and trendy look.

29. Pixie Bob is shown here.

A long scruffy pixie cut is the perfect transition if you decide to start growing out your hair. When you have longer hair in the front, it gives you more options when it comes to hair colour.

30. Side Bangs on a Pixie Cut with a Long Taper

A more ashy blonde is the newest colour fad, which is stunning, although buttery blonde is still popular. With a matte blonde hair colour that lets your dark roots show through, you can get a modern style without going crazy.

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31. Hairstyles for pixie cuts with lengthy, thick layers

You don’t have to look like a tomboy if you have short hair. They come in many forms and sizes, and some have a strong preference for feminine attributes. An incredible case study. Using a combination of colour and layers, this voluminous ‘do can be worn with both jeans and skirts.

32. Stacked Pixie-Bob with Long Bangs

Pixies with a lot of volume are preferable if you want to appear your finest. A woman with long bangs and a calm, confident demeanour may be created by pairing them with this style. balayage highlights can be either a strong or low contrast. The ultimate result is an eye-catching appearance. Positively.

33. Bangs on the Back of a Short Pixie Cut

A symmetrical pixie cut is very tough to achieve these days. When shaved sections contain mid-length spikes, they may appear to be longer than they really are. It’s easy to understand why this cute undercut pixie is so popular, with its stylish blonde colour and dark roots.

34. Platinum Pixies

When it comes to hairstyles, short hair does not indicate a lack of options. Just like any other haircut, a pixie cut may be as trendy and untidy as the user wants it to be. Using the correct styling product with the perfect hold and finish may provide as much, if not more, diversity.

35. Spikes in the Mohawk

With a little hair gel, you can get a gravity-defying ‘do by making the top layers of your hair stand straight up. A more conventional appearance may be achieved by using the product to smooth down the sides or to brush the sides back.

36. Gray Hair That’s Been Chiseled

The pixie cut’s versatility is its most persuasive selling point. It will be easier to experiment with colour and symmetry since you know you can grow it out quickly with shorter hair.

37. Undercut Pixie Bob Short Haircut

In the current crop of hairdos, this hairstyle is one of the most daring and popular. If your haircut has some asymmetry, it will always be more interesting. The similar appearance may be achieved using a dimensional colour that is two-toned. And an untidy appearance.

38. Today’s Pixie

A wide range of shades are now available in current hairstyles. Your pixie cut’s colour and lustre are entirely up to you. Bringing a photo to show your stylist can ensure you receive the exact shade of blonde you want.

39. Balayage Tiered Layers in a Pixie Cut

Longer and shorter strands are ingeniously combined together for a feminine yet edgy style in an incredibly short length, resulting in an enhanced texture. Women on the go who are searching for a trendy cut that is also comfortable might benefit from pixie haircuts like this one.

40. Pixie with long wavy hair

Curly pixies are an essential part of any collection of short hairstyles. As you grow out your pixie, you may admire your pixie bob and easily transition to a lob with the help of styling techniques (curls, braids, crumpled styles).

41. Feathers in Motion

There may be difficulty in selecting the proper product for an avant-garde style pixie cut. In order to figure out which pastes or gels work best for you, you may want to try out a few little samples first. There are a wide range of cosmetics available in matte and shiny finishes, each with a different amount of wearability. It’s a good idea to have a few go-to style items for your most often worn looks.

42. It’s Pixie the Rocker

Because they desire to stand out from the rest of the crowd, rocker girls opt for edgy haircuts. In the event that you’ve ever wished to try out anything new, this is a terrific approach to accomplish it. Your accessories should complement your hair’s awesomeness!

43. Curly and short hair

This year’s most popular hairstyle is crimping, which looks particularly well on short hair. Even ladies with short haircuts like pixie cuts might benefit from crimping. Hair that has been crimped only on the ends is perfect for folks with short hair since it allows you to add accent crimps instead of crimping the entire head. Besides being basic and low-maintenance, this ’80s-inspired haircut also looks great.

44. Inverted Bob hairstyle

The back of the hair is trimmed shorter than the front in an inverted bob. An eye-catching gradient effect is created by doing this. Short-stacked inverted bobs are among the most popular inverted haircuts, and for good reason. The A-line form of this cut is more noticeable than other inverted styles. This is a bold choice for women who want to stand out from the crowd while yet maintaining a polished and professional appearance.

45. Dutch Braid for Ponytail

People believe that braided hairstyles only work with long hair. But on shorter hair lengths like a lob, they look fantastic. One of the most eye-catching options for short hair is a Dutch braid. Make a nice ponytail out of your hair by braiding the centre section and flattening the rest of it.

