Haircuts for Short Hair to Looking More Fashionable

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Short hair cut to look more fashionable

If we go back to ancient times, the human hairstyle was treated as a sign of identity. Greek women kept their hair long, while the servants were identified with short hair. Roman empires used to wear a wig as a sign of nobility, and this custom still plays a role in today’s world when we see our judges wearing the same to show a sign of fairness. When we look into today’s world, things are changed, and keeping your hair long or short isn’t a problem anymore.

A hairstyle is the only thing that changes the appearance of your face. Many people say it tells about your personality and leaves an impression on others; even, if you are not well dressed. For a woman, hair symbolizes physical attraction and strength. Your hair gives you confidence whenever you see in a mirror and make you spend extra hours thinking about how to opt for a better-looking hairstyle.

Well, your face shape is the most important thing when having a new hairstyle, so go for a cut that suits your face. Despite this fact, most of the women still like to prefer short hair as it doesn’t require extra care, and are easy to manage. Women with short hair are considered to be “cute”, “Intelligent”, and it makes them look younger than their actual age. The research says women with short hair require fewer hair styling products, and it saves you money.

If you’re bored with your current look, and you want something short and new with your hair so this article is for you. Here, we will discuss different short hairstyles that will help you to choose which hairstyle you should wear. Let get started!

Cascade hairstyle

Cascade haircuts are the most fashionable looks and are ultra-popular as it gives different styles of layers to your hair, and are suitable for all faces. Cascading means “waterfall”, and in terms of hairstyling, this means falling of layers around your face. This technique gives volume to your hair by cutting the hair strand by strand until you get the desired look. Cascade hairstyles do wonders with long hair as it increases the number of layers; shorter from the top, and longer from the bottom and leaves you with short airy strands. These days, young girls and mature women are getting obsessed over this look. Let’s have a look at some varieties of cascade haircuts:

Cascade hairstyle

1. Ragged cascade haircut

This look is for those individuals who want to keep their hairstyles at ease. A ragged cascade haircut is done using a special scissor or razor at different lengths of hair to create a torn strands look. If you like some strands of hair lying on your face, then you may opt it with bangs style. This cut is mostly carried by businesswomen who have thin hair issues. If you have a round face, the ragged style might not look good on you. The advantages of carrying this hairstyle are that you don’t have to spend hours styling your hair on daily routine, hand brushing works well, and towel dry can work instead of a hairdryer.

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Ragged cascade haircut

2. Graded cascade haircut

A suitable hairstyle for all kinds of face shapes. The graded haircut gives volume to hair as the hair is overlapped over one another, the upper hair strands are shorter than the lower strands. This hairstyle works well with thick hair because it creates a volume over the top of the head, resulting in a stylish cascade. You can style it with different types of bangs. The graded look is easy to taken care of and requires less amount of time in styling.

Graded cascade haircut

3. Double cascade haircut

The double hairstyle is done by adding layers to all of your hair. The upper part of the head requires many steps cut with layers and the back part of the head goes with fewer steps, so the rest of the hair is left extended. This hairstyle works very well with fine hair and is usually carried by businesswomen.

Double cascade haircut

Cascade hairstyle is necessary to be consulted by a professional hairstyle and needs proper fixing every 2-3 months, as the grown hair might make poor hair styling.

Bob Haircut

A bob cut hairstyle is made for short length hair and is well suited on every face shape. This hairstyle is very famous and is carried for many years by celebrities. It is very easy to manage and keep your hair healthy. Bob hair cut comes with different names, here are few of them that works very well on short hair:

Bob Haircut

1. A-line bob or concave bob

A-line bob or concave bob features long strands of hair curling at the jaw level while the back is slightly shorter than the front. This style looks more beautiful on round faces.

A-line bob or concave bob

2. Graduated bob

A graduated bob is often call stacked bob or inverted bob as the back of the head has short stacked layers and the front is longer and less pointed.

Graduated bob

3. Asymmetrical bob

This hairstyle is different from the above bob styles discussed, as the one side of the hair is longer than the other, which makes this look a bit edgier and classy. You can add different styles at the back of the head depending on your choice, whether you want it layered or stacked.

Asymmetrical bob

4. Layered bob

The layered bob comprises of layers on different angles of hair. This look draws attention to your cheekbones with the many hair movements.

Layered bob

5. Standard bob

Standard bob is also called a blunt bob or choppy bob that looks great on oval faces. This trendy hairstyle covers the same length of shorter hair all around your head and leaving a few top strands under the chin to shape your face. This haircut is mostly adopted by school-going girls.

Standard bob

Now, you must have known the different types of bob haircuts and it works well for all types of hair. These hairstyles are trending for its stylish texture.

Four of a kind Haircut

Four of a kind haircut is deliberately created by hair professionalist kare, for those women who have thin hair issues. To hide their flaws, several varieties of haircuts have been designed.

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Four of a kind Haircut


This form of haircut is specifically designed for straight hair. Strands elongated to the jaw level, creating a frame of your face, and highlights your facial features.