46. Ponytail Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short hair doesn’t lend itself well to a traditional mid- or high-ponytail, so a low ponytail is a great compromise. It’s all about movement and texture with this look. A few strands of hair can be left loose at the front of your head to frame your face. Adding volume to the crown while avoiding an overly harsh appearance is possible with the help of sea salt spray or texturizing spray.

47. Short Layered Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Since short, fine hair might appear thin and wispy, it can be difficult to achieve the desired look. Add jagged layers to your hair to give the idea of larger, thicker hair. When thinning is most noticeable at the roots, the different lengths of hair offer your hair more character and movement than this. Use a combination of highlights and lowlights in the colouring process to make the short layered cut even more dynamic.

48. Short Platinum Blonde Hair with Braids That Aren’t Too Tight

Hairstylists typically advise clients to trim a few inches off their hair after bleaching it to prevent split ends and dryness. Adding loose braids to your platinum blonde hair might help it stand out even more. Make an undercut effect by braiding your hair from the top to the bottom.

49. Younger Short Haircut

If you’re looking for a less fussy hairdo, the tomboy haircut is a wonderful choice. What makes this look so appealing is how easy it is to put together while yet looking edgy. Bleached blonde or platinum hair may make a statement with little effort if dyed that colour.

50. In a curled pixie cut with bangs

In part because of its versatility, the pixie cut is very popular. An excellent choice for naturally curly hair, since the short cut will complement your look. Bangs can help lengthen the face, but they can also give the image of sloppiness and unpolishedness. Using this procedure, you may keep your curls in check and prevent the hassle of detangling them.

51. Bob is enormous

The bob haircut is popular among women because of its versatility. It’s simple to take care of and may be customised to fit your specific face shape and hair type. The bob is a great option if you’re a fan of having a lot of hair. When you move your hair, it seems thicker and more vibrant. You’ll stand out in a crowd with this design, which will draw all eyes to your stunning face. In addition, it may give you a more ladylike appearance.

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52. Pink Bangs paired with a Pink bob

It’s easy to show off your individuality and sense of style with a pink bob with bangs. The versatility of the bob’s styling makes it a classic cut that will never go out of style. With bangs, you may draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones while yet retaining a trendy appearance. If you choose to dye your hair a bright colour, it will draw attention to your cut and texture while also showcasing your playful side. For a long time, the colour pink has been associated with romantic sentiments. You’ll get a lot of attention, so make the most of it.

53. Wavy Bangs with a Short Bob with Short Bangs

Hair that is wavy lends itself well to a wide range of hairstyles because of its natural movement and depth. This style is great for folks with naturally wavy hair who are looking for a fashionable haircut. I love it because it makes me look like I just stepped off a beach in a delicate and feminine way, which draws emphasis to my features. Cutting your hair short will save you a substantial amount of salon time and work.

54. Student Bob Short Haircut

With a graduated bob, you get a longer front, a tapered back, and stacked layers that make the back of your hair appear thicker. A broad variety of hair kinds and lengths can be used, but straight hair particularly shines because of how it highlights the cut’s structure and depth. It’s easy to spice up your look with a few natural highlights. This may be worn by any woman and she’ll look beautiful.

55. Short, A-Lined Haircut

An A-line haircut features a long front and a short back, as the name implies. Elegant taper towards the face is created by gradual length alterations. An excellent compromise for women who want to try short hair but don’t want to commit to a pixie cut is this style. It’s still lovely, though.

56. Cute Afro Hairstyles for Short Hair

An asymmetrical short haircut features one side that is longer than the other side. Consequently, your jawline and eyes are quickly attracted to notice. However, it has the ability to make your face appear smaller as well as more youthful. Creating movement is as simple as chopping away at the underlying layers. You may need to correct the hair if it is falling in or around your eyes despite the fact that this style does require some styling effort. Despite the fact that the overall impression is quite enticing, this is the case. Make your look more dramatic by accessorising with eye-catching jewellery and eye makeup.

57. Innocent Bob

Don’t go too short with your haircut; a blunt bob is an ideal middle ground between short and lengthy hair. To emphasise the cheekbones and jawline, this is an excellent choice. It is, however, quite adaptable and may be tailored to your own hair type and style. Hairstyles like a blunt bob, which are low-maintenance, may give you a brusque appearance.

58. Short Bob with Wispy Bangs

The ease with which these two hairstyles may be made fashionable means they go hand in hand. A bob cut, which may be worn by women of all ages, makes thin hair appear thicker and more voluminous. If you want to seem younger, thicker, and more appealing, bangs may be a terrific addition to any haircut, but wispy bangs can make the transition between your hair and the rest of your hair more seamless. This may be made on a wavy or straight surface.

59. Tied Up Short Bang

The unkempt appearance of a dishevelled bob is one of its key advantages. Soften and frame your face in an appealing way with this. A layered haircut is necessary to get this appearance, and naturally textured hair is a plus. There are a number of hair types and lengths that can accomplish this style, but short hair is preferable for a careless and carefree image.

60. Short Yarn Braids

Rather of slaving away at the old-fashioned method of braiding your hair, try yarn braids instead. Because they’re composed of 100 percent acrylic yarn, they’ll keep your hair protected from the elements. With a kaleidoscope of hues to pick from, they are also trendy and adaptable. Short yarn braids can be plaited into waves or flat braided in order to obtain the desired dreadlock effect.

61. Short Slick Hairstyles for Weddings

A sleek, short pixie cut is a great choice for today’s modern bride. Instead of traditional bridal haircuts, the style is influenced by 1960s fashion icons like Mia Farrow and Jean Seberg. This is the design if you want to show off your bridal jewellery, such as a pair of statement earrings. You’ll have to wear a fascinator or cap, or go fully headless, if you want to wear a veil.

62. Updos for Short Hair That Are Stunning

Because it doesn’t take much work to arrange short hair for a formal occasion or a romantic date, it’s a great choice. Setting a ponytail or other short hair updo correctly is critical. The crown of the head should be avoided as much as possible when it comes to hair. The best hairstyle is a low bun or braided style with a magnificent hair item like pearls or ribbon as a finishing touch.

63. A Short Bob with Green Highlights

Green has been a popular hair colour choice due to its distinct and uncommon appearance. Celebrities like Billie Eilish and the e-girl movement have sparked a rise in the popularity of dyed hair. It is best to use a small amount of this colour on short hair because it is extremely pigmented. If you have long hair, you’ll need to add green roots or highlights to get an all-green effect.

64. Bangs on the back and sides of the head

Because of its versatility, the bob is one of the most popular women’s hairstyles of all time. Due to the wide range of options, this style may be worn by women of all ages and hair types. Adding curtain bangs is a terrific way to update the style. This fringe may be created with hair of any length, colour, or style. Adding curtain bangs to short bobs is a fashionable method to accentuate your face and make it appear younger. You may look younger and more feminine if you have shorter hair thanks to this fringe, which enhances your facial features.

65. Bangs that aren’t excessively lengthy or hard.

Add a pair of dangly bangs to your look and you’ll look better than ever! With the aid of these things, a simple hairstyle may be made more appealing. Aside from the fact that bangs draw attention to your face, they are a great way to emphasise the eyes. The outcome is that the face seems smaller or longer as a result of this. For a fashionable and feminine look, short bangs cut over the face are ideal. Small creases and wrinkles can be disguised because of the way they drape over the forehead.

66. Viking-Inspired Short Haircuts

People have been affected by the Vikings because of their appearance as well as their abilities as ruthless warriors and plunderers. Consider this look, which is noted for both its tattooed skin and distinctive haircuts, for a bold and ferocious look. If you have short hair, a side braided part is a great way to dress it up. Keep the top of your hair longer and shave or undercut the sides for an edgier appearance. It’s possible to have a lot of fun with your hair if you have the confidence to pull this off.

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67. Short layers and a thicker hairstyle are the goal of this style.

Short hair is significantly more manageable and easy to wear if you have thick hair. A layered cut is a great choice since it achieves two things at once: it lightens the hair and makes it more mobile. You may draw attention to the best features of your face by using a layering technique to the area surrounding them. Add highlights all over your hair to make it appear lighter and brighter.

68. Ederly Stylish Short Haircut

Because short haircuts may be done in a variety of ways, they are popular among older women. In addition, styling short hair is easier because it doesn’t take as much time. Classics like the pixie cut or the sleek and simple brushed back look are two options. Experiment with various styles until you find one that complements your features and your hair’s texture. Furthermore, while colouring your hair isn’t necessary, it is perfectly acceptable. Maintain the health and lustre of naturally white or grey hair with the help of a blue shampoo.

69. Wavy Bob Short Haircuts

For those who want to seem younger and healthier, a bob haircut might help you achieve this goal. You can pull this look off at any age, regardless of your hair type, face structure, or sense of style. The best bangs bob is one with wispy bangs. A long bang may draw attention to the face while requiring less work to style than other styles of fringe. In addition, wispy bangs are a great way to try out a fringe before committing to something more long-term.