As discussed earlier, this look can be called long bangs. One side of the hair looks larger while the other is short. It works well with both straight and curly hair types.



This haircut surrounds the nape of your neck. Oblique is done in a way that hair overlaps one another creating a flawless look. It can be carried with or without bangs. Looks gorgeous for women with a large face shape.


Four of a kind haircuts look interesting without the bangs. These hairstyles are most carried by women with straight hair. The professionals create these designs with an angle of 45 degrees, and the front hair is cut with an angle of 90 degrees.

Pixie Haircut

If you are a gamer girl or a tomboy, this look is for you. Pixie hairstyle is longer on the front and shorter on the backside, creating an overall look of about 3 inches. Many celebrities including Miley Cyrus and Katy perry have tried this haircut. This look would make you look like a boy, and will make you spend less time in styling. It is suitable for all hair types, and there are over 100 pixie’s cuts to choose from, but we will discuss the most carried pixie hairstyles. Some of them are even named after Hollywood celebrities.

Pixie Haircut

1. Short pixie cut

A short pixie cut is a combination of bob and pixie hairstyle. This cut leaves you with long locks at the front, and the overall hair is shorter. It will create a boy cut look and will change your entire look of the face.

Short pixie cut

2. Pixie cut with bangs or fringes

Bangs with short hair display a feminine look. Pixie cut with bangs or fringes gives extra style to your hair. You can prefer short layers at different lengths of hair along with the fringes to slay this look.

Pixie cut with bangs or fringes

3. Asymmetrical Pixie cut

Keeping one side shorter while the other longer in an asymmetrical pixie hairstyle gives a boost of girlish look. Make sure to take extra hair from the crown of your head when creating asymmetrical pixie cut, to make your hair look voluminous and healthy.

Asymmetrical Pixie cut

4. Shaved pixie cut

Well, this may seem like a scary idea but still trending for women. Half shaved head, bottom half shaved, and asymmetric shaved are the lastest style to choose from a shaved pixie cut.

Shaved pixie cut

5. Rihanna pixie cut

What’s my name singer Rihanna is not coming slow with her favorite pixie’s hair cut. The singer took this bold step to chop off her hair many years ago. The overwhelming looks she carried with fringes to make it more of a different style were; bottom half shaved pixie cut, short hair pixie cut, and asymmetrical pixie cut.

Rihanna pixie cut

6. Emma Watson pixie cut

After wrapping up the Harry Potter series, Emma Watson decided to chop off her hair in a long hair pixie style with side bangs. The actress had to face a lot of criticism after this haircut, but she was more than satisfied with her new look. The pixie hair cut looked stunning on her.

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Emma Watson pixie cut

7. Anne Hathaway pixie cut

Cat woman Anne Hathaway was the one who took pixie hairstyle to a new revolution in 2012. Her role in the movie Les Miserables made her cut off her long hair to short pixie hairstyle with side fringes. The actress looked flawless in this style.

Anne Hathaway pixie cut

So, if you’re stuck deciding what look to go for, by now this article is making up your mind to give you hair a new try with these popular pixie haircuts.

Garcon Haircut

Garcon is more often used as the other name for pixie hair cut, but what makes it different is the clarity and contouring techniques. It uses strand by strand cutting and provides volume in the crown of the head on different lengths. Garson haircut looks great with wavy and straight hair, and is suitable for all types of ages.

Garcon Haircut

Side-swept and blunt bangs

Bangs are the most fashionable things, it gives your face a new look. Bangs are the short fancy-looking hair laying on your forehead or cheeks. These short hair can also help you to hide your skin issues or baby hair. There are many types of bangs, but for now, we will talk about the most popular ones; side-swept and blunt bangs.

Side-swept is one side-parted bang, coming from one side of your head and crossing the other. It gives your hairstyle asymmetrical gothic look and usually covers one side of your eye area.

Side-swept and blunt bangs

Blunt bangs are cut across your forehead, and it stops slightly above your eyebrows. Most of the women like it a little longer. These type of bangs works really with straight hair as it draws the attention of people.

You can wear side-swept or blunt bangs with different hairstyles such as making a bun over your head or tie a ponytail. It looks great on thick and straight hair.

Shaved sides

We have talked about pixie hair cut earlier, but shaved sides are also winning the game for females. Nowadays, girls and mature women are going crazy after shaved head styles combined with pixie haircuts. Cool shaved nape designs, surgical lines, zig-zag lines, and artistic designs can be created on one side of the head while leaving the rest of the hair untouched. This results in mind-blowing two looks that can be carried for business and partying.

Shaved sides

Textured crop

The shape of the hairstyle refers to as of crops, short blunt fringes down on the forehead are the new gossip of the town. The name says it all because this look can be created with lots of varying textures until you get your cropped look. So, before going to the hairstylist, make sure to take a photo of this style with you.

Textured crop

Well, that’s all we have arranged for you for this time. You may ask your hairstylist about these looks, and if she’s professional; she would know how to add more spices to these hairstyles.

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