70. Pixie Cut with a Fluffy Crown for Natural Hair

Short hairstyles for women are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their versatility. Various fringes, colours, and other elements can be played with and experimented with to create an own look. Hair that is both voluminous and silky has a tendency to seem fuller and healthier than hair that lacks both volume and silkiness. This style may be achieved in two ways: either by blow-drying or by using hot rollers. An untidy and unstructured style may help create a more laid-back feel.

71. A new take on short, platinum blonde haircut

If you have a warm, neutral toned skin, platinum blonde hair is one of the most appealing tones for your hair. It also works well with hazel eyes. With any hairstyle, the highlights your appearance and draws attention to your face. Even if you’ve chosen a colour that isn’t typical, it can still make your hair stand out. However, there are a number of downsides to the colour. If you have naturally dark hair, you’ll want to use nourishing products and treatments to prevent further damage. It may also be expensive and time-consuming to apply the colour, and it will need to be redone often.

72. Hairstyles With A Retro Flair

There is something about classic hairstyles that is undeniably sexy. These styles, which are bold and dramatic, provide volume to your face while also highlighting your greatest features. Cuts that emphasise your eyes and cheeks can include anything from loose waves and curls to side-swept bangs and face-framing layers. If you want to look like Marilyn Monroe, choose a style that complements your hair structure and facial features. You can’t go wrong with these sultry and seductive looks.

73. Bright Green Bangs in a Straight Style

Straight across bangs are a great way to draw attention to your face when you have short hair. This design works well with oval and heart-shaped faces, too. There’s nothing else that’s going to pique people’s interest. Hair with a rainbow of hues. You can’t go wrong by wearing a vibrant colour to show off your feisty side. If you’ve got a lot of self-confidence, you can carry off a strong hair colour like this one. You can play with your appearance and the colour is only there for a short period of time. The colour green has long been associated with rebirth and regeneration.

74. With Short Hair, Orange Shags Work!

The shag is yet another classic haircut. When it first came into vogue in the 1970s, artists and celebrities alike flocked to it because of its edginess and coolness. It stands out because of the layered finish, which gives it depth and character. This haircut is quite versatile and may be worn by a variety of women with a variety of hair types and face features. It’s important to think about the length of your fringe, as well as its simplicity and subtlety. It’s no surprise that this cut is so popular because there are so many variations. For folks who wish to stand out, orange hair is a great option. This hairstyle is all about making a statement and drawing attention to yourself. If you want to make your lips stand out, wear it with a bright lip colour.

75. Curly Afro with a Slick Finish

Wear an afro-inspired hairstyle if you’re proud of your hair. Empower yourself with a large, bold hairdo and accept your natural texture. In terms of afros, you may wear them long or short, but the ideal option is to go with tight curls that have little twisted ringslets and are typically kinky. In addition to being a fashion statement, wearing them short is a practical one as well. As a consequence, shorter hairstyles save time at the salon as well as on set.

76. Naturally curly and thick hair

It’s a smart move to take a vacation from heat styling and braiding your hair. Show off your distinctive hair texture with this style. Your hair might benefit from a respite. Keep it simple because it is easier to manage and more adaptable than you think, even though there are many styles to choose from. Pinning. your hair back at the crown is a simple way to give it some height. You may do this to draw attention to your face in a discreet manner.

77. Currently Popular Short Haircut

Artistic hair encourages experimentation and playfulness. For the woman who wants to stand out from the crowd while maintaining a fashionable look. There are a number of ways to come up with a one-of-a-kind piece like this. Hair that is cut short has fewer styling options, but it is easier to manage when it is short. A slicked-back style and longer hair around your forehead will draw attention to your face and create a fashionable fringe.

78. Voluminous Fringe Short Haircuts

Fringes can be worn by women of all ages, making them an ideal addition to any wardrobe. They can also be used on a wide variety of hair types, including curly, straight, short, and thick. If you want to draw attention to your face and make a statement with your hair, consider a high-volume fringe. In order to get the appropriate height, backcombing and putting wax or pomade can be applied to the hair. Because naturally curly or wavy hair is easier to deal with, this style is better suited to those with this type of hair. Despite the fact that it will take some time and effort to maintain, the results are amazing.

79. Fine Short Hair

Short hairstyles like pixies, which can be done in a multitude of ways, will be the most popular for women in 2023. You can quickly brighten up your new hairstyle with a pair of dangly earrings.

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